Recently, South Korea's "Dispatch" published Huishan and AnZai Hyun's past dialogue record, and then caused a wind ward of netizens. Some people say that the good is a terrorist lover, and some people also refer to the suspected infidelity or domestic violence involved in AnZai-hyun. However, when the public is anxious to tell who is right and who is wrong, we would like to say that both people initially wanted to protect a home, but they had their own practices, or may not agree, so they ended up apart. If we've been working hard for so long that we can't be each other's family, don't apologize for that.

After announcing their divorce in August, Han Xing and An Zai-hyun wrote on IG: "I am the ghost of living at home", resorting to self-marital grievances, including the other side after drinking and having intimate interaction with other girls, once accused of being "not sexy enough" and putting work more important than family. And AnZaixian also responded that he had never done anything humiliating and had always fulfilled his responsibilities as a husband.

In this regard, the media reports and many netizens, first for the long-term stand-alone, can only see her husband gradually cold woman heart-wrenching speech, and on September 4, South Korea's "Dispatch" (D society) after the release of the dialogue between the two men, and then turned to the wife's verbal bullying, emotional blackmail of the male side. The wind kept rolling, and even the media exposed the two private message conversations, various "affair", "depression", "domestic violence" and other rumors. At the end of the day, from time to time, you challenge your perception of morality and your anxiety about marriage.

Today we can paint and paint the good to make a good lover, can also say that AnZai-hyun is cheating or domestic violence suspected, but we also see that in the fight for right and wrong, there is no better answer. And if we go back to the couple's perspective and look at the marriage, we'll find that they actually have their own problems:

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"I've been at home all day, but you're not back, " a wife's call to her husband

"I am the ghost who lives at home. The woman you loved so much turned into a zombie. 」

Huishan had spoken about the day of AnzaiXian's birthday said she wanted to eat beef radish soup, so she started in the early hours of the morning. But the gentleman only ate a mouthful or two and did not eat: "Looking out and having a birthday party with the outside man husband, i feel that the man, the heart is gone." 」

Later, she published the couple's husband-and-wife convention on IG. Among the things that HuiShan asked AnZai-hyun to do were "drink outside until 10 p.m.", "can't drink until 10 p.m.", "Can't drink until unconscious", "Go home before 12 o'clock (except when shooting)" and so on. On the day of the announcement of the divorce, she also said: "My husband wants to get divorced because of burnout, but I want to protect our family." 」

Photo: Courtesy IG

Photo: Courtesy IG

In this regard, we see a husband eager lying to the family, and action to express this heart of the wife. However, she was disappointed again and again, and gradually did not feel the other side's heart. She complained, saying, "Would we be happy if I hadn't said I'd love you?" 」

"I pay a lot for my family, but no one trusts me" A husband wants to say

"After i got married, I did my best as a husband, and I never did anything embarrassed, and I wanted to protect the family. 」

Anzaixian had said that after feeling incongruous with each other, he decided to separate under the agreement; he moved out of his original home and began to have the idea of a divorce: "On the evening of August 9th, in the building where I lived alone, she lied to my uncle, who had lost her keys, and took a spare key in, flipping over his cell phone and starting recording." For me, who was sleeping at the time, this behavior was too sudden and terrible,......, I did not scold the good. That night, I felt that maintaining a married life was hurtful to both parties, and once again reinforced the idea of divorce. 」

In response to his wife's complaint, he also responded: "The marriage began because i like each other, and although it was very happy, it was mentally hard for me." He began psychiatric treatment and medication for depression in the first year after marriage.

We see a husband who thinks she has done his best to be unable to gain the trust of his family. He said he did not want to be misinterpreted by the past. Once he wanted to protect the family, but it wasn't easy to get closer. In the end, they still came to the end.

Photo: Anzaian IG

Can't be each other's family, we don't have to apologize for that.

We see that in any relationship, there is already a different perspective on both sides. A wife who is always lonely, and a husband who can't identify with each other, can't satisfy each other, so it's natural to go to the fork in the marriage.

In the media in recent days, clinging to the two people's speech esthest and old dialogue; All of a sudden, all of us seem to want to find out who is unreasonable in this relationship and who betrays whom first;

In all this, the increasingly intense parties "complaints", in fact, vaguely revealed a kind of anxiety - if no one did anything wrong today, why would they inexplicably disconnect a relationship? It seems that we must prove that it is because who is sorry who, in order to reasonably end the heart of that once beautiful fairy tale, but also can safely tell themselves, "It's all right, I can still believe in marriage."

But we all forget that the nature of marriage is never a romantic wedding, a beautiful couple's life. It's a long marathon after another. In this long-distance running, in addition to love, but also through the daily run-in, communication, to keep focus and understanding. Both men have to work together to find out. It trains not only love itself, but also your patience with love.

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Recalling the couple's decision to get married, Anzai-hsien once said, "Because i like this person so much, I want to get married together quickly." That year, they were happy because they loved each other and imagined a future they could share with this person. So decided to be brave for this once. And later in the story, may be because of the wrong method, may always have no consensus, may have worked for a long time, but understand that the other side is not the right object after all. They decided to separate. Mr Anzaialso also publicly apologised.

But we want to say that if you come to the end and find that you can't be each other's family, you don't have to feel guilty about it.

As they both said, "I want edadded to protect this family." In this sentence, you know it's right or wrong, and neither is right or wrong.