Does life guarantee happiness with the knuk? 】

"We Can't Be Friends" came to the grand finale. The heroine, Zhou Yi, said to Yan Kexuan, 'I admit I like you, I really like you, but I want to live happily.' I don't want to be attached to anyone anymore. If you're also tired of the traditional idol drama formula, look at the reality that the show never shyed away from talking about - before you get married, do you really want to be clear?

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"I just thought, I've been tied myself all my life, I want to change, I want to live happily." I don't want to be attached to anyone anymore. 」

The Taiwan drama "We Can't Be Friends" came to the final chapter. After watching the "Four Corners Love" for a long time, according to the traditional idol drama formula, the heroine Zhou but should finally put into the arms of the hero; However, it doesn't play that well.

The script arranges for the girl to learn to let go of her hands and let go of everything, whether ok or uncertain. 'I don't want anything because I want to find myself,' she said. We also followed her to reflect, if the end of love does not necessarily marriage, how can we rethink the definition of happiness? And what do I need to prepare for and meet before deciding to get married? What's the thing that we should all have to stop and think about?

Source: Screenshot from "We Can't Be Friends"

Question one: "Marriage is a reality, not a fairy tale" Without an economic basis, can life have the next step?

Almost the whole play is about the connection between reality and emotion.

Starting with Li Yiyi and Zhou's purchase plan, you see how they spend only 150 yuan a day, a few free soups to a full dinner, and save money to buy a 20 million-story house in Taipei.

This time we're no longer just talking about a dreamy relationship, where to date, how to prepare a wedding of the century; it's about how much money we're going to save, what we're going to save it, and then we're going to own a house where the future is starting to be imagined. The economic fundamentals are important, and the play never shyaways about it. And you see two people in this assumption, very secure, down-to-earth, little by little to save money, trying to practice it.

For example, in the finale let people "break the glasses" is that the game of Han Kefei, actually is the last to step into the wedding hall that. What's the opportunity to change the original "just buy Coke, not love" girl? Impressively, it was her boyfriend, David Liu, who gave her passbook to Cofi for safekeeping; she counted the numbers in amazement, with tens of millions of deposits. "I'm a rich second generation, have you forgotten?" David Liu responded calmly. (Looking back:"We can't be friends" Han Kefei: If only "buy Coke", will make you love more happy)

Source: Screenshot from "We Can't Be Friends"

Source: Screenshot from "We Can't Be Friends"

One thing the play suggests is that marriage has many realistic aspects. Some people have to make solid efforts to save money, some people already have an economic advantage, which is the very real life around us. No matter which starting point you are, it wants you to understand that to live together, more romantic starting style, than we have the corresponding planning and conditions.

Question two: "What really makes people safe is not the plan, but the "plan with me", remember the original intention of marriage?

However, you also quickly found that the key to a person's real stability is not the economic basis, but the other party's determination and sincerity to plan for their own life.

For a girl as self-conscious as Han Kefei, getting married or not, you can't even be in the choice of life. So, the plot arranges this paragraph, perhaps to emphasize the economic incentives, but on the one hand we also see the emotional factors - But Fei has long known that David is a rich second generation; Is until David says the passbook is for you to keep. This step of chess, bought the heart of Kefei.

So the point is still to go back, do you have a common understanding that you want to live together? Did you show action to prove that you really wanted to involve the other person for the rest of your life?

Li Yi yi and Zhou only worked hard for three years, the plan was perfect, but also worked hard to practice step by step. But why did they break away later? Because when one side is too focused on the plan, it is lost - they want a marriage, two people can live together, but at the moment can only keep ignoring each other, in a lot of uneasiness, suspicion and swing, imagine a future that is not even certain of their own.

Some people are neglected, some people are beginning to feel love; So, in order to get married, you can have a lot of planning, a lot of practice, but most importantly, you can confirm that the core of these plans is not material, but people. (Recommended for you: From "We Can't Be Friends" to see 30-year-old life: Do you love me or "Have a house"? ) )

Source: Screenshot from "We Can't Be Friends"

Source: Screenshot from "We Can't Be Friends"

Question 3: "Before you marry love, you have to want to marry yourself" Are you the one you want to marry?

And in addition to understanding the reality of marriage, thinking about the original intention of marriage, in fact, the most moving thing in the play is to tell you that marriage since it is a big deal, that the biggest one, is yourself. You are very important.

When the whole world wants to tell you that marriage is a matter for two people, how to prepare, how to operate, you must start to go in and out, learn to share the blessings. Few people, however, remind you before that we are all individuals until all the doubles.

A lot of times, you feel like you're not going to meet someone right, you know you've put a lot of effort into running a relationship with him, or you feel your efforts to save for your life; Everyone in the play, men and women, is constantly suffering and heartbroken at these levels, and what really gets them to grow is often not how the two men are going to reconcile, but how I want to reconcile themselves. (Editor's Pick:"We Can't Be Friends": Ten years of dating to talk about marriage, he will only tell me "it's not the time"

"Whether Love or Hate, I must learn to love myself first." I really hope that when I upgrade to week only 2.0, I can face you with a brand new, no pressure. It's fair to you. 」

How much to prepare to know that you want to enter into marriage? There is a way for us to look in the mirror and look at the one in it, is you the one you want to socialize, get married, and then live together?

Zhou only wanted to say that she didn't think she was yet. At the end of the plot, Zhou yu and Yan Kexuan are not together, but not not together. Because here, not together is no longer the focus; the focus will be on all the complicated relationships, marriage choices, we can finally think of ourselves.

No need to listen to others say successful love, happy life; I don't have to be attached to anyone, it doesn't mean I don't believe in love, but I know that i can only have a better life if I recognize what I want.

If you want to marry yourself, the right person to come or not, what else do you need to worry about?

Source: Screenshot from "We Can't Be Friends"

The life we play in the play takes us to rethink the nature of marriage. What do you need to think about before you decide to get married? In fact, in addition to the economic foundation, trust between two people and plans to synchronize, to say "conditions of marriage", can also be more deep and broad, listed endlessly. So what we can finally grasp is to think for ourselves.

Just like the last question left in the play - with the book, will life be happier? We never know the answer. The only thing you can know is that you start to know who you are, how you choose, not to marry, you can take charge of yourself. So-called happiness, from here only began to happen.