Demi Lovato recently uploaded a full-body photo at IG, pointing to the photo and saying, "This is my biggest fear" to Amy Schumer, Ashley Graham and others, responding: Demi Lovato is telling the truth. From her public praise of Taylors on September 3rd to her recent confession on IG, we've learned from Demi Lovato that life is too short to waste time hating yourself and hating others.

Demi Lovato, the Disney-born American singer known as the "Rock Princess," who disappeared for eight months because of an eating disorder, mental health and drug addiction, has recently appeared in front of the fluorescent screen after receiving treatment. Last Friday (9/6) a self-confession on the IG was supported by 9 million likes.

Now she is constantly learning to reconcile with the world, and this is what each of us needs to go through: Don't waste your good time, waste your self.

Today is the first day, to the body to say I love you

The first reconciliation is with the body.

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Demi Lovato posted an untrimmed bikini photo of herself in a voluminous, comfortable face-to-face photo on Her Instagram, Sept. "This is my biggest fear", she captioned the photo, and received community responses from Amy Schumer, Ashley Graham and others who said: "Demi Lovato is telling the truth."

That's what I'm most afraid of - an unadorned bikini.

What else do you think? And orange peel! But I'm really tired of being ashamed of my body and decorating photos to suit the beauty of others (yes, I've done all the other bikini photos).

I want to start a new chapter in my life, being who I really are, not meeting other people's standards. So, this is my body, completely shameless, not afraid, and proud, because it has been through battles big and small, and then will continue to make me happy. So I want to give it a day to reborn. It's great to be able to get back to the screen without any pressure, without having to go through a gruelling workout 14 hours ago, or to deprive me of the joy of a birthday cake, to eat a cup of watermelon coated with cream and pretend to be a cake because I used to be afraid of real cakes, which made me need a crazy diet.

I just want everyone to know that I won't be stimulated by my appearance, on the contrary, I'm grateful for it, and sometimes that's the best thing I can do.

Demi Lovato generously admits that her past photos are decorated and that the fear of her body is real, but now she has decided to open her heart, reconcile her body, and give it a day of rebirth.

It's not an easy process, is it? Whether it's Demi Lovato or us, you may have experienced the days of physical confrontation, hating even drinking a glass of water will be swollen, afraid of having pit scars, is an imperfect mark. The body is so close to us, open-eyed, and feel squinted, but we can hardly accept everyself that does not meet social standards.

Calculating the calories of meals, increasing the amount of exercise you exercise each week, and losing weight can be one of life's pursuits, but Demi Lovato teaches us that before pursuing beauty, it's more important that you are willing to accept yourself at this moment, love your body, like a warrior, and it accompanies you through every battle, more or less scarring, But you will grow up with your body and face every change with pride.

Life is too short, just stop hating people.

The second reconciliation is with the heart.

Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, a former sister, and then, for a variety of reasons, their friendship broke down, and Demi Lovato once said in an interview with Glamour: "Bad Blood is clearly attacking Katy Perry, it's not feminism at all." 」

The pair have been in a long-term relationship, but on September 2 ndee, Demi Lovato shared Taylors' new song, Cruel Summer, on her personal IG and wrote:

Life is too short, and women should support other women, especially this woman who has delivered such outstanding music - Taylors did a good job!
Life's too short for women not support other women. aly when when women great music. Great Job Taylor Swift

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Taylors also replied: "That's great! Make me smile, thank you, Demi Lovato! 」


Women get so little support in the world, and Demi Lovato points to the situation. Society does not need to provoke more wars between women, but to inspire and inspire each other.

It is not easy to be willing to let go of your anger. We don't know exactly how much hatred there is between the two, and perhaps we don't have to figure out who's right and who's wrong. Praise for those I once hated is reconciliation with others, and reconciliation with my heart - I really think you're good, so I'm willing to say what I'm saying, no matter how much I hate you in the past.

So in Demi Lovato, we see how she deals with two things that are extremely difficult in life: learning to accept her body, and accepting her former anger.

Life is too short, don't waste time hating yourself, hating others. Walking, we find that life may not be as narrow as imagined, how comfortable you can be happy, depending on whether you are willing to break the limits of your heart.