What process does a book go through from scratch? 2020 Women fan Play time hand account exclusive rush, for you to interview the hand-book designer Morita Dazi, she has participated in the North American pavilion exhibition, also used to knife singer Wei Ruyu tu text works "Words." How would she interpret the Play time concept with a variety of styles? You don't know the behind-the-scenes design concept, the first public appearance!

Named Asoda Dazi, it is a Taiwanese girl from Zhenggang.

As a full-time freelance apparer, Mr. Morita (hereafter referred to as Dako) is using her life to verify her eight-word self-introduction on her facebook page, "Life: Not doing Business." Since her student years began to take over the case of her, the former knife singer Wei Rutu tutext work "Words" photography shape and standard words, also participated in the North American Pavilion's architectural installation exhibition, the design style always in the multi-change to retain the unique warm care of women.

Photo: Mr. Morita

This feature has led women fans to decide to collaborate with Dazi on the 2020 Play with time's hand-book design. What design concepts are hidden in the Play time hand account, and what do you want to say to you? Let's take a look!

Q1. Knowing that Dazi is a very powerful designer, would you please share with us the design you have done in the past, and what do you think of the design?

A: The first question will be difficult enough, haha! With the accumulation of design more, it seems that it is more difficult to pick out their own proud works, I think this also echoes the second question, I think the design is a communication technique, in order to help each single event to occur better, as long as the corresponding masses can feel convenient or happy, can be called good design! (Recommended reading: Is life the same?) Eight secrets that make every day happy)

Photo: Mr. Morita

Q3. What is the design concept of this hand book?

A: When i hear the theme of Everyday counts, the intuition is to convey the preciousness of time, imagining reminding yourself to "live more consciously" when using the hand account, which emphasizes the user's day, but I want to wrap the year with a gentle visual feel rather than a serious look, which echoes Play With time with a light-hearted atmosphere, of course, has something to do with my design style preferences.

Q4. Why did you decide to design with the moon when extending the Everyday Counts concept?

A: At first I thought about what was going to accompany us every day, with subtle changes, and all the common human cognition, hoping that it could be designed as a symbol of "every day", and finally thought of the romantic moon, and the change of the moon also implied the deep meaning of "appreciate the different beauty of each day". (Recommended reading:After 30: Every day you're willing to waste)

Photo: 2020 Women's FanBook Double Main Color Cover (above: Moon Blue/Lower: Moonee Red)

Q5. Please Dazi to share with us this hand account style tone, including color matching and design elements.

A: The content of this hand account tends to be functional, and I intuitively think that it should have a mature and elegant temperament. I designed the four-by-four moon phase as the main vision, different contours symbolize the unique day, using typography with plus signs and slogans, to convey the daily count also retains the imagination space. Double cover color system, a lunar eclipse red, a moon blue, the former is the moon gradually appears the moment, the latter is the moon clear high hanging moment, each has different beauty, hoping to give users with different personality more choice.

Photo: 2020 Women's Fanbook Double Main Color Cover (Left: Lunar Eclipse/Right: Moon Blue)

Q6. This hand account, what are the characteristics that you would like to recommend to everyone? And which part do you like best?

A: The most different part of this book is thematic, in order to highlight the theme characteristics, I and the women's fan team to play their respective professional, from their best words to my good visual vocabulary, after stirring ideas closely combined, but at the same time focus on the user's sense of participation.

My favorite part is the dark side of the moon and bright side, the moon's pothole image to guide users to think about themselves, which also reflects that I am not accustomed to the pursuit of a positive personality, because no one will always be happy and bright, this is life! Negative is not shameful, as long as honestself is good.

Photo: 2020 Women's Fanbook Inside Pages

Q7. Designer's work is very busy, can you also ask you to share your time management methods? What do you think is the point of time for you?

A: Since I started to pick up the case as a student, after graduation, I feel "time" is everything for freelancer, because although there is no scheduled work time seems to be very free, but in other words, there is no real time to leave work. But as for how to manage is probably my life's work, because I admit that I'm a complete distraction!

My thinking vein is always multi-line, always thinking about the A case, but to search for the data of the B case, but also anxious about the C case needs to rush before the printing plant to send a contract, but the busier will certainly be the pursuit of efficiency, that is, how to play the maximum time. (How to say a bunch of seems not to answer the question A, in short, every day by different cut-off days chased and run!" But you won't forget to have fun in the middle! )

File 2020 Inside the Women's Fanbook "Time Management - Ganttchart"

File photo: Inside the Women's Fanbook "Monthly Notes"

File photo: 2020 Women's Fanbook "Weekly Notes" Inside

Q8. What do you want to say to users who will use this account for the rest of the year? What power do you expect them to gain when they finish using this book?

A: Of course, I hope you will like it! And looking forward to 2020, for the future, as long as the expectations are strong enough to face. People who don't like it don't have to be sad, life is like this, the next one will be better , say the old saying, time will dilute everything!