Do you feel extremely nervous, panicked, or even trying to escape when the boys approach you? Let's look at it from a psychological and gender perspective, why do you have an inexplicable fear of boys? Where exactly does "phobia" come from?

Do you think you have Androphobia? It refers to a person's fear of masculinity or masculinity. Dr. Timothy J. Legg, a clinical psychologist, suggests several symptoms, such as that you actively avoid meeting men or feel inexplicable anxiety and panic when in contact with men. (Same show: A confession of a different woman: Why I'm "afraid of men" but still have a boyfriend)

Are you easily nervous when men approach you? Or want to leave quickly when you're in a social situation and have to make contact with a man?

Let's discuss the issue of "fear of men" from a psychological and gender perspective, respectively.

"Fear of Men" Psychology: When Low Esteem Becomes Fear

Psychologist M. Farouk Radwan offers some insights and analyses on "female fear of men."

"... A large number of go s go don't just just fear men also also feel feel to them."
"Many women are not only afraid of men, but they feel inferior even when faced with men. 」
- M.Farouk Radwan

He explains: In the modern atmosphere, the general public worship masculinity, and women are often directly or indirectly taught and told: your ability is weaker than men.

"If you are a guy then am sure at you have had a once in your life to a friend to "be a man" when he was was nif. By saying so you were indirectly saying that men are better than women and that women are inferior to men."
"If you've ever been afraid of your friend, say to him, "Like a man." In fact, it has been inadvertently revealed that you think "men are better than women" and "women are inferior to men". 」
- M.Farouk Radwan

And when a person directly or indirectly realizes that he or she is inferior to others, this inferiority complex develops into a fear.

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From a gender perspective, "men are afraid"

Having said psychology, we also talk about men in fear from a gender perspective.

I collected the experiences of some of my friends' phobias and found that most of the main causes of their male-scared men's fear came from anxiety about men's gaze and gaze.

Before discussing male gaze, get to know patriarchy. First of all, "patriarchy" does not equal "man" or "man's collective". Regardless of gender, it can be a victim of patriarchy. (Extended Reading: Say Goodbye to the rules of the patriarchy game: Why dear man, you should understand feminism?) ) )

"A society is patriarchal, that is, it has some degree of male-dominated (male-dominant), identifying with male (male-identified), and male-centred. 」
Gender Knot: Demolition of Patriarchy, Allen G. Johnson

Sociologist Allen G. Johnson further explains that under patriarchy, "control" shapes a man's inner life because it plays an important role in the definition of masculinity. He adds that men therefore see women as objects of competition, ownership and exploitation.

In such a social atmosphere, women are often seen as the object of gaze.

Back to the "fear boy" thing, give an example of a friend next to you. When she walked down the street, when a group of men came face-to-face, she would immediately bow down and walk away from them. I asked further, only to find that she was worried that the group of boys might point the finger at her appearance.

Here, i would like to stress that we are not blaming men. Instead, we want to try to disassemble some of the observed life phenomena and understand the reasons behind them;

I'm just a man of fear, what do I do?

Seeing this, you may have a better understanding of "fear boy". In addition to the above point of view, there are, of course, many other possibilities.

If you or the people around you are afraid of men, you or them can be asked to sit down and think: what is it about making yourself afraid?

In fact, you and I will have fear of people things, do not need to worry too much. Most importantly, you have to learn how to deal with it. Don't be nervous, step by step, take it slowly, practice how to get along with fear, perhaps you can take yourself out.

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