"I've lived, just the general house uncle life"

Kong Liu for the furniture advertising, shared his single man's daily routine. The 40-year-old, who says he usually doesn't do anything at home, makes coffee, watches novels, plays with cats, and then gets a nap on the couch in the morning. There are fans who say they are curious about your sleeping position. He said, "I don't tell you! But the director is very intimate to help everyone to shoot:

"What I've had is the general life of uncle" opens up his private life.

Kong Liu for shooting furniture advertising, chat about their home life and small habits.

He said, he usually at home when in fact did nothing, is a very ordinary uncle. He also mentioned in public interviews that he doesn't use social software such as Twitter and Instagram. And at the age of 40, I felt it was a smooth time in my life: "I've been longing for this level of stability. 」

Make coffee, read novels, write notes, and feel good on the couch in the morning. A single man's ordinary life every day, there is a little house, a little real, in short beautiful.

"We should all have our own space" like to be alone, is a cat slave!

In an interview with the fashion media ELLE, Kong Liu said,"I like to be alone, whether it is in love or friends, should have their own space." It's very necessary to have your own time and get used to it.

He loves a man, he is also a cat slave. Usually live with each other, but can accompany each other. In the advertisement screen, we can see the mature uncle and the cat interaction, the eyes revealed tenderness.

And just as Kong Liu read the fan's message, someone asked "very good Qi Kong Liu's sleeping habits", he playfully replied " don't tell you Oh!" But the director 吿 still captured his cute sleeping on the couch in the morning. While pacifying the cat next to him, he said, "You go to bed together. 」

Well, the enviable cat.

After reading Kong Liu's single man's daily routine, do you feel that all day with healing? Maybe the home should be like this, do not have to do anything specially, but very comfortable, very relaxed, and particularly beautiful. Like him in the picture.