A blond, gorgeously dressed, Japanese male publicist Roland, 27, received more than 300 million yen a year. Always speak ingly to him, Twitter has 470,000 followers. Just as a male publicist, he was often attacked by acid people "eat soft rice", "no manlike", but he always used a powerful EQ reply: "Is the times can not catch up with me, do you think the Edo era can sell the supreme?" Ten super-crazy gold sentences for you, let you see that as a man, you can also be very different.

A blond hair, gorgeous dress, a strong figure. He is Japan's number one male publicist, Roland, who earns more than 300 million yen at the age of 27. Outstanding social skills, gorgeous style, but also full of love, so that he became a legend of the Japanese male public relations. This year, he published his first autobiography, entitled "I, and Someone Else", and even opened a solo exhibition, to show his faith and love for himself.

Japan's wildest night king, in fact, has encountered many obstacles, but also encountered countless look down on him "eat soft rice" acid people, but he is always not afraid, with ultra-high EQ to deal with. (Same-play: Is there any realness in emotional trafficking?) Male publicist Baylor: "Guests want to weave a dream, we are actors""

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When we say that we love ourselves and understand ourselves, it is the most important issue of our time, but in fact, we speak only to women, but also to the male ethnic group. As boys, we are often encouraged to pursue success from an early age, but never have a chance to get to know ourselves. We choose ten Roland quotes, let us see that even men, can have confidence in themselves, not afraid of others to love themselves.

"There are only two men in the world, me, and the rest of us."

The first time you met Roland, it was probably because of this very wild remark, which was not only the title of his autobiography, but even appeared on his personal website and IG. His own popularity can also be seen in the interview one or two. In this intimate interview for several days of the film, you can even see the female regulars take out the paper bag directly from the bag, said to be a birthday present. "Because both of us have 27 birthdays, this is my little heart. Opened up was a thick bill, and Roland asked other male publicists to come up with a checker, which was 2.7 million yen.

"Clearly a boy, the hair is still so long?" "Because I've never lost love.

In addition to his eye-catching appearance and gorgeous looks, ultra-high EQ is also his strength. The handsome Roland, also open netizens q and a tv. He regularly collects anonymous questions from The Pene's question box and responds to it on Twitter, which has now been tracked by more than 470,000 people.

Some one asked curiously, "You are clearly a boy, why is the hair so long?" 」

He replied, "Because I haven't lost my love." 」[1]

"Women in the world are divided into two kinds, women who like me, women who will like me."

Someone asked, "You say men are divided into two, what about women?" 」

"The woman who likes me. Also, from now on, i will like my woman. These two kinds. 」

"Grow every day. Although yesterday I was strong enough, but today I am still wonderful to win ah.

In an interview with ATC Taiwan , he also welcomed people from Taiwan and Hong Kong to visit him when they came to Japan to play . Asked "how to set goals", he said, "to see yesterday's self as an opponent," he has to grow every day.

"Even though I was strong enough yesterday, I'm still a wonderful one today.

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Don't rent a house and stay in a restaurant for two years "because the hotel and my temperament is more in line", with multiple super-runs, in the super-crazy legend behind, in fact, he also constantly self-demand. He comes from a football team on the IG, and he doesn't hesitate to shine on his fitness and beauty work, trying to keep himself at his best.

"This era can't catch up with me, do you think, in the Edo era can sell the supreme?" 」

Of course, there are also many acid people ask questions, deliberately looking for him. Someone asked, "Why is there a whole year of low tide if you are so talented?" 」

He replied, "The times can't keep up with Roland." In the Edo era, the supreme would not sell, would it? 」

Liken himself to the chao card supreme, a full two hundred years beyond the Edo era, but also let the reader leave a message praise: "choose to use the language of Edo and supreme metaphor, literature is also too good w"

To Black Powder: "You can see the plane when you look up, but unfortunately the people on the plane can't see you." 」

Some people deliberately ran to ask: "Do you think black powder (anti) is very annoying?" Although I am also a black powder is. 」

He replied, "It's like you're looking up at the plane, but unfortunately you can't see you from the plane." As long as you are at a certain height, it is not every little thing in mind. 」

"It's like spiders aren't stuck to their own silk, so I'm not bothered by my image."

He was asked if it was not easy to be himself and whether he had ever been troubled by the image of Roland, which had been created. His response was, "Have you ever seen spiders glued to their own silk?" You don't have to worry about such things. 」

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"If I die, the world's ecosystem will collapse."

Someone left a message saying, "Go to hell." 」

"If I die, there will be many women who commit suicide for me, and the imbalance between men and women will destroy the world's ecosystem." For the sake of the earth, I will live a long time! 」

"I'll build a school more than get into a famous school." 」

"Our students at Dongda are laughing at you. So have confidence, do you want to enter the East Toda look ah? Wait for you at Dongda! 」

"Instead of going into a school, Roland would build a school directly. 」

And he also said that he believes that education is like a plane ticket cockpit. When it comes to getting to your destination, someone is flying first class and someone is in economy class, but that doesn't guarantee that first-class people will arrive at their destination earlier, they're just more comfortable on the road.

"It's because people need to relieve stress that we can live to this day."

Last year, he also sent a message saying he was laughing at his views on anonymous message sonboards. In fact, he thinks that the anonymous message board is also very similar to male public relations, is through chat, to appease people's confusion, to get relief.

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"Although some people will say east on the anonymous message board, but because there is a message board such a venting pressure of the export, like our genius espressurs, to live to this day. If there is no message board, we may have been drugged and assassinated! Just write that thing as they please! Otherwise, the world will now perish. 」

From everyone's evaluation of Roland, we can see that we hold a lot of stereotypes about men: can not keep long hair, can not eat soft rice, can not be too flamboyant. In fact, when we say love themselves, we hope that no matter boys and girls, can be brave to pursue what they want.

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Many people think of being a male publicist. It is nothing more than a job that is funny and untechnical, and it is "eating women's soft rice". But we also hope that after reading this article, we can increase their understanding. In fact, Roland also pointout his philosophy of life, since people live in the world, always lonely, it is better to start from me, to bring some changes to the world. (Same-field plus: interview with "Sexy Gunman" Tao Xiaoxuan: sex work to sell laughs, sell body, but also a hard-working job)

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