Women fan x Shani Chen x Sex Force "Terror Valley" special planning. When others praise, become your limit, such praise you also want? Interview with Lin Jiaxin, people say she is a goddess, laugh smirking has dimples super sweet, but she said she just want to throw the dimples on the ground to step on. "I wanted to be a good person, but then I found out that I was not good at all. She waved her hands: "I'm not a good person, I am not a nice girl!" 」

Being praised for being sweet and good-looking may be a very happy thing to hear. But sometimes praise, but also become a kind of restriction, gradually let us see the true self.

Chen Shani's "Valley of Terror" special planning, interview actor Lin Jiaxin. In 2002, she played a female student who secretly fell in love with her teacher in "Forty Men" and won both the Golden Horse And the Hong Kong Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and the Best New Actor award, and in 2015, "100 Days of Farewell" for the woman who lost her lover, she also won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress.

In the eyes of the people, Lin Jiaxin, is a jade girl, is a goddess, but she does not want to do people's mouth Of Nice Girl, the real Lin Jiaxin, she said is actually a little rebellious, a little ordinary, do not want to according to the eyes of others. Now, she's more comfortable.

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I wanted to be a good person, but I found myself not good at all.

Before entering the film industry, Lin Jiaxin made his debut as an iconic singer in Taiwan. At that time, the company believed that the singer is the fastest way to open up the popularity, and "fresh and human", is the beginning of lin Jiaxin to give the public impression.

"Roll marks?" Just sweet, how I want to put that dimple! Throw it on the ground, step on, step on it. Lin Jiaxin grabbed the dimple, and two feet stepped on the ground.

She knew that the singer was not really herself, and she was not happy when she dressed up as another, and looking back at the answers she had answered in previous interviews, Lin thought, "Oh my God, how can I say these words?" 」

But the label paste for a long time, began to have some expectations, want to let everyone like their own. This is Lin Jiaxin's experience, but also the experience of all people, when the image of everyone, let others happy, we want to continue to play a good, or self-discipline, or strong people. Over time, we even thought that the labels that others put on were what they really looked like.

Finally you gradually find yourself unhappy, because angry when you can not express anger, nothing can not smell face, tired can not indulge, everyone staring at you, careless, others said: you have changed, before you are not like this.

But you know, I've never changed.

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"That stage was about wanting to be a good person, but then I found out that I wasn't good at all. She waved her hands: "I'm not a good person, I am not a nice girl!" 」

Once, Lin Jiaxin thought that she had no choice, until the role of "Men's Forty" Hu Cailan, she only took two suitcases of clothes, a thousand Hong Kong dollars to fly to Hong Kong, when no one knew, Cantonese can not speak half a sentence, even Hong Kong Island and Kowloon are not clear. Because there is nothing, nothing to lose, so Lin Jiaxin told himself: "I want to make a movie, I want to do my own, not follow everyone, I want to do what I want to do." 」

If you don't care, no one cares.

She wants to act so much that she concentrates on being an actor. Others see Lin Jiaxin is very out of line, do not pay, do not socialize with the media, then the agent also said to her: you new person is really very popular, the phone does not exchange?

"But over time, I think everyone is very accepted, in fact, you are really doing what you like, really care about drama, rather than just want to be a star on paper." 」

After becoming an actress, she felt herself getting closer to "Lin Jiaxin." The most wonderful thing about an actor is that it's fickle, imaginatively imagining characters, and how many of the ingredients are really themselves, and how many are the characters? Everything is in the ambiguous and vague boundaries of the online, mixed false. Not only in interpreting the role, but also in the fog to explore themselves.

More than 20 years after her debut, Lin Jiaxin is almost zero negative rating, she laughs that it may be because life is too regular ordinary?

"I came to Hong Kong and remember edited the paparazzi for three days, " she said, counting her years of habits, getting up at 6:30 a.m., eating breakfast, going to the post office and traditional markets, going home, "so basically three days with me, I found that I had no news value at all. Others look bored, but she loves the rhythm - working hard at work and coming home to make herself ordinary and quiet.

But people will always find ways to put a label on Lin Jiaxin, such as weight, red carpet wear, clearly is to participate in the film event, the red carpet has become an arena: "A lot of the process is to make the female star very crazy, like has not been seen ah, see how many ah, if not see how much?" These things are not things I want to pay attention to. 」

Holding the banner of freedom of speech, to a person's character, but at the end of the day, these acid people do not know you, do not care about you. Learn to pull yourself away, can make the mood better: "In the film scene and actor interaction, with the director, screenwriter, photographer communication ah, I think that is the most real." The rest of the red carpet reviews, using it as an accessory, can reduce the impact on themselves.

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Photo: Damusic Music

After becoming a mom, my child taught me what beauty is.

Lin Jiaxin's children are nine years old, and they are brave enough to be themselves, from dressing clothes to wearing braces.

When the child was three years old, he once asked his mother, "Didn't you say each of us is unique?" I want to pick my own clothes. Lin Jiaxin listened, nodded and said well, as long as it will not catch a cold, wear anything good. Sometimes when she sees the child dress edgy too much, she laughs and asks: "What are you going to wear today?" All right! Let's go!

"After all, you want her to have her own look, and I feel like I have her own look, there are many different stages. So I think I have to know how to look at her and appreciate her. 」

For example, a daughter is wearing a brace (needs to rely on head support, so more extresised than the usual braces). When everyone thinks it is very humiliating, will be ashamed of students, Lin Jiaxin's children choose to wear braces, and insist on wearing to school, because she believes that all discrimination, all from do not understand, as long as good with the students explain, we can understand.

"She'd love to go and talk to people about her teeth, what she's going to wear for a year, and then I'm like, "Oh my God!" She was really executing the word courage. 」

Give children space to explore freely, and parents can learn a lot from their children. Lin Jiaxin said that parents also need to learn to relax their hearts, so that children face themselves, such as wearing a brace this matter, if at first parents worry about the East, children will also be affected.

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This time, Chen Shani interviewed Lin Jiaxin, wantto ask how to view the definition of beauty. She didn't think about it in the past, but the child gave her a way to interpret beauty.

"One time I asked my eldest daughter, I said my mother had a visit and asked me what beauty was. Then my daughter was casually eating breakfast and saying, "Helping people is beauty, because you come from the heart." Lin Jiaxin smiled: "I just think that yes, helping people is very beautiful, can have empathy, is a very beautiful thing." She learned a lesson about the child.

Lin Jiaxin said, with pride under his eyes. In Lin Jiaxin's conversation with her daughter, you can always feel that some of the beautiful frontiers, soft and fuzzy, are waiting to be redefined, and the next generation of children, slowly overturning the standards of beauty of our generation.