Japan's highly discussed monk musician pharmacist, Keiji Kwanbang, is about to start singing in Taiwan on 9/6! During the day is the temple side, at night is the music singer, some people call him "real" Buddhist man, but the music behind him, not at all Buddhist. Are the concerts made by monks serious? You may not have thought that "As if the Heart" can also sing a fresh ballad feeling!

Dressed in a swastika and singing on the stage with his guitar on his back, he was a monk musician in Japan, The Pharmacist, Kwanbang.

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In 2018, "Buddhist" formed a trend on the Internet, with the words of the Buddha on the front of any word, and under a discussion, we found a singer pharmacist, Kwanbang, who is both the deputy host of the Haizen Temple in Japan and a musical singer, who sings like a heart-to-heart, with modern compositions. Soft and fresh ballads, causing internet commotion.

The MV, which went live in May 2018, has accumulated 980,000 views, and for the average person, it is often thought that Buddhism is hard to reach, but the pharmacist Temple Kwanbang subverts the past perception of Buddhist music and makes people interested in Buddhism.

Some people say that the pharmacist Temple Kwanbang is the real-life version of "Nine To Five", some people call him a "true" Buddhist man, but his story, in fact, is not Buddhist at all. Pharmacist Temple Kwanbang let us know that sometimes the heart is the biggest limit of people, face the challenge, in fact, we can do a lot of things.

Singing is the same as doing things.

Born in the temple house, the pharmacist, Kwan-bang, said he was not willing to follow his family's arrangements and take over the temple because he was a little rebellious when he was young. So I chose to put in music and began to come into contact with all kinds of music: R and B, rock and roll, electro-sounding.

At that time, the pharmacist Temple Kwanbang and friends formed an orchestra "Kissaquo", tea to go, slowly tea, this Zen language, contains the truth of life: all the world's things, only personally to walk through, experience, can understand. So, instead of being trapped in your own confusion, eat tea.

With this Buddhist phrase, he wrote a number of moving creations, such as me:

Picking up the dreams and memories that I had abandoned,

I'll live well in "now"

Because I believe that all the answers are "now"

Music has become a drug master Temple Kwanbang's bomb shelter, escape from the family bondage, but also let him once lost, do not know what he wants, self-created song I am he read the Buddhist book, the state of his thoughts.

In the tumultuous life, the music of the pharmacist temple Kwanbang can always bring calm, impetuous heart, like finding a landing place, cover up in the clouds above also dispersed, you will see their most real hope. Then found that the original has been, let oneself tangle is only a phantom.

At a music performance, fans said to the pharmacist, Kwanbang, "Your song reminds me of my grandfather." After listening, the pharmacist Temple Kwanbang thought, perhaps music can bring people moved, and father in the practice is the same. Also able to comfort people, the same can become the spiritual pillar of people, creating emotional links between each other.

After releasing a few albums, he grew weary of pursuing fame, so he decided to put down his guitar for the time being and start a two-year Dharma practice.

We, who get together because of grief, can we find the exit together?

The Book of The Heart has special meaning for the pharmacist, Kwanbang, in practice: "For me, the Book of The Heart represents the link between human beings. We exist because we are connected to others. And the heart, can string together the emotions of people, no matter the pain and sadness, can be in between singing to be healed pain.

He also once said, "In the course of doing things, thinking that the dead should be the best Buddhist thing." The same is true of songs, when you hear that song, you will think of a specific time and space, this should be the deepest meaning of the song. 」

After going through the rebellion and confusion, the pharmacist Temple Kwanbang in 2011, chose to inherit the family business, become the deputy host of the Haizen Temple, do the temple's affairs during the day, and at night, will start making music.

In a 2018 interview, he said:

"Everyone will put on armor, for example, I am a parent, to be a so-called good role model, once I was also rebellious, but finally choose to accept my fate"

"I think it's the most important thing to take off my armor and live to be true." 」

We often feel that environmental restrictions make people step forward, but the reasons behind it are often because we can't see what we want, so we limit themselves. Choosing to inherit the family business is not a compromise, but a way to find another meaning of existence: healing with music and Dharma.

In addition to re-composing the "Like the Heart", "The World" and other Buddhist songs, pharmacist Temple Kwanbang also has a self-creation, after listening to his songs, you will be in the meditation, more and more know their own appearance:

In order not to regret, want to hold hands of people now hold it: hand-held

On the road in the future

To share with you

I want to be with you.

Live together.

I'm not going to leave that hand again.

Every "now" is so precious: if today is the last day

In case today is the last day,

What do I want to do?

I want to sing a song That I want to play the guitar

If you think about it, there will only be ordinary things.

Don't take every day for granted: everyday

like a matter of course, the day of the moment

and it's going to change over time.

So to say that, to the important people,

Recommend these three healing songs, I hope you can also be in the music to calm the anxiety, in reality to find a way out.