A coffee drinker is actually the best lover? In the relationship, you do not care whether the other person has daily contact, also do not care whether he forgot what anniversary Valentine's Day, love coffee people, know to give themselves a sense of security, know that love also need their independence. Share four reasons to fall in love with coffee lovers!

"In a good relationship, it makes you feel strong, you feel like you're being efficient in doing everything, you feel like you can meet any challenge, and so on, isn't that my relationship with coffee?" 」

Coffee is like this for coffee lovers. Even in a strange city, smell the smell of coffee, the heart will feel calm, walk into the coffee shop countless times, staring at the price list for a long time, finally decided to order that cup of coffee every day. They are obsessed with aromas, and they are not tired of the kind of coffee they repeat.

Four with coffee lovers love the beautiful look, they love a person, as in search of a familiar coffee fragrance, the world has many choices, but they always know what they want.

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1. Lover's Hug snare and coffee, I choose coffee: they can give themselves a sense of security

Coffee is the spiritual source of the day for coffee lovers, but also a psychological dependence, sometimes not so good, they will after drinking coffee, they feel that they have been saved, and can meet more challenges;

He doesn't care if you're stuck to yourself 24 hours a day, much less whether you're too busy to forget to contact. Because he knows that love is an independent exercise, knowing that each is well, as long as there is a cup of coffee today, can fill their uneasiness.

2. When the sky fell, there was coffee on top: they looked at everything positively

Coffee lovers can always look at the birds in life head-on, just as they get used to the bitterness of coffee.

We all know that caffeine boosts the spirit, and according to the findings presented in Psychology Today, when strong positive or negative emotions are linked to substances, a person's specific memory is strengthened. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, and a normal dose can lead to better simple behavior or cognitive performance.

As a result, the investigators found that when people absorbed about 200 milligrams (about 2-3 cups of coffee) 30 minutes before the voice command, they increased their awareness of the words that had positive connotations (rather than the more neutral or negative words). The researchers believe this may be because caffeine stimulates the brain's happiness factor dopamine.

3. Drinking coffee is an important ritual every day: they know their emotions very well

Many coffee lovers will say: Coffee can start my day.

Coffee is like a ritual of their lives, regularly quantified, and happens every day. Rituals can reduce anxiety, increase self-confidence, and strengthen our links with people. So when they face uncertainty, coffee acts as a ritual that can help restore their control over themselves and their lives, according to a study in the American Journal of Experimental Psychology: Rituals can help people whose lives change and reduce their grief.

So people who use coffee as a ritual of life know how to appease themselves.

4. Hot coffee can also draw each other closer: they can see the good side of people

People who love hot coffee are more likely to close the distance with others.

According to a 2008 experiment, subjects with hot coffee in their hands tended to attribute the warmth to the feelings of strangers around them and increased trust in strangers, so the temperature of the coffee can also affect relationships.

The four characteristics of coffee lovers, they seem independent is not easy to get close, in fact, because of the life has a commitment to, know what they want, but also know their ability to give. So in intimate relationships, they can always keep each other alone.

You also hope that in a relationship, can love like a coffee lover, although love, but also be themselves?
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