Justin Bieber, Jr., quickly went on a red show after his 14-year-old debut, but was also followed by a series of negative stories that came out of order. "I have a lot of money, but I don't really have the ability to cope with this real world, " he said in a lengthy article recently in his personal IG. He has hurt many people in the past and does nare not believe he can love. His story shows you that there is a long way to go before you really understand love, and that those who seem to have everything sometimes have nothing.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber, Jr., has been in the spotlight since he made his debut at the age of 14. He quickly rose to fame, being a long-time winner of the Billboard 200 album chart, a long-time Youtube hit record, and even at the age of 17, he was ranked 39th in Time's 100 Most Influential People.

However, after becoming famous, he was exposed a number of negative news. Including prostitution, drink-driving, public places urinating and other disorderly behavior, there is also the news of drug addiction. Little Justin began to cause public disgust, abuse, the acting career low to the bottom.

In the face of these past, he recently published a long article on personal IG. 'These are my heartfelt confessions and I hope you can find time to see - I'm rich, but I couldn't face the real world at the time,' he said.

Courage to admit defects: "When I have it all, i don't know how to be a man"

"With the development of my musical talent, I have achieved beyond success. In just two years, my whole world has been completely turned upside down. I went from being a 13-year-old boy from a small town to a million people around the world who said how much they loved me, how good I was,......, and then someone arranged everything in my life for me, and I never learned the basic responsibilities of being human. 」

"By the age of 18, I became very rich and I could get everything I wanted. But I don't have the ability to deal with the real world. It's terrible for anyone. 」

It is usually seen from the outside that little Justin is early and talented, so he has wealth and all he wants at a young age. But behind the gorgeous, there are many unexploded bombs hidden.

What he wants to say is that when a child who is still developing, when his brain, emotion, and behavioral control center are not yet mature, they will face enormous pressure and love, which will make them unable to resist, and will lose their sense. When others only tell him "you have a lot of things" and "a lot of people love you", no one is taught how to accept those things. So he began to feel that he was a more and more empty person, and did not know how to live with the world.

"In your eyes I see a lot of money, sports cars, clothes, honors and awards. But I'm still not satisfied. 」

The first truth revealed in his words is, "A lot of times, we blindly pursue, feel like a bottomless hole in our hearts, how to fill in discontent." And that makes it hard for you to take a positive attitude towards life: "You face each other with fear." When you're constantly in the middle of disappointment, sometimes you don't even want to live, because you feel like it's never going to change. When we can't meet the phenomenon, we keep looking for more driftwood, but the truth is that you have more things, and when you lose yourself, you are the equivalent of losing everything.

'I'm a flawed person, you think I have the world, but I know I have nothing,' he said.

"I do the bad things you think" May learn to hurt before you really know your lover.

"I started abusing drugs when I was 19, and it destroyed all my relationships. I became angry, grumpy and disrespectful to women. I alienate all those who love me, I hide in the shell and hide myself. I thought I could never turn this around.
"By the age of 20, I've done all the bad things you can think of. I went from being the most loved person in the world to being disgusted and ridiculed. .

After Justin Jr. became famous, there was a lot of negative news that never stopped. At first someone said, I shame you, middle and second illness, do not return home ... In this regard, he is like a child living in his own world, still do everything he has in this world. In the face of the huge changes outside, he felt that he had no ability to understand and have no way to deal with it. He's caught up in a negative emotional cycle, like seeing that since everything is in front of him, he's going to destroy it.

And behind all his rebellious, strong behavior, there is a deep fragility.

When he starts to alienate others because he doesn't think anyone loves him, and behind this distrust is actually the deepest self-doubt - is I really worth having so much? Why can't I afford to take on the love?

And after these abysses, today he tries to poke his head out and say, Even if it's hard, I'm looking for myself:

"It's all just that I want to tell you, even if the odds are slim, to fight hard. God loves the world, to start being kind today, to be brave today, to love today. 」

The 25-year-old will officially marry partner Hailey Baldwin in September. Some netizens, outside media reports that this relationship is he learned to love again. As he said, I am now in the best stage of my life. This is an amazing and new responsibility. You must learn the qualities that you need to be a good person, such as patience, trust, commitment, kindness, and humility. 」

No matter how much life practice Justin jr. has to go on, in this speech we can see how a man can say , "I was bad" and "I seem to have everything, but I have nothing." He reveals his most naked piece, telling you that sometimes life is not so-called scenery, only the real darkness, loneliness, helplessness and hurt. Sometimes you just don't believe someone loves you and doesn't believe you can love. There's a long way to go before you really know how to love; You'll know that in the face of the world, your chances are slim.

So when we look at these celebrities, you think they're all better than they are, but maybe that's not the case. Even, he went through more difficult times in his life, and had few channels to tell. And whether you are a celebrity or a mortal today, if you have experienced a terrible life, if you have felt the world's powerful rebuke, but we can always choose to forgive yourself well, and then start a new life.

Even if the odds are small, you will face yourself in the real moment, began to have the possibility of kindness and courage.