"Rookie Newcomer" made Asian actor Wu Yumin a popular actress. But when the rookie rookie new immigrant announced the renewal, Wu Wrote wrote that he was "sad to cry out", by many people think is playing a big card. Three months later, Wu Yumin also in the interview full reply to this matter - from Wu Yumin's response, we learned: wrong behavior, does not mean that we are a wrong person.

When people talk about Wu Yumin's famous experience, they have to mention the film FreshOff the Boat, a TV series starring Asians, which has made Wu Yu-min a first-line actress in the American film series.

In May, however, when Rookie Newcomerannounc announced it was renewing its sixth season, Wu wrote on Twitter that he was "sad to cry." Many people speculated whether she was making emotional remarks about rookie newcomers. She later clarified on Twitter that she didn't mean it, but that she was sad to give up a long-fought role (a role that wasn't created for Asians, but the team was willing to admit herself, which she felt rarely).

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Three months later, 8/29 Wu Yumin responded to this question in his first interview with the Los Angeles Times. From her response, look at us in real life: If we are the "gaffes" who, though with no other meaning, can avoid other people's misunderstandings, how can we deal with the infinite self-blame after "doing something wrong"?

We also see in Wu Yumin: people will have a variety of emotions, at the same time like and hate, at the same time happy and sad. The feeling of conflict is real, and we don't need to shy away from or hide it without discussing whether her comments on Twitter are justified. But we can learn to face our own multiple emotions and try to accept it, rather than blame yourself and feel ashamed of it. (Extended reading:A Girl Wu Yumin: I'd rather lose everything than lose myself)

What's wrong doesn't mean you're bad.

"For those who struggle, my words and speech machines are indeed insensitive, especially since I am one of them. I regret it, I'm sorry to have done it, it's not a good thing. 」

In a recent interview, Ms. Wu admitted that she was really upset because she had to push off her long-awaited role and was sorry for her emotional, dramatic words and actions. Of course we can attack and not forgive her words and deeds, but in Wu Yumin, we see a valuable characteristic, that is to stop self-blame.

After seeing the netizens bounce back, she earnestly apologized, said she had learned from it, and said an interesting remark: "I will not whip myself because I know myself." 」

In reality, it is difficult to grasp the line between speech and action, the speaker is not intentional, most of the time is unintentional, but we can not really let everyone understand themselves, which will certainly be misinterpreted your meaning, word for word to catch the spur. At this time you may fall into infinite self-blame, feel that they are not good enough to forgive yourself: I am not which word is used wrong? Am I too irrational? Did I hurt someone else?

Living in the community era, everyone packs themselves perfectly, and gives everyone in real life a great deal of pressure to think that people are not flawed - no one else will make mistakes, then I make a mistake is to die.

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But that is not the case. Is Wu's statement an exoneration? Perhaps this is a way to grow faster: instead of drowning in your own bad, unsaved mood, admitting your mistakes and improving it can be a way to make it easier for you to cope with stress. At the same time you must know that we are not going to be the wrong person for doing something wrong.

Embrace yourself and accept that you have different emotions

We also learned in Wu Yumin: people are three-dimensional, there is no wrong conflict ingress.

"People can have a very conflicting feeling, it's part of being human. I can love the album, the characters, the team at the same time, but I can also feel sorry for losing another unrelated job opportunity. 」

Conflictemotions often plunge people into a state of guilt and shame, and it can be more likely to be set in any situation, such as emotional blackmail between family members, emotional relationships between partners, and so on. It can be said that Wu's speech is inappropriate and does on sensitive points, but we must first admit that it is natural to have multiple emotions, and you don't have to decide how you should look at something because of the current mood.

Like Ms. Wu, she first accepts that she has two emotions, and then clarifies why she is sad and happy, and that she doesn't hate Rookie Newcomers instead of pushing out another job-

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Photo : Rookie Newcomers

Leaving aside Wu Yumin's behavior is correct, if you look at the emotional side, many people are actually so: easy to blame themselves, deny their emotions. When we face criticism one day, encourage people to be less responsible, embrace their mistakes, accept that they have different emotions, admit mistakes and correct them, and learn to look at themselves positively.

Because a person is like the moon ah, there is a cloud yin and clear circle, there is a full surface, there is a pit scarred side, but it will not cover the beauty of the moon, people are not also because of this dazzling? Accept that every day has good and bad things, wrong things, right things, because these things happen, only constitute who we are.