Three days in Hong Kong, let me respect Hong Kong people all my life

After deciding to march in Hong Kong, my friends kept asking me, "Are you not afraid of danger, are you sure you want to go?" The situation is really bad. I began to fear this journey, and if something happened to myself, people would say I deserved it. Especially after the night of 811, some people lost their eyes at the scene of the demonstration and police fired tear gas at the subway station. I became more and more silent, holding an electronic boarding ticket, crying in the room. I have the fear of being a girl, and I have the fear of facing violence. And I ended up on that flight.

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A week ago, on August 10, I booked a flight to Hong Kong. I knew I was breathing deep and pressing the confirmation button; it didn't take a few minutes for me to feel the smoky line on the screen, the daily screams that never stopped, all of a sudden, all of a sudden, close to me. As it happens, the situation in Hong Kong is at rock bottom the next day.

On the evening of 11 August, a girl lost one eye when police opened fire on demonstrators, police fired tear gas at a subway station and chased demonstrators down the escalator, some with blood on their heads and crushed to the ground and soaked in their own piles of blood. One sleepless night, my mobile phone jumped out of the electronic boarding pass notice "Dear passenger, your trip, from Taipei to Hong Kong, I wish you a pleasant trip."

Cold words, like telling the story of those struggles and the world how to do. But what I think is that it has to do with me, it has to do with us.

Later a few days, know the friend posted news to me, kept asking, not afraid of danger, ok to go? The situation is really bad. I felt both anger and fear in my heart. You know they're out of concern, but all of that care becomes a burden in an instant. Just like as a girl, growing up in a threatening context that I've never been in- and out of the way , and if something happens to myself, people will say I deserve it.

In order not to bear the attention of others, I began to become more and more silent. I don't know my family, and I rarely discuss it with others. I also asked myself, do you have to go? For what? I didn't even have an answer until I set off. I just read the news no less than a hundred times a day, and started applying for Hong Kong landing signed, to the bank in exchange for Hong Kong dollars; every time I felt more and more close to the head 700 kilometers away, I couldn't stand it, and when I was in the room crying.

And the day of departure will come soon. I remember getting on a plane all the way, taking off, landing and arriving in Hong Kong, walking at Hong Kong airport, two days ago, the black man who "picked up the plane to fight" had been emptied, and zhang Wenxuan was not left. I looked at it, And I finally stopped, as if I smelled the burning smell of smoke, and i knew what you thought was not far away, really very close. At this moment, my mood began to calm down.

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"I know it's no use, but I'm going to have to stand on the street."

For three days, I went to tai Po's deep-bottomed Lennon Wall, the 817-light red earth parade, and the 818-dimensional park rally. I saw the old man in my side, 70 or 80 years old, wearing a minimum mask, on the street, a child half shorter than you, dragging his mother's hand and shouting black police; almost every parade that appeared, but fearing being photographed to catch young people; and a small teacher who sat down to raise resources for the parade and could not be exposed.

I think of the last two months, I've been sitting at my screen watching the news in Hong Kong every day. You know, there's never been a good news. From the first tear gas fired by the police in mid-June, you feel like you've been on countless sleepless nights with hong Kong people. It was always calm, only after the holiday rally, and the riots were so violent that they had to face the smoke and fright that they had to go through almost every day. You see someone start yelling for speculation, jade burning meaning, to die together.

The whole environment, from the news media and forums, is beginning to enter the adrenaline highs. So I am often asked, in the end can help? How can I stand with them?

I turn edits back to my friends in Hong Kong and talk about the future, and they will put their heads down and say that they never know where the future is: "It's no use, we all know it's useless." In that words, there was frustration that I couldn't get up. Some passers-by hear that I am from Taiwan and will tell me, Don't come, it's not fun here.

But your Hong Kong friends will take you to Stanley to see the sea, to the Australian milk company for breakfast, to the Prince Station Jinfeng restaurant to eat old-fashioned steak. They arranged all the subway bus routes and took me tightly around them; they always laughed and said they hoped Hong Kong wouldn't disappoint you. You know they want you to like this place.

Image Source: Supplied by the Author

Image Source: Supplied by the Author

And I remember when I actually took to the streets with them, you could hear them shouting, "Hong Kongpeople, come on, Free Hong Kong." They told me it didn't work, but they went to the streets again and again, shouting about democracy and freedom. I'm going to walk out, I'm going to get out, and this time I'm taken with me.

It's raining, do you want to walk with an umbrella?

Back to the day of the 818 Victoria Park rally. I followed my Hong Kong friends back to his house for a parade. That district, there are twenty buildings, each 30 storeys high, dense, a total of more than 600 households. The family of three lives in a certain floor, like a newly assigned location in the city.

After leaving the neighborhood, I saw countless higher and denser buildings standing, and the higher the floors were in the city, the black-clad people began to scurry out of the streets, like him, from a small pane in the building, to the street, to the Victoria Park. It didn't take long, it was already overcrowded.

This weekend the police feared that the numbers were too large to allow the march to be held. The organisers then launched an "infinite loop" bypass, which moves every 15 minutes so that the tide can keep coming in and keep expanding. From thousands of people, to tens of thousands of people, to millions of people, black people, soon paralysed the near by traffic. In that instant, I felt myself in the crowd, pushed forward. I have the densest proximity to this group of Hong Kong people in this life.

I saw them with a message in their hands and said that because of their conscience, we came out. There are young people, there are old people, there are children; I can't hide the shock of my heart, I keep thinking about what, let them stand here so unsly? Like houses are dismantled, scattered on the streets, and combined in the streets. Flowing gatherings, bypassing one circle after another, are like the route we go out and back home every day. When we say that Hong Kong people have no home, but these days, their home is on the street.

It's been two months since the struggle, and 1.7 million people are on the streets; And you just have to look at it and you know that they're not keeping hope so they're going to go forward, they're not knowing fear so don't go forward; at first you feel love, you feel angry in the middle, and at the end of the day you know it's dignity.

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I went back to Taiwan and saw the news the next morning that this weekend was a rare week without smoke and blood since the June protests. I thought it rained over the past few days, and I was led to the scene by a group of Hong Kong black-clad people with umbrellas and left safely. Hong Kong, which I have seen, has made me understand that people, before their dignity, will go low to the ground, and that personnel who want to continue to love will be allowed to be vulnerable several times. Who doesn't know where the danger is, and this is already their safest time.

All the people who passed me said thank you to the Taiwanese, but the Taiwanese know they are thanking the people of Hong Kong.

I am a Taiwanese girl, I have been to the Hong Kong parade site. I've been there once, and I've respected Hong Kong people all my life.