Xiao Yaxuan is 40 years old. She recently openly loved 24-year-old model Huang Qi. She happily wrote, "Love is the need for us to be together." Love, dating young guys, not satisfied with the change. Some people say that her life is ridiculous. Others praised her for her bravery in pursuit of love: "No one is always young, but Xiao Yaxuan's boyfriend can", "Bay Fox Fairy is better than Bai Xiao Yaxuan". Forty-year-old woman love, why always let us see good envy?

Singer Xiao Yaxuan turned 40 on August 24. On her birthday, she openly loved her self-confessed boyfriend of two years: 24-year-old model Huang Qi. The two men in the photo, wearing animal filters, happily wrote: "Love is needing us together" and a series of photos of snuggling up on the couch caused a riot among netizens.

Photo: Xiao Yaxuan Weibo

The reason for the discussion is that Xiao Yaxuan came out for twenty years, talked about more than ten love, the object includes Zhu Yugang, Wang Yangming, Ke Zhendong, Chen Wei and so on, and most of them are brother and sister love. Having been dating young and strong male stars for almost two years has led many to refer to her as "Taiwan Taylors" and "Male God Harvesters". Enthusiasm to fall in love, with handsome man, not satisfied with the change, so that netizens have left a message: "No one can always be young, but Xiao Yaxuan's boyfriend can", "Bay Fox Fairy is not as good as Bai Xiao Yaxuan."

On the Internet, there are also two different emotions, one is to insult the humiliation of "very open" negative comments, the other is half-joking worship, sealed her "fresh flesh godmother", pointed out that she can always interact with the dream boy god, is entirely a model of female lust.

Bai fox fairy is not as good as Bai YaXuan: to the deadly woman, we only for their love brave

On Dcard, she was criticized for living a debauchery at an age. There is also a life science teacher said Xiao Yaxuan on the last life of the wind debt, this life to "cannot find true love" as a punishment, can only play the world to pay off the debt.

All kinds of funny speculation, absurd remarks, let us finish laughing, but did not say the anxiety of the export is still. When people are anxious to interpret her behavior, the anxiety and fear behind it, but not well handled -- people wonder, with the 40-year-old she can boyfriend one for another, but also change younger?

In cultural studies, there is a term called "fatal woman" that describes a woman who makes men feel threatened. They are sexy and beautiful, but their lives do not serve men, but obey personal desires. From Martina, who loves little fresh meat, taylors, to singer Xiao Yaxuan, women are often referred to as "lethal women." Although they do not harm others, they are often demonized in intimate relationships. Become a "bad woman" that men fear and women despise.

This witch hunt, of course, doesn't just appear in comments about celebrities. In our daily lives, we have heard such criticisms more or less, and fall on some unruly "bad women". They may be your classmates, your friends, who was also the ex-girlfriend, changed a few boyfriends, about how many times the gun, those numbers and whispers, sitting really someone else's dirty with our clean.

Writer Wu Xiaole in "But I do not like", mentioned this for the "bad woman" mustard and slugs, in fact, but only kill each other (same scene: Why this era, always remind girls to "love themselves"? ) )

We are keen to find the bitch in the circle of life, to prove that they are not, think such a loss can get love, occasionally, but most of the time we get nothing. Society divides women. Over time we also mistakenly believe, if they and other girls at the same time in the deep water, want to take more breath, you have to first put the other side into the pool water, so that its low and pavilion lift, in exchange for a few square centimeters of fresh air. Without her sinking, how come your green lotus. Without her uneasiness in the room, where to come to your room Ikea.

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"Wonder Woman" math problem: When Xiao Yaxuan 60 years old, how old is her boyfriend?

There is also a claim that she is very brave, more down, but also vaguely revealed the envy of older women's bold love. "Seek out the book", "Bay Fox Xian is not as good as Bai Xiao Yaxuan", more netizens out of a math question "Xiao Yaxuan is 40 years old, boyfriend 24 years old, please ask when she is 60 years old, how old is her boyfriend?" Answer: Still 24 years old. We laugh at the same time, the psychological surface of the picture, there is still a hidden uneasiness, which in fact also shows that we have no confidence in the older women love. (Extended reading: Old sister's love map: 39-year-old also pursues heart throbbing us, really mistaken what? ) )

As a "good girl" all our lives, we always watch women reach a certain age, voice and desire, deprived of society. It's like a thing of the past forty, showing a desire, on behalf of you don't want to face. To make yourself beautiful, to be laughed at in vain. Pursuing a dream is said to be unrealistic.

In May 2019, 60-year-old singer Martina was criticized for "boys flirting with him" on her new single Medell?n, and even rejected by mainstream radio because she was "too old." In an interview, she asked a good question, "Is it true that a woman can only wait to die after she is forty?" (Extended reading:"Gender Watch" When Madonna was rejected by radio, we saw the sexization of "hate old"

We laugh at the efforts of these women, and worry, in case it's my turn? What should I do in case I turn 40? Am I only willing to be convinced that it is unfair? Can I still be brave enough to fall in love? Can I still love my life after I turn 60?

At the age of 40, what does Xiao Yaxuan's love let us see?

Back to Xiao Yaxuan's love affair. Her ex-boyfriend, Ke Zhendong, once spoke to IG Limited: "Internet! A girl to announce the love needs a lot of courage! Bless! What's good to scold, just energy a little bit. 」

When everyone says, thirty or forty-year-old women, still want to pursue heart throbbing? It's not too late to meet the physiological clock? Find a person to marry quickly, don't be too high and far. Isn't it, we don't see her efforts for love? Or will her efforts be regarded as futile?

As women, our lives always seem to be competing with time. After the age of 25, it's too late to try to nourish your body. After the age of 35, the production age-appropriate logo, and we were hard to cut in half. After 40, people think that your life will never grow again.

But Xiao Yaxuan let us see that a woman who is constantly working for love is capable of trying to break through the restrictions of society on women, brave statements. Perhaps you want, is not small fresh meat, nor become the next Xiao Yaxuan, but we can see from her, see that want to have the courage to pursue love, but always shy of their own.