Do you like to be touched on the head? Sometimes touched the head, feel red heartbeat, as if a moment of electric shock? Is it really a skill to kill a man? Flirting psychology, for you once demystifying.

Have you ever heard of "head-scratching"? It refers to the movement of touching the head can kill a person in seconds, let his heartbeat jump several beats; For example, the "head-scratching" bridge section of the Korean drama alone is numerous.

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Warm small reminder: everything must be an exception, please use as appropriate. To don't cause others to be disgusted or uncomfortable!

head, and no one can touch it. Based on your own experience with the friends you've gathered, it's usually for people who already have a good relationship or an ambiguous relationship, and the other half.

No matter who the object is, why is it particularly easy for everyone to feel the move of touching the head? Must kill technology for the must kill technology, there must be its strong, let us on the experts have put forward research and observation, to further discuss: head-scratching, why is the powerful flirting skills? (Extended Reading: Flirting Psychology: Short-Lived Romance, Why Do You Get Addicted?) ) )

Flirting Psychology: "Touching" Your Sensitive Nerves

The relationship between "touch" and "emotion" is proposed by Dr. Aaron Ben-Ze?v, an expert in emotion studies, in the article "Why a Lover's Touch Is So Powerful".

"It can be stronger than than verbal or emotional contact and make people possessive."
"It (physical contact) is more emotional than verbal or emotional communication. 」
- Aaron Ben-Ze?v Ph.D.

He also mentioned the book "Touch" by Tiffany Field, a professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine. In many cases, tiffany Field says, touch is often stronger than verbal or emotional contact. In addition, touch is essential for the physical and mental health of both children and adults.

"Tactile tracey, of course, is also also associate with sexual al, and ays in tactile photocan impact sexual function. Tactile sa d'at plays a very important role in-the-bar communication, sexuality, and create-in bonds to peop le."
"Of course, tactile sensitivity is also associated with the evoking of sex. Changes in tactile sensitivity can affect sexual function. Tactile stimulation plays an important role in interaction, sexual behavior, and the creation of links between people. 」
- Aaron Ben-Ze?v Ph.D.

Jeremy Nicholson MSW, Ph.D. in psychology who specializes in love-relationships, also mentions "touch" when it comes to body language.

"Touching is very attractive and al-at- Yn accidental touching can lead to intimacy. "
"Touch is attractive and persuasive, and even accidental touch can lead to intimacy. 」
- Jeremy Nicholson MSW, Ph.D.

Why "touch your head"? Secrets under the head

According to She Knows, clinical psychologist Sara Williams says that when someone touches you in a loving way, it releases hormones called oxytocin.

"... Can low blood pressure and reduce heart rate, all of the who-to-let-stress and have-been-all-en-impacts on-the-wei-well -Being and mood."
"The blood pressure, heart rate, stress reduction, and positive effects on our health and mood can be lowered. 」
Sara Williams

Now we know that touch may be more likely to affect people's emotional fluctuations than other feelings. So, why touch your head? instead of touching other parts of the body?

"Some studies suggest that the regular touch, such as as have someone play with our hair, can-even-end our immune system ."
"Some studies have shown that things like playing with our hair can strengthen our immune system. 」
Sara Williams

Touching the head, hair and scalp is particularly easily intoxicated, she adds, as the sensory neurons are located at the bottom of the hair follicles.

"Is he interested in me?" The slightth of blush

When danielle Anne, a physiotherapist, studying body language, she mentions that if a person strokes your hair, he wants to express his familiarity with you, or to be closer to you.

And the examples I've met with friends around me, when I'm touched, there may be two reasons. One is to say the above, want to touch you, close the distance between each other, and the other is to try to see how you react after being touched, to confirm whether you also have a good feeling for him. (Same-on-the-spot:"Single Diary" flirting comfortably, because you don't have to be alone in love)

"Love is the hair of a band that has just been touched/with the temperature of the hand, changing the curvature"
- Lin Wanyu, when I think and love

At this point, do you understand "head-scratching" better?

Touching the head, for many people, is an easy move. However, everyone's acceptance of physical contact is not the same, and not everyone likes to be touched. Before you are familiar with the relationship with each other, or the bottom line of someone else's body, please use it with your discretion!