Yu Mei in the program "What's the truth?" Talk about the long photo issue, mentioned that when they are old and unsed, must go to the care institutions. She mentions that you raised a child from an early age so that he could have a better life in the future. "So what does it mean if I'm going to tie her best decade in my last decade?" 」

For her, "raising children to prevent old age" does not make sense. She also appealed to all parents to stop trying to blackmail their children; We should all find ways to make each other freer.

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"The last ten years of my life are the best of my daughter."

Yu Mei recently in the "What's the truth?" "Discuss long-shot topics with guests in the program. Talk about "what to do if you are old and unsaned" and whether you want your children to take care of you? But she replied without thinking, "I must go into the care facility myself." 」

She was asked if she had lost her mind, so why not let her daughter take care of herself? When you work hard to pull a child up, he should give back to you when you need him. But she was confused, "No, why?" I grew up growing up with her in order to make her a big show. What does it mean if I tie her now at her best? 」

'It doesn't make sense,' she said.

"When I was old, this care was 10, 20 years. My life is the last ten years, just the best decade of her life. 」

Among Chinese families, there is often the concept of "raising children to prevent old age". Take care of a child as an adult, in order to be old and sick, and someone else can take care of themselves. But the beauty hinted today that if I had raised a child today, I would have spent so much effort trying to see her have a better life, and that I was dragging her down when she was about to take off, and what was the point of this cultivation? (Recommended for you: Zhang Manxuan: Some people say that caring for elderly parents is a blessing, I think he did not take care of)

"Send me to the institution, and I can take good care of me." Don't drag each other, don't be cold to each other. What she said was the return to the love of the most primitive loved ones. "You can just come back and see me when you're free." There are many ways to love your parents, and you can find the one that best fits the reality to your inner needs.

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Dear parents, don't turn filial piety into emotional blackmail.

The beauty divorced six years ago and took her daughter Mina into a single-parent family. Looking back on her first year of divorce, she often clashed with her daughter. "I've been good enough for you, why are you still unhappy?" The mother was so anxious that she felt that she had worked very hard for the family, so why did the child not be grateful, nor could she be considerate at all?

However, she later discovered that she had been ignoring the child's emotions. Divorce may seem like an adult's business, but the child is also part of the family, "I ignored her lost process." There's no way to get used to the family's changing daughters, and they need their families to stop and try to listen to each other.

So, it's all the same. Whether adults keep saying to their children, "This is the way I'm good for you", or asking them to "take care of me is the way you give me back", it's a one-way call to love, creating a kinship that's hard to breathe. (Recommended for you: Don't be emotionally blackmailed by my dream!) King Leo, King of Golden Songs: "Mom I love you too, but I don't have to listen to you")

Back on the issue of long photography, she urged all parents not to bully these children with "filial piety and filial piety". "They're hard, especially now there's only one or two kids in a family. Many children carry this burden on themselves. 」

Understanding each other and loving in a better way is something that every family has to learn. (Editor's pick: Written after Xie Jinyan's confession: No love exchange, filial piety is just a lock)

"What is the heart of a true parent?" Is if I go to that day, I beg you, you double happiness, is to my reward. 」

I won't tie you to my body, and you won't tie me to yourself. With this distance, we can love each other instead.

'I'm a mother, it's something I really love about my daughter, so I especially want to tell her something important,' she said.