"About hiding in the hand account, hidden heart" women fans 2020 hand account, those like friends, like partners greetings, in fact, all from the hands of women fans copy copyt tothe. And the theme of Every Day Counts, what it means to Tophy is to make every day worth writing about. What do you, to you, what does Every Day Counts represent?

There are many kinds of advertising copy, there are to tell you things are very useful, tell you to break the big discount, tell you not to buy will regret. But what women fans want to tell you is that there's always "we'll always be here, talk to you."

In many places on the women's fan site, you can find our concern for you, including the weekly e-newsletter "For the sake of the world is lovely, we are everywhere", including the "You've come to the right place, here, is your place" in the charming island page that you want to accompany you all year round. 2020 Women's Fanbook's phrase "Let every one write down become the present you have."

These words, which always think about talking to you, are actually written by Tophy, a copybookist of women' fans. From articles on the Internet to real-life hand accounts, we have never changed, always want to talk to you, want to accompany you through every ordinary or special day.

The text is very light, the sentiment is very heavy, for you to collect the copywriter Tophy's eight questions and eight answers. What was on his mind when he was involved in the production of the 2020 book? How much thought did he spend making a work that would accompany you all year?

Q1. Tophy is a copycat for women, and many of the playful and cute copywritings come from you.

A: I think the copy is to know how to choose the most precise words, to detonate everyone's inner different degrees of stoic (aka resonance), so those can not make you immediately heartof the advertising headlines, well, they are not copy, just the arrangement of words. (Recommended reading: Reading text landscape: if only a hundred books are left in life)

Q2. Women fans this hand account, hoping to give people a sense of support and companionship of the dialogue, want to ask why Tophy took over with women fans PWT hand account cooperation?

A: Really once want to decline, haha, because this group of people have been so able to write, which also need me to add confusion. But thanks for having this opportunity to stay, so that they can experience the rapid turn to go through a whole year of the journey of the heart, the original is so fun (also very tired), for my too sensitive mind is a test.

I think if only I am a person to do this hand account, will certainly Laipi cry said I can not do, so the most grateful is this encounter with every partner, in these days into the hand account homework, almost with the spread, even if I am bored to a state is not abandoned. Although I wrote the copy, but I feel more of a name, behind the team is the output of each word of the core. It would be great if this hand account could make anyone feel companionship, after all, I was surrounded by trust and support all the way, and finally completed such a work.

Q3. What's your first thought when you hear about The Handbook Play with time and this theme, Everyday Counts?

A: I like it very much. Play with the concept of time, at least when you play, you do not feel that time is wasted, which is very important, there is another important mentality is, try not to cling to time flying too fast, or always stuck in the past many more Beautiful, said that real time has been through every day, then on time appear in our lives, no one day exceptions, I think he is very can be together Play the last good baby!

Make every day count, let every day of life count, but we face the time of this old friend, the most basic gift.

Q4. Is this a handbook with a strong "conversational" feeling of gentleness, an extension of the image of Everyday Counts?

A: Also did not specifically to create a sense of dialogue, do not want to make it feel as if you pretend to be the kind of atmosphere, can only say that these outputs are my true feelings revealed! Can be said to be gentle and happy.

Q5. Everyday Counts, we want everyone to feel that every day counts, every day is really better. Can you also talk to us about what this means to you?

A: Forget that it was a few years ago to write this sentence, has been in their own mind: "Let every day become worth writing down today", unexpectedly very much in line with this hand account "every day count" theme right, most of us have the consensus of time, also know that today can be done, do not leave until tomorrow.

It is not so much that it is very strong execution, or very efficient, very full in life, for me, I am just a reluctant, reluctant to only today only this way has passed, so I want to drive their daily combat effectiveness to the strongest, said here, also recommend you to see Xiao Qingyang's " Don't tired why sleep, no time to see also okay, you say is not the title of this book to get great!

Q6. This hand account, what do you would like to recommend to everyone's characteristics? And which part do you like best?

A: Will the special note say that the copy will be beaten up? I like the first and last sentence in the hand account, and this time the cover of the dragon and phoenix tire, think that should buy a score each to send relatives and friends!

Q7. Can you also ask Tophy to share your time management methods? What do you think is the point of time for you?

A: There is no alternative to writing it down if you want to manage your time effectively. I've tried the mobile app notes before because I'm too lazy to move with a physical account, but it's easy to forget. Now I'm used to eating breakfast, filling in in today's grid, iron heart to complete the maximum of three, after lunch to add the expected event.

With a means to let oneself easily cross the small door, get xiao Zhang's sense of achievement tickets, and then enter the second half of the day to cross the cut. Time if it's a bargaining chip, I think I'm a humour that I'm happy to do every day.

Q8. What do you want to say to users who will use this account for the rest of the year? What power do you expect them to gain when they finish using this book?

A: Have you bought it yet? Buy to count you have vision has the potential! Thank you so well, you know you bought not only this hand account, you buy is, for our three parties for months buried in the production of the affirmation, on the female force, women fans, Taiwan design affirmation, your own direction of life affirmation.

I am honored to be able to hand the words accompany you throughthe coming year, as to hope that you can get the strength through the hand account, very pragmatic, is every day can write a smile, live well.