"Common Girl' Book" letus us see the old sister's heart. There was a group of girls whose voices were rarely heard. Don't like to be despised by the younger sister, but also do not want to call sister so serious. Speaking of old sister love, 39-year-old also pursue heart-throbbing us, really got something wrong?

There is a group of girls, after the thirties, the heart still retains innocence. They often feel that the previous generation of women do not have the concept of gender equality, are very hard, the next generation, full of voice-over trap sister, they see full of question marks. In this day and age, being an independent woman is really tired.

"The Common Girl' Upbringing" is written in such a 39-year-old girl's mood. When friends get married and have children, they wander around the edge of their marriage, only to hear the body clock constantly threatening the countdown. Don't like to be despised when sister-in-law, but also do not want to be called sister so serious. (Extended reading:"The Common Girl": 39 years old do not marry, I have no children, no husband and offend who? ) )

Yes, sister. It may sound a bit derogatory, but in recent years it has become almost a self-proclaimed parent for sister. If the world, to women is always such a black and white, casual to sister, serious and ruthless to sister, then I would rather play a little, self-deprecating when an old sister.

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39-year-old still pursue heart-throbbing me, really mistaken?

A 39-year-old woman, the pursuit of heart, many people will laugh, do not meet the physiological clock, is it too late? "You're all in your thirties, you don't want to get married, and you want to fall in love?" "The later you marry, the worse you marry! (Same-sex:"Before marriage is a virgin, happy after marriage" "Common Girl" but mother, when "lady" will be more happy? ) )

But sometimes, even good understanding of others, eat a dinner, hand in hand to see a movie, are luxury things. As women, our lives are about keeping up with time, avoiding the 35-year-old, the birth-age mark, and cutting us in half.

Only sometimes, we really want to leave everything to fall in love, is the 39-year-old still pursuing heart-throbbing me, really mistaken what?

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Sister love: Romance is a weakness that can be shown to him (e.g. my little fat legs)

What is the love and heart of the old sister? "Common Girl Stakes" wrote Chen Jialing when she was a child to listen to the neighbor sister said, when in love, your heart will always shrink. "Isn't it painful?" It hurts, but I still like it. 」

Later, you have experienced young love. Campus love, is our secret love, write an exchange diary, stay up late together to study, eat a dessert. Just out of the social love, is we all have no money, a worn-out motorcycle, a top-up suite, we save money together, dream of a bigger house. A little more money, you expect the other side to send flowers to eat a big meal, two a year abroad.

But the old sister's love, and the youth of the love, look a little different.

Now, your love, some people say is plain, some people say is stable. Like Chen Jialing and Jiang Hsien-rong. They couldn't understand each other any more. They played stupid together. Sleep together. Have dinner together. Daily life of small love, no longer just send flowers to eat a big meal, into thinking about where the toothbrush to put, rainy days who ride after work to buy a toilet. Sometimes, you miss the days of being single and can go out with friends and hang out in a pub. Sometimes, you will miss the love of youth.

Friend Miss A, after becoming an older sister, felt what the biggest difference in love is, she said, the young kind, is "will make your heart beat missed, like a love novel." But you'll know it's always a novel, like, you can't drink wine all the time. White water is what people really need. 」

She thought about it, shy lying: "The most important thing is that my weaknesses can be shown to him." Like the favorite of your fat legs, or so. 」

Sister single: I know myself so well that even ambiguous strength is clear (and then lazy)

Another friend, B, said that becoming an older sister has a special feature, that is, gradually understand, the relationship is what the other side is doing. The advantage is that you can quickly judge the outstanding next hand, but what's the downside? It's a little less exciting and romantic.

Because of the comparative understanding, want to enjoy when to enjoy, but will let oneself dare to let go to let oneself to ambiguous, to enjoy the "love" do not want to be ambiguous when it will not spend too much effort. Wouldn't feel sorry, or guilty of who.

The most moving state, from dream romantic love, to "willing to accompany me in the most difficult times." Because too understand their own, even ambiguous, love, go to bed in the end how much strength, winking even if clear, rather than dating the person in front of him, it is better to go home to sleep and play with dogs.

Old sister: or will be afraid, I really have the wrong love of the yu?

Whether you're single or in a relationship, in your thirties, you often feel more intense. You may experience a new wave of anxiety before you get past 35, but you'll find that it's just another 25-year-old. Miss C said, in addition to love in life, you have also worked for a period of time, there is a responsibility to carry. And elderly parents are pushing for marriage. You'll have a lot of scruples, worry about choosing the wrong choice, and you'll be afraid you won't have time to try again. (Extended reading: Conversations between 30 and 40: Think clearly about what we want to be worthy of your heart)

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You feel that you can not go down, envy "that year decided to adhere to the pursuit of self, continue to read the university students", but also envy "early decision to marry now the youngest daughter is so lovely" colleagues. But, in fact, what people don't tell you is that the three-word tail may also bring a new world view. Understand yourself better and the world better. (Extended reading: Honest Big Survey: 30 years old less regret than 20 years old, more understanding of forgiveness)

Perhaps life is inevitable, but what we can do is live in the present moment and deal with things "good enough" rather than "perfect". Perhaps, at 39, you're no longer as optimistic as you were when you were a kid, but you're better able to take yourself far away.

In addition to these, as an older sister, your life must be full of a lot of troubles. We've also picked out 5 questions that older sisters are still thinking about, hoping to give you some direction: