Netflix's latest Korean drama, "If You Like, Please Ring": If there's an app that lets you don't have to tell, you can let the other person know you like him, do you dare to download it? Four "like the words please ring the bell" to teach us the view of love, love may not be fair, even with the help of the app, some pain, or inevitable to walk through.

Like a person, it's hard to talk about it, right? He wanted him to know, but was ashamed to let him know. But if there is an app in the world that allows you to confess, you can also let the other person know that you like him, dare you download it?

Photo : Screenshot of "Please Ring If You Like"

Netflix's latest Korean drama, "If You Like It," starring Kim, is a world where hearts can be quantified - just download the Love Bell app and people can sense it within ten meters, and who is like dying. At first glance, it sounds romantic, but when the app becomes a pointer to a good relationship: "Two people ring at the same time, only on behalf of us to love each other" followed, perhaps not emotional warming, but suspicion.

The emergence of love bells, change the way people talk about love, together from the "like the words please ring the bell" to see contemporary love:

(Inside some micro-drama)

Photo : Screenshot of "Please Ring If You Like"

"Love bells, only to express the other person like your heart, does not mean that you will be happy and safe"

If you like you, doesn't he hurt you? In addition to writing the benefits of love bells, but also write it stretched social problems: a woman back home, found someone trailing themselves, so she opened the love bell, found that the other side like their own, then peace of mind down, did not expect the man because the woman did not respond to their own heart, and attacked her.

"At first someone followed me, which scared me, but then the bell of love suddenly rang, making me very relieved, I thought he liked me and I followed me. 」

The violence in the relationship is endless, and how many people are in the name of love, the reality of harm. There are many ways to like someone, but that doesn't mean they can treat themselves in the right way. If you are in a "I love you, so I will do this to you" relationship, please be brave to leave him. (Extended reading: The road to recovery from a horror lover: Don't let him kidnap you in the name of love)

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"If you like anyone, just say it."

The campus began to ban the use of love bells, students continue to complain: then how do I confess ah? The teacher replied, "If there is a person who likes it, tell him directly." 」

When does it become so difficult to speak out about love? Worried that the other person refused, afraid that the other person hates their mouth before, we envision countless situations, let oneself step forward, love bells are solving our anxiety - both to let the other party know, but also to avoid the dilemma of rejection.

But sometimes, saying "I like you" directly is also a show of courage. (Recommended reading: What if denied?) Psychology solves dating anxiety disorders)

Photo : "If You Like, Please Ring"

"I want to stop liking her, but I can't. 」

"Yeah, it's not fair not to control my heart. 」

In the play, a male classmate was excluded by the class, Chi Deju, the use of love bells to the favorite girl, but the girl back: I think you are too disgusting, can you not appear in front of my eyes? Even if he was very injured, he couldn't control himself and liked her. This scene, but also performed many people's secret love.

Like a person, the mood is sweet and sour, although injured, or will think of each other's good. When we really walk through, we know how to love this matter, there is nothing fair and unfair.

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"This is a world that can't hide a lonely heart. 」

The love bell gradually gets out of control. It becomes a measure of love, and the more bells you ring, the more people you love. On the other hand, what if the bell doesn't ring? In the play, a group of people who did not ring the bell committed suicide on the banks of the river, while the mobile phone screen was written: "No one within ten meters of you"

The starting point of the love bell is to help all people, more clearly each other's hearts, but the bell does not ring, does not mean that you have no one to love in your life. As the heroine said: Live, maybe the bell will have a chance to ring.

How advanced technology is also an aid, rather than letting it dominate the relationship between people. Four "Like the words please ring the bell" give us thinking, re-look at the modern relationship. If there is a love bell in the future, would you want to use it to talk about a love? Do you think that love software can really close the relationship between people?

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