Recently, the designer Shihu case has been upandand. However, compared with men, female designers are still the less likely group to be seen in society. If you want to encourage and support more female designers to come out, let's not just have few options, here are a few things to help.

Looking back at the plight of women in the history of design, these problems, in fact, continue to occur until 2019. Design industry for women, still not friendly enough, there is a pay gap, promotion and other problems.

70% of women in the design department, but only 11% of artistic directors are women

Unlike the technology industry, where there is a gender gap between men and women during school, there have always been slightly more female students than men in graphic design. But once in the leadership, it is dominated by men. For example, the School of Design still has a male majority of professors. (Extended Reading: Graphic Design Gender History: My work is loved because he thinks I'm a man)

According to Creative Blog, a British design website, 70 per cent of design graduates in the UK are women each year, and when they enter the workplace, the number of designers is down to 40 per cent female, with only 11 per cent of graphic design directors, female. (Same Show: Women's Power Design: Design Industry, Women's Never Absent)

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Neglected Workplace Contributions: Where are women "designers"?

A large number of female practitioners, in addition to being excluded from influential decision-making circles. There is also a serious unevenness in pay. In the UK, for example, SJD Accountancy, a leading accountancy firm, has pointed out that there is a serious gender pay gap in the design industry: female designers earn an average of 25% less than men.

It was not until nearly 30 years later that their achievements began to be recognized by their peers. The American Graphic Design Association (AIGA), founded in 1920, picks out the most important designer of the year every year, and it wasn't until 1959 that the first female designer, May Massee, was chosen. In design awards or associations, many women are still barred from the Hall of Fame or awarded awards until nearly three decades later.

What can I do in the face of adversity?

So it's important that we get more female designers to be recognized and discussed. There are at least three things that you and I can help:

1. Think about new communication strategies

In the process of promoting female designers abroad, we can try to use inclusive language, suggesting that people use more multi-integrated works. Everyone likes to think that they are involved in the issue, not just that society is "open" to women or men. At the same time, there are other minorities outside of women who are not equally in the same way that they want to be included in the discussion. As an employer, it will be helpful to include different gender and ethnic groups in recruitment, and to be more targeted for the design content.

2. Female designers are more involved in community serial voice

We can encourage female designers to participate in the community, networking to improve exposure, women grow up, relatively not encouraged to compete with each other. As a result, many female designers have not been able to seek much exposure, even if they win prizes and publish their works. (Same show:2020 Women's Fan Book Designer Morita Dazi: Want to be a beautiful year, you need a beautiful hand account)

Or, many female designers, even if they have had a hard time, are not, or are reluctant to say too much about "being a woman" when they have the opportunity to share their journey with the outside world. Because if it is not easy to get this qualification, share their own hard work, but may feel that they are out of line with the environment, or even worry about their future will not be because of this statement, and confiscated that is not easy to win the position.

Female designers, if they wish to participate in the community, linked to each other, can help themselves to obtain more space to speak, but also let more people know that their experience is not alone.

3. Pay more attention to female designers

And as a consumer, we can also pay more attention to the names of female designers: know their good works, remember their names. On the one hand, we can not only enhance our understanding of multi-work, on the other hand, it can also enhance their exposure brightness.

Women are involved in graphic design, and this road is never easy to walk. In the future, we would also like to see more female designers, in the professional field of sparkle!

Eyes On Her: Girls Graphics Exhibition Information

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