Want to do a lot, but more and more do not have time to give themselves, take care of the world, wait until and their own alone only found that there is no half the strength to do the things they like, often in the parents and children in the group? Are you part of the sandwich generation? Organize your five sandwiches for generations of troubleand, and let's see what your troubles are!

It is not easy to get home from work early, the result of the family was made a mess waiting for their own clean up. Facebook jumped out of the review and suddenly discovered that the last time i was with a good sister was a "year".

Say walk on the ticket discount jump edadded out, has forgotten that said walk on the blood boiling. When will you have time to relax?

If you want to be more comfortable,

It is not the age to get back to your mental state by getting up for a day's sleep, not to mention that there's one day to sleep, the real panic is that the bus chase has not been on the bus has begun to gasp, squat down and then stand up and flash to the waist.

Is it really old?

The secret of a strong body is here.

Seems to this age, of course to read countless people, experienced, have seen all the world's wind and waves. I do not know the face of life and death, or the same hand and foot, but you can only surface lycintic, silent, can not panic, because there are more people around more need to take care of.

Or want to be childish again.

Everything is a trade-off.

This stage of you, has not been broken away, broken off from the election! Now our trade-offisisisises are both important, but your time is now only to do one thing, see a person, help these things sort to make trade-offs, has been almost in the face of the reflection of things action.

How exactly do you make a choice?

You go around the world, Zhang Luo family things, the other half of things, company things, friends things, when is it their turn to do things?

Ah, good or bad easy to turn their turn, but there is no strength

Give yourself a good time

Come and enjoy the surprise me at ME TIME.

If you want to play with time: 2020 play with time hand book