"We hold hands, hugs, even kisses, but don't fall in love. Love is too difficult. I don't need what you give, we don't make promises to each other. Just want to ask you, would you like to spend time with me tonight?

Love is destined to be her old enemy, right? Another night of crying and sleeping, she woke up the next morning, and she thought so.

She's been through a few times, like a stormy love like this. She didn't really know what she had done wrong in a relationship, but she was purely sincere. (Same-on-the-spot:"Single Diary" I love people may be wrong, but my love is right)

After the break-up, she made a decision.

I don't want love.

But after all, she longs for love, but also after all, has the desire.

So she downloaded dating software she had never used before, met him, and the two chatted. They talk, talk, love, talk about sex. "Do you want to "make love"? A little naughty, she lost a popular terrier at the time, wanting to see how he picked him up. "Are you going to buy Coke with me?" He did not return without a mare.

She felt a burst of heat. For her, the night is more than a dream, is a desire.

"It's a master." She had a good heart, and something was pouring out of her heart. She just likes the rhythm of the chess against the enemy.

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

She asked him to watch the film and assigned a seat in the last row.

When he first met, he touched her head as if to be trying.

She didn't want to lose.

The studio was dark, and the two sat side by side. If she touched his arm without a touch of the ground, she decided to bet and take his hand. Upon receiving the hint, he immediately shook back and moved his body closer to her.

She drew his palms with her fingertips. The more she felt his dissonality, the more proud she became. turned her head, and she fell a kiss on his cheek.

That kiss, like a switch. He put his arm around her and put his mouth to her lips.

Warm, moist, emerging in the body and heart. A feeling, unprecedented in the past, was released instantaneously.

She doesn't quite remember what the film did. They walked out of the cinema hand in hand, and the sky was bright.

"We can hold hands and hug, we can kiss, but don't fall in love, okay?" 」

She likes to move and enjoy the teasing. Flirting, ambiguous interactions give her the confidence she could not have been in herself before.

She was willing to start believing that if she wanted it, she could have it.

Love is too difficult. I decided to touch it later. I don't need what you give, we don't make promises to each other.

That day, she approached his ear and whispered, "Tonight, have you been together?" 」