What would be the experience of the upcoming thirties? Quietly more, in addition to the age numbers and bills, there will be any other? Share with you seven things you've learned since we're 30 years old, and we're all slowly getting closer to our own path.

#1, braver and braver to live for yourself.

You know too well what it's like to live in someone's mouth, say insincerely, tie your hands and feet, carefully follow the words of others, and finally live like four. You decide to take responsibility and live every day more like yourself, taking care of yourself and paying attention to your state and needs more than anyone else.

Life is a play, do yourself well enough.

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#2, they're starting to know how to make trade-offs in a relationship.

Take a few laps, meet a few people, whether friends or ambiguous objects, you begin to be able to master each other's interaction, no longer a moment of time and effort to pay for everyone equally. Now you just want to waste your time on the right person and warm up each other's relationship.

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#3 more cautious before entering a relationship.

30 years old, how beautiful years, the state is right, the mood is stable. You are now a woman who cherishes your feathers and time, no longer let herself shed tears, do not want to waste time to be ambiguous, and will not let yourself get married. Just because you know how hard it is to come together, and knowing how precious time is, whether it's entering a relationship or marriage, you're more cautious than anyone else.

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#4, i'm getting to know what kind of life you want.

It's a process of constant groping, and you've spent three meals in convenience stores and bubble noodles, and you've bought a pair of 300-piece shoes to let it grind on the soles of your feet. As you get older and older, you know what you like, what you don't like, and you begin to understand how to arrange the rhythm of your life in a static day.

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#5 learn to work hard for yourself.

When young had eaten the bitter, and finally become the present. Start to understand that in addition to spiritual independence, economic independence is extremely important, you early for their own careful calculation, in the face of dreams, become extremely free, capable of choosing people.

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#6 start taking care of your body.

Once upon a time, "I hope everyone is healthy" became the first must-have wish of every year. You used to hate dead exercise, now gyms, yoga classes have your signs of punching. You start to focus on your health, your diet, your health, your health, and the rest is empty talk.

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#7, more and more attention to the ritual of life

You begin to take care of the days when you don't trim your edges, and you're going to put your heart to the details of your life. When you are in a good mood for their own pot like hot tea, tired when the light of the fragrance candles, through the establishment of these sense of ritual, you like themselves more and more, the next day, you are reluctant to live up.

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