Three years ago, ghost drama won red gold and silver, three years later, jin Gaoyin in the 23rd first appearance said: after the ghost, she chose to disappear because of the emotional collapse, choose to disappear for half a year: "I feel like I gradually become small." When people say that gold and silver is a pumei, ordinary and no characteristics, we see in her body: willing to admit that they were injured, in fact, is a very brave, very brave thing.

In 2016, many people thought that the "Lonely and Brilliant Gods - Ghosts" drama won gold and silver, when she wore a red scarf in the play to create a more popular trend. But after the ghost, the gold and silver disappeared for nearly half a year. 23 in an interview with reporters, she first revealed that during that time, because of the emotional collapse, choose to close.

"I always hear a lot about doing this job, but I always tell myself, "That's not me, so it's okay." In a very hard time also feel nothing. But as the period passed, emotions poured in. 」

As an actor who has a bright performance in the play, The acting strength of Jin Gaoyin is obvious to all, but behind the great success, what we see is a girl, how to use their own methods to repair the pain. She may not be as confident as any other star to be able to utter motivational quotes after being attacked. She admitted that she was hurt and in pain, so she chose to escape. (Extended reading:A GIRL but a safe life!) Gold and Silver: 26 years old, just the age you can fail)

Like the real life of us, if one day by other people's words hurt, we can not be tolerant of themselves, do not rush to whip themselves, but like gold and silver, find a place to hide, good dialogue with their own, good for their own healing?

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Courage is to allow yourself to admit: I'm really hurt

After filming "Lonely and Brilliant Gods - Ghosts", She said, the low tide was not due to the emptiness that comes with the success of the play, but because of the whispers of work. But during her work, she always shouts at herself to motivate herself: "I'm not that kind of person, so it's okay!" 」

Originally also strong to survive that period of time, but after the event, the mood suddenly poured up. Kim described it as "a sudden feeling of collapse" because it was an inexplicable emotional breakdown, and she didn't even know how to explain it to her friends, so she avoided even her friends.

"I feel like I'm getting smaller. 」

There are netizens compared to the description of jin Gaoyin point in time, but also just when she was a large number of attacks "ordinary-looking" "look very ordinary" point in time. Although she did not specify, we saw how Kim and Silver admitted to being "injured." And it's not an easy journey.

In the past, we have seen many celebrities respond with a strong and inspiring attitude when dealing with criticism, and the community applauds their bullying. It is a cause for inspiration to be brave enough to be a different self. But most of the time, we get stabbed, self-esteem is like a balloon gradually dissipate, this is not a good process, because the mood will get worse, you even just want to lie on the ground and say: I am really sad, I can not stand up immediately to fight back.

When people say that gold and silver is a pubo, ordinary and uncharacteristic, we would like to say that she is brave, this brave, from her true - willing to admit that she was really injured, and she needs to take some time to build their self-confidence. Know the vulnerability, only to know how to climb up.

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Let go of yourself, people can't be perfect

In her production, She admitted that in the past, she used to force herself to be happy in difficult times, in almost harsh ways.

"I always tell myself, "You're not qualified to feel tired," or I'm like, "You've got good luck, be thankful." Jin Gaoyin constantly suppressed emotions, telling himself not to be sad, not to show fatigue, but did not think that emotions will stack up and burst. So after six months alone with herself, she learned to slowly encourage herself:

"For six months with myself, I tried to make my thinking patterns simple and thought, "Am I too critical of myself?" 』。 」

This is the second moving place we see gold and silver, is willing to let go of themselves, no longer by the standards of others to measure their own perfection. In this day and age, we constantly kidnap others with standards, but also to kidnap ourselves: for example, 20 years old should try to have what kind of experience, 30 years old should be very strong and brave not to play wayward, so we started to whip themselves: why can others do I can not do? No one else complains, why should I shout tired?

But we have to say that people are never perfect, you don't have to pretend that you are strong, you are always entitled to cry, express pain, nothing to do with your enough. There is nothing wrong with being tolerant of yourself, and stop criticizing yourself for those standards.

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In the face of setbacks, most of us are like Jin Gaon, but pretend to be strong, and finally just want to escape all the sour talk. The question is, after escaping everything, do you have the courage to face the really vulnerable you? Would you like to be more inclusive and touch your head and say, I'm doing well, I deserve praise.

You have to start practicing, let your heart focus on yourself, no longer regard others' voices as important to yourself, then any rumor criticism will not shake you.