After the news of the divorce announced by South Korean actors Hui Shan and An Zai-hyun, some media labeled "Fairy TaleSe Broken" and expressed regret from all walks of life. A piece of attention, we would like to ask, is it possible, divorce is able to examine their inner desire, learn to say good goodbye to a good point? Give you five "love is good" movie lines, light and shadow, we see that divorce is not the end, separation is not a shame, more important than separation, we know to say goodbye to the past, turn around to continue to experience life.

A few days ago, South Korean actors Huishan and An Zai-hyun announced the divorce news, there are media labels "fairy tale broken", there are fans message sending a message expressing pain, a life-teller said he had long been god to predict all this.

Under the attention, in fact, I would like to ask, why divorce must be regarded as a tragedy or broken? Why is it that society is used to looking at separation of partners with the "I see her divorced"? Is it possible that divorce is the point in which you can examine your inner desire and learn to say good things?

To read the old you, five movie lines that remind us that love is good. In light and shadow, we see that divorce is not the end, separation is not a shame, more important than separation, we know to say good-bye to the past, turn around to continue to experience life.

To the lover who knows how to go back: Blue Valentine's Day

Breaking up is not terrible, the most terrible is to try to save, but also powerless.

Photo : Blue Valentine's Day

Many movies or novels are talking about love, and these works may tell you "the nature of love" in a subtle way, but Blue Valentine doesn't. He takes you to see the beauty of love, and also lets you see the pressure of reality. There is nothing unrealistic about the plot, and there is no sudden epiphany of love. Because love is always love to know, you? What do you choose to believe and work for in love? (Recommended reading: Remembrance of the three deeploves of the film confession: I like you to my own fear)

To you who want to find yourself: Enjoy it! A Man's Journey

I had a passion for life but it was gone, and I was going to the place where I could throb again.

Photo " Enjoy it! A Man's Journey

By Julia. Julia Roberts, starring, opens up about the life issues that modern women often face - what about when I have a good material life and still feel empty? Because of the divorce, the actress has been lost for a long time finally determined to get back the enthusiasm of life, and focus on getting along with themselves, good understanding of themselves.

From the recent hit TV drama "The Popular Women's Development", we see into middle-aged, no car, no house, no marriage life is anxious, but in fact, even if there is a car and a house and marriage life is still full of doubts, it seems to sit in all the "victory group of life" also need to clarify the future direction. By truly getting along with ourselves and asking ourselves about our inner desires, we can find the passion of life that we have not seen for a long time.

To you who feel single and lonely: "Single crack"

Don't just hug another person just because you don't want to be alone.

Photo : "Single Cracking"

Have you ever felt like you were trapped in an intimate relationship and couldn't find yourself? It could be that your life is boring except for the other person, it may be that you have to work with each other's time on every vacation, or that you always have to do something that you're not so interested in, just to pander to the other person. Alice (Darita Jonsson), the heroine of "The Bachelorette," is one of those girls who craves freedom, wants to explore more, and looks forward to different things.

It may be easy to see the Chinese title of "Single Cracking" alone, but you can tell the movie from the English title "How to single" that it actually wants to tell all singles to "take advantage of a person's time." Being single is just a state, but in this state you can have countless mindsets.

To you eager to travel: "Toscany under the sun"

I didn't find true love, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Photo : "Under the Sun of Toscani"

After a divorce and a career low, are you confident of regaining your vitality and self-confidence before your marriage? "Under the Sun of Toscani" tells the story of a writer (Diane Lane), who is caught up in both creative difficulties and divorce, traveling to a new place to start a new life and gain strength at the invitation of a friend. (Recommended reading:"Single Diary" I don't pity myself to be single, I just regret no more you)

In the face of life difficulties, people have thought of jumping out of daily life, go to the other place to spread their hearts. But in "Toscani sun", we know that even in the off-site, the new life may not necessarily be all the way, those existing life issues will not be so dissipated, it is important to leave the comfort circle, how do you get along with themselves, with their own dialogue?

To you who feel smiles: "At that time, I was only brave"

The problem is not always the problem, it will become something else.

Photo "When I was brave"

Can you believe it? No matter how bad the situation is, you have the ability to heal yourself.

Reese Witherspoon, who experiences her mother's death and broken marriage in the film, is determined to find herself on a more than 4,000-kilometer-long Pacific Ridge Walk through the western United States. As she left, she cried with memories of the past, she ran into unforeseen dangers and anxiety, and when she left, she slowly talked and reconciled with herself. And after walking through, she was healed by the courage that she had only left.

Five lines of film, witness you love a person's traces, to walk through the separation, divorce of you, love on the good, learn to say good goodbye will be better.