I like you to accompany me, reluctant to throw you away.

Taiwan's oldest youtuber, Happy, died suddenly over the weekend. 'Life is fragile and there's a lot of work to be done,' the granddaughter said on Facebook. When the old man is leaving, it will be sudden. How do you accompany your elders on the last leg of your life? We can never guarantee that there will be no regrets, but looking back at the healing of their grandchildren, let us know that using these four methods can at least make you feel at ease.

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"Ao is dead. In a stormy night, she really really left us, never come back. 」

The oldest of the whole station, youtuber Happy, died suddenly on 8/24. Granddaughter Happy Sister said on Facebook, this is life, it can be very tough, can be fragile, can also be suddenly stopped. 'Please let me cry all over again, ' she said. 'I can't accept it yet.

The last film before Happy's death was walking by the stream with her granddaughter, who talked about her life story, her father, and the regret of her life. Happy sister is 86 years old, happy sister as a family, we see that she has never pessimisticabout how much time each other has left, but strive to cherish what she has the present.

If you also have elderly people in your family, you want to be able to accompany them well to the last paragraph of life, perhaps through the story of happy sister and grandchild, we can try these methods:

Method I: "Tell me the story of your youth" as a good listener

"I don't know, Dad's doing well now, isn't he?" 」

Walking to the brook, the granddaughter asked the story of Ao's youth. Happy yu then mentioned that he worked hard, so that his father was sick and still do. So wait for the father died, regretful daughter, can only wait for his dream. "But he didn't come. Happy said she had really waited a long time.

And let people feel precious, is at this time Ao can not help but wet eyes, a tear of eye-corner. Granddaughter's listening gives her the opportunity to speak out about the regrets she has accumulated in her heart for a lifetime. At that moment, you know that she is sincerely looking back on this past, the mood in the heart has finally been expressed.

A person's life, treasuread a lot of things, there may be concrete items, abstract memories, miss people. And when we show curiosity and interest in our elders, we also show your love for them. Tell him, "I want to know everything about you" and "I want to hear the stories of your youth"; (For you: Interview with Cai Ming: "The timemy mother died, I took a closer look at her face for the first time"

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Method 2: "You've done a good job" to encourage and affirm his life

Speaking of the young regret for his father, happy and lost said: "Money to earn more, also can not call back to father." I knew he was still angry, i must have thought I was not filial enough. After waiting for a lifetime, her father had never dreamed, and her heart was so deep.

And then the granddaughter smiled and said to her, "Ao, do you know who you are in my mind?" 」

"To me, you are an independent, self-reinforcing, persistent person. No more hard will not give up. You try your best to take care of yourself and your family. Azu can have you as his daughter, is real happiness. Azu must have thought so.
"Ao, maybe because you sleep like a pig, it's because Azu came to you, you didn't hear it. "

Many times, we are often at a loss to the grieving individual. And the way to happy sister is to change emotions, with a positive tone to tell him that you have done a good job. From the perspective of her grandson, she emphasizes the role and weight of Ao in her life, so that the other person feels what she has, not what she has lost. At the same time, you will help the elderly rebuild their sense of self-worth and need. (Editor's recommendation: Realistic family national film "The Boss": How do children take care of their parents when they are old? ) )

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Method 3: "I'm here with you" let him know that you are very important to me

"You don't think I'm old, my feet are not convenient, and you're willing to take me around the mountains and the sea. 」

In the film of the couple, we see the granddaughter often take Ao around, and also made a deal to circle the island together.

"I didn't know how to cherish it before, and I didn't even have a family photo now, like you. Happy to this and talk about their own young regret, but turned to the granddaughter has a great appreciation, said that living more to accompany the important.

People will seek a sense of belonging and like to be needed, but as they get older, they may also become less important as roles change and social engagement decline. At such times, we can not only be more sure of them, the most practical is to give companionship. Spending more time with each other will make them feel directly that they are cared, remembered, and have a sense of being. (Pick for you: Interview with Jane: We are blessed to be born, but when we die, there is not necessarily someone to accompany us)

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Method 4: "Say I Love You Once" Leave the language of love, let the relationship become forever

"Ao, do you like me?" Do you love me? 」

We see that the granddaughter is also like a little lover, especially to say their love. The most lovely thing is that she doesn't shy away from petting to reveal her insecurities. For example, she would ask Ao, "Will you throw me away?" "No, I like your company, I can't bear to throw you away. 」

This may seem like a bit playful getting along with the skit, but it actually has important implications. Although these seem to be things that each other knows from the heart, words that often confirm relationships and leave love can not only bring each other closer together and closer together in the present time;

By expressing your heart to the other person, language is like a mark, leaving a secret sign for your relationship that can be permanently collected.

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Happiness has left forever. Granddaughter hasn't sorted out her emotions yet; she's still practicing how to say goodbye to her loss. But as she said, how much love, how painful.

The last paragraph of accompanying the elderly is to go back to ourselves - how do we deal with their departure? What you may need is a ceremony, through chanting, ritual, to give the final respect, believe that the other side to go to a better place, and each other solemnly say goodbye. What you may need is time to let the sadness be released, feel the love you have loved, the pain you lose, and slowly find the frequency of your life. (Extended Reading: Life in the Eyes of The BodyMan: Thinking about Love in the Face of Death?) ) )

No matter what you are going through right now, the story of a happy grandchild shows us that they are never shy about being with each other in their lifetimes, and that they affirm each other's efforts through gratitude. We don't know how much we have to do, so we don't have regrets. But when you cherish, the other person will feel loved, if there is a day he will leave, your heart will eventually be solid. Therefore, the principle is only one, never stingy pay, do not mean expression, take advantage of the present. (See also: You've seen the world, and they don't have a chance to experience it: 25 regrets in family ties)

By the day we're going to be apart, we'll be able to thank each other's families.