Hong Kong held a demonstration of sexual violence by police in Hong Kong. Some women said that during the detention, they were subjected to hard objects rubbing the clitoris and wanting to go to the toilet were even more rejected. For months, as more and more people took to the streets to accuse sexual violence, we also wondered, is it really just the administration of the law, has nothing to do with gender?

"The police just act in accordance with the law, and where is it aimed at women?" The Hong Kong anti-transmission incident has been delayed for several months. In the course of police law enforcement, there are also many controversies. These days, in some social media, often appear such messages.

According to media reports , the Hong Kong Equal Opportunity Women's Joint Committee held a " Anti-Send China #metoo Rally on the 28th " , formally calling on male women who have experienced sexual violence in the campaign to speak out about their suffering . The rally was held in the Shelter Garden in Central on the theme of "Law enforcement in the name of abuse and abuse as real" and encouraged participants to apply the word "#ProtestToo" to their arms with lipstick, pointing out the double violence they had experienced in the social transport ground. The scene attracted nearly 30,000 people to attend, but also crowded the garden, the crowd spread to the Queen's Square.

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Take off your underwear, get naked, grind the clitoris, the humiliations you've experienced

You may recall several incidents of gender-violence in the anti-Trump movement since May. What's even more frightening is that this type of event continues to emerge, even though there has been a lot of coverage and the public's anger. (Extended reading: Hong Kong protester girls subjected to "sexual violence" pulled underwear: not only attention, we can take 3 actions)

On August 5, when the Girl Tin Shui Wai was subdued by the police, her skirt was pulled off and her underwear was pulled off. In the article that the young girl of Tian Shui Wai wants to report peace with your hands and feet, she mentions:

At that time was a bunch of male riot control ban left me
I also heard the infinite sentence "skunk chicken" "eight mother-in-law" "Good and happy"
Also forced to remove the mask, toss left top cap
I call the left a lot of "policewoman" "journalist"
And then I was called "YuYin" by a bunch of riot control, plus tearing my hair.
There's a male riot squad yelling "female policeman."
But the class riot bag to the sample of the real female I don't know
I was dragged down a road without getting up.
During the time, i kept yelling, "I'm in a dress."
Until the left road, there's a female police officer to take over.
I said that the left many times "I get up line" first approved i get up

Several other girls, describing themselves as being asked to be naked and poked in the thighs by policewomen, described being asked to do so during the search. Under hong Kong's existing rules, it is true that searches can be carried out whenever a female police officer is present. However, "stamp ingestmy in my lap" and "scold me" and "scold me", taking into account the principle of proportionality of the law, the Government should find the most appropriate way to enforce the law in a way that has the least impact on the rights and interests of the people.

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There were also photos of women protesting, which were retweeted in the anti-protest camp. (Extended reading: support Hong Kong, also support gender equal rights!) Women humiliated by sluts at the scene of the "anti-transmission"

There's a blue silk page that changed my picture of kim Jong up being picked up by the police the night before, and i added two points to my chest to caption "Find the bright spot!" To imply that I didn't wear a bust to fight, two points. The message under the picture is nothing more than to describe me as the first floor one, laughing refers to the day is the police sweep yellow, also called my parents feel humiliated. The simplest way to attack a woman is to insult it with sex. Ignore her will, ignore her vision, focus on her appearance and clothes, and then from the stigma.

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

On the 29th , Apple Daily reported that the Association for The Concern for Women's Sexual Violence released the results of a questionnaire on sexual violence on the spot at the METOO rally on the same day . One of the women said that during the detention, the police rubbed her clitoris with a hard object, wanted to go to the toilet, but also refused by the police, and finally she could only directly incontinence. The Association added: "These cases of sexual violence are by no means inappropriate in 'individual incidents' or 'individual police officers', but are the responsibility of the entire Force." 」

Wife confession: My husband is a policeman and he wants to see me treated on the street

Gender-based violence in social transport may be difficult to prevent. Ming Zhou culture, made a series of police family interviews, ask them what they think. One of the wives said:

"I asked (my husband) if that was the black police man who was shot the day? He said that this kind of close-range shooting, as long as there is a heart, is the black police. Shot at Swire Station, isn't that black policeman? He said yes. So I asked again, then you are not a black police ah. He said no. (Middle) 612 that day I let him watch the film, a girl was surrounded by a group of police, he said, how can this be? Two riot police officers had already caught her and were subdued to the ground. Basically, it really doesn't have to be played. 'I don't know why,' he said. I really didn't think about it.

"I told my husband that I've always listened to you and didn't get ahead of the pack. But if we get to a situation that I can't accept, or if there's a chance, we'll meet on the spot. 」

"The police just act in accordance with the law, and where is it aimed at women?" Identity of the Neglected Double Victims in the Social Movement

Behind the undressing, sexual harassment, and excessive law enforcement, it is the first time that the complexity of national violence is far greater than we understand. It is also mixed with direct violence and sexual violence, but also make the parties difficult to identify, describe. "Is it really malicious that the police took off my pants?" Or is he not malicious? Such considerations have also allowed many people's injuries to be hidden.

  • Unspeakable personal experience: These parties often spend a lot of time and experience identifying what they have suffered, either from direct "violence" or "sexual violence". And such a story, just to be able to speak out, try to give evidence is very difficult, and did not speak out, or do not come out of the ethnic groups, how many?
  • Slut shame: In addition, images of many of the protesters are posted online, often drawing opponents to attack them with sexual assault, sexual lying. Even in the private of women to change the map. Such humiliation is not only a shift in focus, but also a second-degree injury to the parties.

Everyone is hurt differently in a social movement. To put it bluntly, it is often just the tip of the iceberg. Sexual violence, on the other hand, is only one of the "hidden harms that can't be seen". Sometimes it is even misunderstood as: "As a girl, you want to go to the street, of course, to take risks on your own," an invisible oppression of women.

Hong Kong people's #METOO rallies, let us see, as anti-transmission of sexual violence, your story is important. Your experience, all Hong Kong people are listening. In other repeated campaigns, we have also seen different occupations, classes, ages, and gender groups, all developing their own way of looking at movement, but also allowing all kinds of wounds to be uncovered. (Extended reading: He Yun, Hong Kong mother, Taiwanese girl Zhang Peixuan: In the great uprising, everyone can find the point of power)