Enjoy sex, everyone can. Do you know that there's a reason for some of the postures you like? Explain from a psychological point of view why you like specific sexual positions that reflect your personality!

Every time you have sex, what is your favorite position?

Looking back on every night he spent with him, images of passion, romance, and little interest come to mind, and you enjoy every eye contact, lip contact, and deeper skin contact. But in the form of enjoyment, do you know that the sex poses you actually like reflect your true personality?

Annabelle Knight, an expert in sexuality and relationships, has revealed the personality of different bodies in an interview with The Sun to see what you like to mean.

You like the missionary position, not necessarily conservative

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In the past, many psychologists have pointed out that people who prefer missionary positions are usually more conservative and care about the quality of intimacy. Annabelle Knight, however, offers a different perspective, arguing that women who prefer missionary positions are more open to intimacy and that they can achieve different angles of stimulation through different postures in their legs. So love the missionary of you, in fact, but is to know how to make themselves comfortable, but also let each other comfortable people! (Recommended reading:"Sex position" female doctor sex trick: classic missionary)

Like the upper body of you, the original is very decisive

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Being a woman gives your partner a glimpse of your body, so you love the woman' top, who is confident in yourself and eager to take the lead (and usually indeed in a relationship). At the same time, also because you are very confident in yourself, know what you want, so in life you do not like to listen to too much nonsense, make decisions will be more decisive! (Recommended reading:"Sex position" female upper position - classic sitting step version)

Like the reverse female upper position of you, gentle and direct

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Annabelle Knight thinks that liking a woman in power must, in a way, be a bit of a master, but if you particularly like the "reverse" female upper position, it may mean that you know your body well, you know exactly what you want, and more importantly - you're not afraid to ask or ask questions. You have a gentle side to your partner, and you have a frank and honest side to face your desires. (Recommended reading:"Sex position" female upper position - riding reverse stick type)

Like the back body position of you, desire is greater than anything

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In all sexual positions, the back position, while less likely to make eye contact with your partner, is the easiest position to expose the penis to a female G-spot. So like the back body position of you, most concerned about whether this sex will satisfy your desires. You still value eye contact, but in the course of sex, the most important thing for you is to follow the body and enjoy the original desire. (Recommended reading: A History ofSexual Meaning: Sexual competence is about the penis, what about the vagina and G points?) ) )

Like the spoon-shaped body of you, attach importance to romance

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Like the back body, the spoon is a less eye-contact position. But compared to the back style, the spoon style allows men to surround women, whisper in their ears, giving great security and satisfaction. Like the spoon-style you, attach great importance to romance, also like the sweetness of being with your partner. (Recommended reading: Japanese love illustration: No matter how many times you do, I am as excited as you do)

Like standing position of you, love to accept challenges and adventure

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Clearly you can lie and sit, but your love of standing positions shows how you like to be different from others and the feeling of being noticed. In pursuit of attention, you usually like to be challenged, adventurous, and like the thrill of sex. (Recommended reading: My sex is ethical! "Sex Addicted Woman": I don't want to fall in love, just have sex.

Of course, you may also like several of these positions at the same time, enjoy the different feelings of sex to the body, so it is also possible to have a variety of personal characteristics. But so what? You know yourself, you value romance, you desire desire, all of you. You are a woman with a multi-faceted, always unfathomable.