It's the story of an American boy, and it could be the story of the growth of all the boys and girls around us. The boy liked the representative of a university orange, but he did not have the university's peripheral clothes, so he made one by hand, but was ridiculed by classmates. When the university learned, it did two things to turn this campus bullying incident from sad to warm. If we had known about campus bullying like this ten years ago, maybe everything would be different, and maybe more children would be happy to grow up.

On September 6, 2019, in Florida, 13,000 kilometers from Taiwan, a story occurred.

A boy attending Altamonte Elementary School takes part in the school's "Colors Day" event. According to the rules of activity, students must wear a college-colored dress, such as red representing Harvard University, or blue on behalf of Yale University.

The boy liked the orange sits owned by the University of Tennessee, but because he didn't have a representative costume from the University of Tennessee, he discussed with her teacher, Laura Snyder, that he could wear an orange dress that day.

On the day of the event, the boy wore the orange dress, but even more surprisingly, he drew the school's initials "UT" on white paper and nailed it to his clothes, happily showing off his work to her teacher, Laura Snyder.

Photo: Laura Snyder on Facebook

The teacher even wrote on Facebook: "He's "super excited" to show me his T-shirt, and I'm glad he's taking a step toward staking out his own brand." 」

But after noon, the boy came to the teacher's office and lay crying on the table.

It turned out that the cheerful boy was laughed at by the female classmates at the table next door (the female students didn't even attend the university color day), not only mocked him, but also laughed at the picture paper nailed to his clothes, and the boy was dismayed by the matter.

The informed teacher wanted to buy a "real" University of Tennessee T-shirt for the boy and recorded the process on his personal Facebook page, asking if anyone could help contact the school to get a special version of the t-shirt for the injured child. (Recommended reading: "The Story ofa Group of People Bullying a Good Man" Behind Campus Bullying, The "Black Sheep Effect" Psychology full of humanity)

And the University of Tennessee transferred to learn about this matter, directly sent a large box of school peripheral merchandise to the boy, according to the teacher's photos, not only the boy happy, the people around him were also infected, showing a satisfied smile.

Photo: Laura Snyder on Facebook

In addition to shipping peripheral goods, the University of Tennessee plans to make the boy's "UT" design clothes into official T-shirts, which are expected to be shipped in late September. The school also said that for every time they sold a "boy's design T-shirt", they would donate $3 to the Anti-Bullying Foundation to help more children who are abused. (Recommended reading: Talk about campus bullying!) Interview screenwriter Liu Wei: writing the screenplay is very important to the WTO, is a long-term anti-Japanese war )

According to the Donson News, the boy's mother, after learning of what the teacher and the University of Tennessee had done for the boy, also wrote a letter of thanks, saying, "The love that people have given us has overwhelmed us, and I can't describe how proud I am of my son, every message, Gifts and good deeds we will not forget, hope can become a son's life a big encouragement, can't wait to see the finished clothes! 」

The University of Tennessee adopts official clothes designed by boys. Pictures . . . . . . . . .

This is a true story about inclusion, respect for diversity, and positive. If the teacher doesn't speak for the boy, the University of Tennessee won't know; if the netizens don't spread the news widely, the news won't have a chance to reach Taiwan, thousands of kilometers away; and if the University of Tennessee doesn't respond so positively, we won't know that there's so much better in this world.

Looking back on many cases of campus bullying in the past, in fact, many times, when students suffer bullying, parents, students, teachers do not know how to deal with, "campus bullying" is also a taboo in the campus, as long as a mention, everyone avoids it. The educational places that lead to the obvious protection of children have become the place where children suffer the most.

And if we knew 10 years ago that we could handle campus bullying like the University of Tennessee did, we might have helped more children. In this event, we have seen teachers and school officials confront bullying in the following "positive" ways, including:

  • Affirm your child's experience of victimization and give support the first time
  • Contact the relevant units to produce social links and effects
  • Constantly update the status of the incident, both open and transparent and protecting the individual

Of course, there are hundreds of ways to deal with it, but no matter how much of a campus bullying is dealt with, we will definitely not get rid of the "positive treatment" attitude. The next time you get a chance to meet a bullied child, think of the UT boy, because of your little moves, more boys and girls will be understood and saved by a better world.