How large is your font size when you write? How far is the font interval? According to psychological research, your writing habits actually reflect your true personality!

Don't MSN knock me, don't leave a Facebook message, ban what's on what app to ask if I'm waiting.
We have a long, long way to go. Only when we were walking we really talked, old-school conversations.
- "The Necessity of Old School Dating" by Levi's

Old-school romance, only after stopping all the products of modern science and technology, can be experienced, and once experienced, it can not go back, such as writing.

Have you also found that the Ming Ming era has been improving, but in recent years everywhere to see more and more "hand-written words"? Handwritten words can be seen in book seals, in MV, in a variety of products. In the end, where is the romance of writing, why do we go back to embracing old-school handwriting in the now booming tech scene?

People who write quietly, the brain is more flexible.

William R. Klemm, author of Psychology Today, an American psychology website, has suggested the following benefits of "hand-written words":

"To write easy-to-read words, the brain needs to fine-tune the behavior of the fingers, and before the brain sends instructions to the fingers, it has to focus on thinking about "what to write" and "how to write" - a process of transformation from the brain to the fingers that stimulates a block of the brain, which can't be stimulated by typing.

According to the BBC, there is also a journal in the journal Trends in Neuroscience and Education that writing is of great help to children's learning, stimulating visual recognition and prolonging memory time.

All these findings tell us that writing activates the brain's thinking. But in addition to being able to stimulate thinking, writing can actually make us more aware of our inner thoughts!

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The small habit of writing, in fact, reflects the true personality?

The Daily Mail has reported that National Pen Company, a stationery company, has conducted research on different handwritings, asking different respondents to write the same sentence: "It is Ariel's tablet" and to sort out the following characteristics and corresponding personalities.

The size of the font that reflects your social habits

Regardless of the paper size, when writing the same sentence, "people with small writing area" are usually shy, delicate and introverted, while "people with large writing area" are usually more outgoing, lively, and like to be noticed. Is that the case for you?

Photo by Daily Mail

The spacing of the font reflects your true personality

The study also found that people with a greater distance between words, more advocating freedom, do not like crowded environment, writing space is small, people may be afraid of loneliness, more unable to be alone, but also because of fear of a person, and better at socializing and chatting.

Photo by Daily Mail

The degree of effort you write, reflecting your way of doing things

People who write hard tend to find solutions quickly and do not exclude cooperation with others, while those who write more gently have a sensitive temperament and have the ability to speak with other people's emotions, but sometimes because they are too homogenous, let their spirit and vitality decline.

Photo by Daily Mail

The speed of writing reflects your sense of time

People who write fast are usually punctual and don't like to waste time, but they also lack patience, while those who write more slowly are more able to work independently, have good organizational skills, and can quickly come up with solutions to problems after careful consideration.

The more gentle the feeling, the more you want to record with a pen.

Maybe you'll have questions, even if you know the benefits of writing, and what character it reflects. Why should we write with a pen in such a convenient electronic age?

Li Weiwen, a dentist and writer who wrote a recommendation for "37 Quiet Exercises for the Hustle", said: "Always feel sour that an abstract, ethereal expression like emotion is necessary to present something." Letter written on paper, paper in the hand, can think over and over again, is a solid existence; The text is written on letterpaper, there may be sweat stains, tears, and possibly scribbled handwriting, but that has life. 」

The more light things, the more we have to use their own written words to record it, so that the light floating things become heavy, become enough to be remembered, this is probably the meaning of handwriting.

Photo : A photo of the Queen of Proofing

Ask yourself again, "Why is it important to write?" I will answer: Writing is a trace of life, is a proof of serious life. Writing makes our seemingly mundane day important, Every day counts, every day counts is important.

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