Why is dad always being made a joke when he cares about children? The British government has launched an ad for spreading gender stereotypes. The story's off-line dad saw the food, his brain empty, throw the child aside. When the baby was lost, he retrieved the baby and said, "We absolutely don't tell mom." We want to say that dads choose to raise children, should not always be a joke, regardless of mom and dad, have the right to grow up with children.

"Deng Aning and smelly socks washed with clothes", "my husband is the family's big garbage" these public advertising stereotypes, you must be no stranger. We may all think that such advertising images are problematic. This situation will be significantly reduced in the UK from 2019.

At the end of 2018, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) restricts gender stereotyped advertising. The Central News Agency reported that " if the advertisement contains content that is sufficient to cause offence or harm to the gender role , it will be immediately removed from the shelves . " The new rules apply to broadcast and non-broadcast media, including television, radio, newspapers and social media. (Same-sexwatch: When the ad idea stepped on the gender mine, the British government said: I'm not allowed)

The regulations take effect in June 2019. The first ads to be taken off the shelves were two from Volkswagen and Mondelez, both of which showed the model and absurdity of the division of household chores.

Dynamic gender role assignment: men go into space, women care for children

The first banned ad came from Volkswagen. Under the pound-for-pound soundtrack, men go into space, camp, race, and constantly challenge themselves, with the caption" "When we learn to adapt, we can do anything" (we learn to adapt we can can can can can But at the end of the ad, i saw a woman sitting quietly on a bench looking after a child, letting the car run past her.

On August 15th, after the ad was dropped, the Guardian reported that Forth's response to the ad was not sexist, but merely pointed out one of the life styles. However, the Advertising Standards Authority said that "such advertising content contains gender stereotypes and can cause harm." (concluded that ad presented gender stereotypes in a way that like wasly to harm) decided to maintain the decision to go down.

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"Dad eats snacks, and the kids disappear?" I think of kids, why are they always being made jokes

The second ad attracted more discussion. The KraftFili cream cheese ad for Mondelez took place in a restaurant. The young wife handed the little boy over to her husband and went to the counter to check out. And this father, met another new father, the two chat, eat cheese snacks, his wife only left not two minutes, they are yin and yang difference, put the child on the conveyor belt, sent to see.

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Finally, the two finally got the baby back, and they said, "We absolutely don't tell mom." The problem with the advertising standards authority is that it reinforces the father's status as an incompetent carer in the family, according to the Advertising Standards Authority.

According to CNBC, asas says, "The ad begins with the wife giving the baby to her husband and ends with the husband saying, "Let's not tell Mom," and we think the ad is running on the stereotype that men don't have a baby." 」

According to the ASA, the advertising category on the next shelf will be limited to content that "contains a stereotype that causes injury, or is seriously offensive, and should not happen again in the future." This "clumsy and distracting dad" is a stereotype. We want to ask, why, as a father, want to raise children but always be treated as a joke?

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Dad's parenting strategy: Not just "waiting for mom to come back" and "pretendIadonme"

The ad is reminiscent of the "When Mama Isn't Home" series, which was circulated online. The core of the film is still this stereotype: as long as the mother is not at home, the father will play some crazy things, such as playing games, pizza every day, underwear littering. Wait for mom to really come back and clean up the mess.

American sociologist Aly. In "Second Shift," Arlie Hochschild mentions that many fathers actually want to take care of and accompany their children. But because of many reasons, long working hours, did not learn (women are the same ah!) ) In the face of child-rearing stress, they sometimes develop a negative resistance strategy called "inattentiveness".

Greg would take care of Beverly when Carol needed him, but he hugged Beverly like a football, and Beverly cried, and he would sometimes throw her in the air, often making her cry more violently. Their family's unanimous explanation is, "Beverly doesn't like men." 」

In Hoschild's analysis, Greg always makes mistakes carelessly: feed the child popcorn for dinner, throw the baby in the air, threaten the child to be stuffed into the dishwasher if he is not good, intentionally or unintentionally let the partner think that men are "born" not good at child-rearing and housework, want warm food, clean clothes, children stop crying, then why don't I do it myself? It also led many wives to try to have a baby together and decided not long after. Many parenting bloggers, parent-child experts, will also take the absurd story of her husband's child-rearing as a joke, but also indirectly implied that "the husband is a very pig teammate."

"I'm a dad, not a big garbage at home!" 」

Only in the long run, this biased division of household work, so that no one is a winner. The wife works during the day, goes home at night for the "second shift", the husband is trying to help can not help, is excluded from the division of household work, and the family is estranged.

This article, not to attack why men always alienate families, but to let dads know that you have the choice, the opportunity to accompany the child to grow up, only once. When dad is eager to take care of and accompany the child, can our society, and our partner, accept him? (Same show: The foundation of parenting is love!) Three milk dads confessed: fatherhood is irreplaceable, I want to fight for it )

Go home in August, publicly soliciting dad's parenting story, with many moving photos and stories, which is one of them:

Mother because with twins double treasure a year and a half feel tired, and father said I want to go back to work, father knew to tell his mother to change his child leave let mother back to work ... (Middle) Everyone is very skeptical is not using a mobile phone to take a child, how can a big boy take care of the twin sons... But the father is really great, every morning the child wakes up will arrange the time, (middle) really thank the father is willing to put down the work to accompany the child to grow up.

Parenting is based not only on experience or money, but on love for children. Hope that one day, as a father, we can look up and chest, even if the mistake is not afraid, after all, as a father, we are also with the children to grow up. (Same-on-the-spot plus: Come and pick the most desirable dad-child-rearing photos!) Dabby's Parenting Daily Photo Show: The Air-collecting ticket is running out.