What is it that makes old and old people have to stand on the streets? 】

A Taiwanese girl arrives at the scene of a protest in Hong Kong. It's raining, so they say it's okay to walk with an umbrella? Go together, if we leave, if we lose our conscience, we will no longer be Hong Kong people. 20 photos, write down Hong Kong you haven't seen yet.

Come to Hong Kong again and see that it is already in ruins.

The anti-transmission movement entered its third month. These days, whether it's a peaceful march, or a stormfront after nightfall, from the streets of the protest, to the subway stations, to the alleys, to the neighborhoods. If you do, or don't do anything, someone has to come and tear down your home. So a group of people took to the streets, shouting, desperate but never retreating, is their choice to go home.

At the 817 Glow Red Earth Parade, the 818 Victoria Park rally, there are children who say to their parents, "I'm waiting for you in the street today;" The endless Lennon Tunnel in Tai Po Is keeping the dignity of the people of Hong Kong who have been forgotten day and night. (Extended reading: A Taiwanese girl marched in Hong Kong: They say thank you to the Taiwanese, but we know we thank hong Kong people)