Your words, they'll remember for a long time.

Last week, "Good Morning America" host Lara Spencer mocked Prince George for taking a "ballet lesson" on the show, prompting a crowd of netizens to chant, "How can you humiliate a boy like this?" That's why they're being bullied. From her words and deeds, we also discuss edited that, in many cases, adults may instead become the initiators of bullying children. And these words, you may not be strange, and remember for a long time:

Prince William said George loved ballet. We'll just wait and see how long he lasts. 」

A week ago, "Good Morning America" host Lara Spencer discussed prince George's' study schedule on the show. When she mentioned that there was a "ballet" course, she paused deliberately and gave an indescribable expression, prompting a laugh from the live host.

In this statement, in addition to being able to see the sexism in it, we also look at the harm it can do to children - how will adult shones when a child tells you what his dream is and when his behavior does not "conform" to traditional values?

Today we're going to talk about it from two different adult perspectives.

Photo A screenshot of the "Good Morning America" program.

"See how long you can hold on" adult speech is possible child bullying.

After the show aired, netizens began to condemn the host's statement to Lara Spencer. Someone said, "We saw an adult woman, laughing at six-year-old Prince George's love of ballet classes, which was despicable." "How can you humiliate a boy like that?" That's why they're being bullied. 」

In a wave of criticism and support we can see the "child world" reflection. Included in our growing journey, many times adults may instead become the initiators of bullying children.

Psychologist Martin. Martin Seligman summed up the psychological damage that negative speech does to children into three categories, each of which refers to three wrong thinking that it will cause the child. "Personalization" will lead to a child's self-denial that it is his fault if something bad happens today; "extensiveization" means expanding the interpretation of bad things and beginning to have a negative impact on other aspects of life; and "permanentization" is the beginning to think that everything is hopeless and will not improve. And when a child enters these three minds, growth starts to stall.

When children are groping for their own life, they are particularly in need of guidance from experienced adults. But what Spencer's speech today demonstrates is that instead of acting as a guide, we are the object of negative or even critical children. In such words, children will lose the opportunity to identify and grow, and may even fall into a vicious circle of self-denial. (Editor's Recommendation: Living Room Question and Answers : A few meters: Adults are not mindful, children are very serious)

"Do what you love" Father Prince William did with the encouraging demonstration.

At the same time we can recall that in 2018 Prince William said in an interview with the BBC: "George was in dance class and he loved to dance. You have to do what you love, and that's the point, don't let others tell you what to do. You have to stick to being yourself. He stressed that his son and his mother, Princess Diana, were keen on dancing. Everyone should choose what they like and not be influenced by the opinions of others.

Prince William's respect for his children is out of the bounds. When he was asked when he visited the charity in June that he would be nervous about the children being gay, he said he would be nervous about their children being gay, he supported any decisions made by the children, but about the external pressures they would face. May contain hate speech, persecution and discrimination.

William mentioned that he had only really begun to think about these issues after becoming a father. After all, he also understands the particularities of his family situation. We see him with his vulnerability and concerns, but in front of the children, he wants to be the father who accepts and supports him. Like the psychologist and pediatrician Carl. Carl Rogers once said, "The greatest desire of the people is to be accepted and accepted unconditionally by others." And the parents are the best people in their children's lives to play this role.

So we believe that in the course of George's growth, William would be the adult who assisted and encouraged him from the side and became an important supporter of his outside to the inside. (Extended Reading:"No one really knows their father" but dad's pro-life involvement is important)

"One of your words, they'll remember for a long time" begins to care about your child's mental health.

Prince George's support comes not just from his father, but from other male dancers who like ballet as much as he does.

On August 27th, 300 male dancers gathered outside the Good Morning America studio to dance ballet to protest Lara Spencer's discriminatory remarks and to flip the public's gender stereotypes of the dance ring. On the community, netizens also launched a response to the hashtag .BoysDanceToo. Among them, Canadian dancer Alex Wong says his parents spent two years convincing themselves to learn to dance, stating that it wasn't just girls;

We also look back on this, why today's Lara Spencer's remarks cause public anger, trigger a discussion of children's psychology, but also let some people say their childhood trauma?

瑽 瑽 Ning, a child physician and corrections specialist, suggests that childhood family trauma can affect adult health and can be of a lifetime of severity: "According to various large studies over the past two decades, many adult chronic diseases are traced back to negative experiences in their childhood. The "Let you Want to Run Away From Home" message campaign launched on Facebook in April this year collected more than 600 responses from netizens. It includes parents' speech about their child's appearance, sexism, your excesses, and demeaning values, making it difficult for children to relax and hindering the creation of self-worth and interpersonal interaction with others in the future. (Extended Reading:How much does the phrase "parents in the world" do harm to home?) )

So we know that children are very emotional, and they take what the big people say seriously;

Today we are trying to look at the impact of different words on children's development from the speeches of hosts Lara Spencer and Prince William. We've all been kids in that family, and you may have had injuries, and you've probably had a lot of feelings about it. We can start by focusing on these little hearts, practicing how to be an adult, and at the same time beginning to have the opportunity to reconcile with each of the inner children.