Do you have a car of your own? Whether it's a locomotive or a car, it makes us more free to move. It symbolizes our control over life and life. When a woman owns a car, we no longer wrong ourselves, want to go, and lover after quarreling what need to worry about? Drive straight away. We have freedom of movement and we don't need to be restricted by anyone.

We all hate to hear the words:

On the road most afraid to meet three treasures: women, old people, old women.

As long as you see the news there is a car accident collision occurred, the news below there will be "don't see the first guess three treasure", "three treasure on the road" and other messages appear. As a girl, our heart always has a worry can not be eliminated: we have the ability to drive, but is not able to break through the heart on the road, hate driving training class coach with a squinting look at themselves, hate a road on the side of the broken family partner, more hate people on the road to see you, always a face "really is three treasure not unexpected" expression.

You attach importance to personal safety, but always be regarded as a lifetime of bad car fools.

Can a woman really not drive? Why do we need freedom of movement? One day we came to Ford Motor, interviewed the Director of Public Affairs, Lin Yuhan, and the Director of Human Resources of the Organization and Personnel Planning Department, Xu Yaxuan, how did they respond to a society that was unfriendly to women driving as female supervisors in the automotive industry? What can be done for women in the automotive industry?

Female driving is not a lack of practice, it is the need to create an environment

On female driving discrimination, Director of Public Affairs Lin Yuhan is very impressed: "Usually when we do some driving experience, we find a situation where basically girls don't dare to come because she's worried, she thinks she's driving badly, and there are a lot of girls who say they're worried that the coach will feel bad about it." is to worry about being treated differently. 」

"But that's not the case, driving this thing, like playing the piano, riding a bicycle, there are practice, basically will know the rules and skills." 」

You said you didn't recognize the road? Poor skills? In fact, it's going to be the same for men and women. "A lot of times it's a matter of frequency. More and more girls are starting to drive, or as the main drivers in the family, and the situation is not the same. Because you rarely open before, on the road will be nervous, just like the stage, tension will be knotted. 」

What women need is an environment where they are not scolded and discriminated against.

Perhaps let's talk about why Ford hosted the Women's Safe Skills for Life last year. The Experience Camp, which has been in operation since 2009, has been promoting safe driving in the first nine years, hoping to open it free lying to 18-year-olds who have just got a driver's license - and can learn the skills of driving safely for life when they have just learned to drive. For example, do not step on the accelerator, how to keep a safe distance from driving, or even the more novel driving assistance system teaching.

At last year's 10th, however, they decided to offer exclusive driving lessons for women.

Photo by Ford

Is it a girl who skilled? Are they really Sanbao? Director of Public Affairs Lin Yuhan shook his head: "Not because girls do not understand, but because the face of new cars, boys and girls, are not very familiar, just like the novice course, and the course for women, people will be more secure." 」

"A lot of times, in a club like driving, girls are actually more vulnerable, not necessarily how unsafe the environment is, and sometimes you give yourself psychological restrictions. 」

Some women will want to sign up for the experience camp, but Mr. Man will stop, thinking that his wife's driving skills are not good, to the experience camp will be disgraced. Putting aside external stress, an all-female environment will make girls more comfortable expressing their thoughts and exercises.

"Before, girls didn't really ask questions. Sometimes at the end of the day there's a time when we ask who else to experience, usually boys raising their hands. But last year the girls are so enthusiastic ah, this thing gave me an inspiration: a lot of times we want to create an environment, you did not know he will, do not know he has potential, but when he has the right environment, it will perform very well. Director Lin Yuhan said.

From the female guest group, two ford executives also observed that more and more 30 generations of newly-born women would choose to train their driving skills, which, according to Xu Yaxuan, director of human resources at the Department of Organization and Personnel Planning, was also related to the need to care for children: "Sometimes there will be a need to pick up and drop off children, or large bags." "It's going to bring you a stronger side, " she laughs. 」

It's so important that a woman owns a car.

Girls can drive, and in a gender-conscious society, it's nothing special at first, but it's actually important behind it: we have control over life and life. We can have our own work and decide what we do.

Having a car, affecting women's lives is not only material, but more psychological. You can master the future, not to be held hostage to others, you feel that life has a real lying to you.

In the past, there were not many women who could drive, and long-distance movements were limited and there was not much work to be done. But having freedom of movement, whether it's a substantial job planning, travel, schooling, entertainment, or a psychological sense of security, can be satisfied. Even if one day someone doesn't help you, you know you have other options.

"When a woman has a car, do you need to worry after a fight?" Let's drive away. Director Xu Yaxuan quipped, adding, "The degree of psychological openness is very specific." 」

Two executives in the auto industry also share how women can work in the auto industry.

"It's better to share the numbers first, " said Mr Lam. In fact, more than 80% of car purchases in the UK are made by girls, 90% in China and 60% in Japan. And whether it's in the auto industry, or in all walks of life, the proportion of women in employment is becoming more and more normal.

Whether it's the importance of women in external consumer decision-making or changes in the autoindustry industry, we should realize that women's voices must be heard.

So Ford talks about diversity and inclusion - not to let any gender, race, age, etc. be a limitation, and everyone can enjoy the touch of freedom of movement - not only in the design of the event, but also in the need to train employees to stand in a respectful, empathy perspective. to see the needs of different consumers.

Director Xu Yaxuan further talked about the outside world for the automotive industry imagination, most will think that is more masculine, women want to step in the door is also high: "Many people will be their own imagination of the product and industrial characteristics on the equal sign, but we are doing or the producers and sales people make a fortune." So Ford is keen to create more car imaginations and arguments for the masses through internal diversity: it may no longer be just male-linked, no longer a single imagination.

Photo by Ford

The car should be a tool to break through the frame, not limit itself

With freedom of movement, you can go further afield.

We see from the widespread discrimination against women driving in society, and we see how Ford Can use D and I to address women's anxiety, and that cars, as independent representatives, should be able to create diverse discourses, rather than limiting the pace of women's progress.

In the future, can we expect big business to bring about some change in gender issues in the workplace? If you want to know more about the D.amp;I.

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