Are you a voice control? Some girls, who are highly sensitive to sound, like to love with their partner or stranger. Is electric love really just another form of masturbation? Why can't we hug and kiss each other, but still get excited and orgasm because of each other's voice?

Have you ever heard of Phone Sex? Don't meet, but on the phone, through a variety of language stoics, let each other achieve sexual pleasure. You can't touch or kiss each other during this process, but sound and imagination make you closer than we meet. Some people, will love as a partner, and some people like to talk to strangers in this way.

"Without hugs, will sex be happy?" 」

When it comes to electric love, perhaps some people hold the more negative idea, think that is not to bear loneliness a pastime, or laugh at electric love is meaningless, orgasm on the phone, but in real life nothing, nothing.

If it is useless, why are we still so obsessed with it, even think that electric love sometimes brings people's stimulation, more than to see me? Today we will talk about electric love, in fact, electric love as a common method of contemporary people, it brings us comfort, may be more than imagination.

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"Fantasy" more satisfies our sexual desires?

Martha Lee, a Singapore sex consultant, says the best thing about electric love is being able to use your imagination and create a sexy character for yourself. Electric love involves a lot of provocative words, all of which increase the excitement between two people. Electric love has three characteristics,

Sound lowers your imagination and shortens the run-in period

When the average person is looking for a sexual object, they may take into account the physical fit, the fit of personality, this time you need to consider more and more conditions. And electric love reduces the door, reduces the requirements for other conditions, to their favorite sound-oriented, and can only through each other's language guidance, to enter the situation and create sparks. It depends on the ability to speak and whether you know enough about the sex you want. (Recommended Reading: Saving Long Distance: Electric Love)

It can be said that electric love is a fantasy-based process.

Some people may have fantasized about having sex with strangers, says psychotherapist Beverly Hills and marriage and family therapist Hernando Chaves, and people's sexual fantasies are more empowering, out of control, and stepping on some dangerous boundaries, as they are, as they are, as they are, they are heard on the surface. "For most people, the secretion of dopamine and other neurotransmitters can be an exciting shock, and for some people it can be even inexorable. It's a doorless fantasy, within reach. For many people, erotic taboos can increase happiness and satisfying sexual desires. 」

Reduce risk

When having sex with a stranger or partner, you'll take into account whether they have a hidden illness, and you'll worry about contraception, and electric love is free of the pain and responsive to our sexual cravings because of a lack of physical contact.

But also be reminded that the reduced risk of electric love is physical and does not guarantee that it will have no other effects at all. For example, personal data, worry about whether you will be seasick, meet in the future to find each other is not suitable for each other. Before you have an electric love (especially with strangers), be careful to avoid revealing personal data in a momentary situation. Also try to be open to enjoy ingress with it. (Recommended reading: seasickness and bedsickness: how to get ashore quickly after a short romance?) ) )

Sound creates intimacy

From the popularity of ASMR (spontaneous perceptive orgasm reaction) that has been popular in recent years, it is not difficult to see that people are beginning to pursue the intimacy of sound creation. Although as MR's discussion still lacks sufficient scientific research, sound may, to some extent, make some people feel more excited, even claiming that they are "sound control".

Have you ever had goose bumps and want to have further contact with each other when you hear sexy sounds? Maybe you can also try to see electric love.

Pursuing electric love is also a way to understand the body

In a fantasy world, you can imagine any kind of self, and be bolder to speak your mind.

Is electric love a kind of loneliness? Or another form of masturbation? Don't rush to the conclusion. Online virtual sex, such as love, and electric love, according to one study, 80 percent of the 1,600 people who tried online virtual sex said this type of sex would satisfy their sexual desires. This model is more likely to reduce loneliness and enhance self-confidence.

In electric love, you imagine that each other may be inconsistent, but at the same time can meet each other's sexual needs. Imagination is free of margins, you are more comfortable exploring and touching your body.

If you feel that physical contact with people is stressful, easy to be shy, it is difficult to let go, you might as well try to look at electric love, but also get the desired sexual pleasure!