There is a person who is afraid of loneliness and has spent his life looking for a hug that can take his own, but he always feels that he is not anywhere, no matter where he is. What we don't know, however, is that when a person can endure loneliness, the more he can understand his worth and find a place to settle his heart.

It is said that loneliness kills a person.

You're afraid of one person, so keep looking for another person to give yourself a hug and find a place where you can play like a kid. But no matter who is held, no matter which bed you lie on, you always feel that you do not belong anywhere, can not be stable. The more longyoued, but more and more lonely.

Gradually, you feel lonely and killing yourself.

The film "To the Dear Lonely Man" consists of three stories, namely, Xiaoyu, Kai Han, and 2923, and writes about the lonely appearances of three girls, aged 12, 18 and 20, who experience the sour words of their families, the exclusion of their peers, the indifference of society, and finally they realize that loneliness may be a kind of hurt. But those who walk through, more can cherish and accept themselves.

And the film is to the lonely, as Locke said in the film:

Because you are so precious, but now you do not know.

The more people who can stand alone, the more they know their worth.

The girl's youth is so great that her peers shape the image of loneliness. For example, the first short film of Xiaoyu, she wants to enter the circle of classmates, want to have a hand to chat with friends, but the conditions at home are not allowed. She secretly fell in love with the young male teacher, fantasized about sex in the romance novel, and found another kind of dependence.

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We have vulnerability and helplessness, but there is no place to rely on. For example, in the second short film, Kai Han, from the northeast of the screen to study, because the school system to engage in oolong, the original female room was occupied by another Chinese student. In a strange city, you don't have a room that can keep yourself out of the rain, and your family only thinks you're a waste of money. You have no home anywhere, you can't go anywhere.

We also think that loneliness will get better over time, but not. For example, the third heroine, Xiao Yan, fell in love with a man, from Kaohsiung to Taipei as a communication sister, now boyfriend becomes an ex-boyfriend, and she also lives with her ex-boyfriend, ex-boyfriend's girlfriend. Live on a delicate balance, but she doesn't know what she wants to leave because she doesn't know what she wants.

From the film reflects to the real life, we all know that loneliness can not be avoided, but really encountered, or will be painful, like you try to help others, but when you need help when no one is willing to help you; The family looked at you with pity and advised you to give up. "Not accepted" makes you afraid, and begins to wonder whether you have chosen the wrong, whether you are not good for yourself.

There is a saying in the film: When you are lonely, you see the world more clearly.

To dear lonely people, ah, this time, you will reflect on where they are not good enough, but also at this time, you will find that you are unique, and learn to accept themselves, but also to understand the world's unkind - because they do not understand you, only you know themselves best.

Photo: Courtesy of Montaigt

Loneliness is a process, after walking through, there must be someone at the end to embrace you

Three stories, at first glance different storylines, make loneliness seem to have no solution, but in fact, put together, you will find that the film actually gives hope.

12, 18, 20 years old, from confusion and despair, finally find their own way out. It tells us that loneliness is a process, and you can deal with it with impatience, but you can also try to accept it, treat loneliness as a mirror, and try to talk to yourself. More often, you can think that - not that the world is abandoning you, it's that you try to stand out from the ordinary world.

Robin Williamson once said:

I thought the worst thing in life was the lonely death, but it wasn't. Worst of all, until the end of your life, there is a person around you that makes you feel lonely.
I used to think it the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you you feel feel.

Loneliness helps you understand what kind of relationship you want, but also an adventure that will strengthen your heart. Because you will be exposed to more creative self from every little challenge and answer the puzzles of your life. Lonely journeys are long and short, but don't forget that you are precious, and at the end of loneliness, there will be someone there to hug you, or you will be able to embrace yourself.

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