Slip mobile phone slip to sleep, drag until the last minute to start work, do not understand but do not take the initiative to ask questions, these you think that the "life habits" are actually a "choice", and such a small to no choice, is the key to determine their future. Watch Freddy Linzo, the lead singer of the Glitter Orchestra and a current lawmaker, talk about "choices", "What should we choose?" Pick what? to get the future you want?

"What do you think is in control of your future?" 」

He stood on the little red carpet and threw the question straight to the audience below. He is the lead singer of the Glitter Orchestra, Freddy Linzo, a former president of Amnesty International's Taiwan branch, and a lawmaker. Why is he versatile and always acting? What kind of secret does it like to get him to this day step by step?

He said, is the choice.

"We make choices all the time, and that's what makes your life, whether you're not discovered or not." 」

How do choices affect our lives and our future? Excerpted for you from the passage synod section of Freddy's speech as follows:

What I want is one right choice after another.

I remember when I was eighteen, I was thinking, if I had a time machine, I would see me at the age of thirty-six and become an international rock singer. And when I was thirty-six, if I had the chance to see 18-year-old me on the time machine to find me now, I could tell him with great ease that we had reached it.

But it's not an easy thing to do. I cried a lot when I was eighteen.

Because if I look at my life in my seventies, when I'm almost running out of a quarter of my life, there's no way back. And what did I achieve about being an international rock singer for a quarter of the time? There's nothing. So I thought a quarter of my time was wasted, and I cried.

Eighteen-year-old me, decided I can no longer do this, I want to start to make the right choice, I want to start grasping a choice, grasp the time bit by bit.

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So, when I was in the choir, my group members said, or we'll be male models. When the regiment member said he was going to do it, I decided it was wrong. Although I don't know how to become an international rock singer, I have no clear plan to tell the group, "Just do this, make sure I can become an international singer."

But I know That I never wrote the first song, from the first song to the first album, from Taipei to Taiwan, from Taiwan to try to go abroad, from three audiences to two hundred, to five hundred, to one thousand, to two thousand. (Recommended reading: Choice is more important than talent!) TED speech: "You don't have to have a real vocation"

What I want is a right choice.

I want my 36-year-old to tell myself loudly to myeighteenth: we did it, we toured the world's 40 countries, three or four hundred concerts, became one of the few rock bands in Taiwan to set foot on the international stage.

And not just the big dreams of life, but the little plans of life. Small plans are also based on a bit by bit of choice, to achieve the goal.

Four or five years ago, I started to find my body a bit fat, and I couldn't cope with the very dense Sparkling, so I had myself planning for months of physical activity. One of the most important things is that I set myself up at six and in the swimming pool at seven.

When you hear an alarm at six o'clock in the morning, there are usually two options:

The first is: you get up at six, seven o'clock in the pool, this is your plan; the other is: you are lazy, you want to rely on the bed again, you get up at six fifteen, good luck, you can be in the water at seven fifteen.

But it's not what was originally planned.

Even if you catch a little, get up at six fifteen, and it's still possible to get in the water at seven. But you may not have breakfast, brush your teeth, or run a few red lights. It's not the same as your original plan, and you don't lie to yourself, usually the result of the bed is that you didn't go swimming that day. You'll tell yourself, it's okay, start tomorrow. It's the wrong choices that come again and again that you end up not practicing your body at all.

A plan can only be reached if you know clearly that you are making a choice.

Making your own choices can also have a great impact on society

It's not just these trivial little choices that determine your big dreams/small plans. In fact, all people's small choices will also determine the future of a society, the future of a country.

In my years as president of Amnesty International's Taiwan branch, there was a very important case. In El Salvador, a pregnant woman named Beatriz, her fetus was diagnosed by doctors, has a severe skull deformity, if not abortion, not only the fetus can not be preserved, even the mother is at risk. (Recommended reading: Ten seconds of courage!) TED Speech: The Most Feared Moments, The Strongest You

But abortion is illegal in El Salvador, where the mother is held for up to 50 years, health care workers for 12 years, and Beatriz has two paths left in the future, either in jail or in death.

What do we do in Taiwan as part of international human rights workers? What about human rights workers around the world?

We made a very simple choice, which was to write to the Minister of Justice of El Salvador. Finally, Amnesty International mobilized millions of people around the world to write letters to the attorney general's office, allowing the attorney general to decide to allow Beatriz to have an abortion.

Now Beatriz is living with her family in good health and not being locked up because everyone pays five minutes to write.

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A few years ago, Taiwan's 318 was not the same? I remember when a few students rushed into the legislature, I saw a lot of people on TV and on the Internet saying, "These people were taken away in the middle of the night" and "There's no play tomorrow."

But more people have made another choice, they decided to support these students, they decided to go to the legislative hall around, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, by March 30, each person choose to spend a few hours of their own time, half a million people on the streets, blocking no one thought that the "black box trade".

Everyone just choose a few hours of time, it is possible to achieve a big result, it is possible to block what we would have thought can not block things.

Finally, I would like to share a message from Amnesty International:

It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.
Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle.

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We face the darkness of life, in the face of the darkness of society, we can choose to curse, can also choose to light a candle. Today a candle is lit in this room, and there will be light in this room, and the world will be full of hope when everyone lights a candle.

I hope that after listening to my speech today, you don't have to have a very big ripple, you just start to feel that you are choosing. Wait a minute whether you decide to go to the bathroom or you decide to have lunch. Remember that we make choices all the time, make decisions, and that your small decisions will determine your life, and all of us will decide the future of this land.

Hey, you, who are reading this article now, are making choices. You choose to leave time for this article, rather than empty, you choose to get up on time, rather than continue to rely on the quilt; you choose to give yourself a little challenge every day, rather than living the same life day after day.

Make the right choice for every day of yourself, and it's also the heartof of the birth of the 2020 Women's Fan Play time handbook.

2020 Women's Fan Book With the theme "Every Day Counts" and I want you to know that no matter how you spend your day, you can make every little choice, a little bit of accumulation, that will make your day different. Together, we can make one small, good choice, and together we can make 2020 thick and full.