Have you ever imagined your room, like IKEA's home furnishings? Recently IKEA launched the Flash Inn, inviting you to stay for a free one night. It doesn't matter if you don't apply for an experience, and IKEA also offers advice on room layout to help you improve your quality of life. Five room supplies worth choosing, you can also have a comfortable room environment!

Have you ever been sitting on a bed in the furniture display area while visiting IKEA and wondering how good it would be if this was your room?

Maybe it's no longer a dream. From September 25th to November 30th, IKEA is about to launch the pop-up hotel Flash Inn, giving all IKEA-loving people the chance to stay for a night at the Flash Inn for free, with an application from September 9th to September 25th.

In this flash shop, for newlyweds, style men/women, novice parents, pet family, fresh people, same-sex couples, a size, collector's needs, each launched nine types of rooms, so that everyone can in the ideal room, get a good night's sleep.

It doesn't matter if you don't book to the hotel, in fact, just master the following five elements and you can create a comfortable room environment like IKEA.

Some room supplies, it's worth your time picking

A room is willing to let you stay, a lot of factors depend on its comfort, IKEA for the quality of life ofpeople, can affect sleep several factors: light, air, temperature, physical contact feelings will affect how you feel about the room.

Everyone's room, should have to let you love the place, five worthy of time to choose the room supplies, to have an ideal comfortable room, it is not difficult:

1. Pillows

Have you ever had experience with stiff, taut shoulder straps? And often accompanied by the problem of not sleeping full, feel really bad. You should pick a pillow that suits you more than you do after the fact.

Picking a pillow is about how you're used to sleeping and your weight, and sleep research team Tuck recommends the right pillow based on three sleeping positions:

  • Sleep up: It is recommended to choose a softer pillow to prevent your body from lying flat with only the neck arched.
  • Side sleep: Look for pillows of equal height between the neck and shoulders to keep the spine straight.
  • Sleep on your back: Your pillow should keep your neck and shoulders high and avoid your body arching.

It is also recommended to clean the pillow once a month to maintain good sleep quality.

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2. Lighting

What light is in the room, it will also affect your mood throughout the day!

According to the IKEA Sleep Center, people are sensitive to light and darkness because our cells can detect sunrises and sunsets, instructing our brains when to wake up and when to fall asleep.

If your room is not easily exposed to light, you can change the atmosphere of the room through lamps. According to a study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the stronger the lighting, the more it can affect a person's negative/positive emotions, while warm yellow light usually gives people a warmer, more relaxed feeling, while cold light usually stimulates the environment and makes people more alert and focused (you can also look for lamps that can dim and mimic the sun's sunset).

So in the light of the selection room, it is not a horse.

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3. Green plants

According to the IKEA Sleep Center, air quality is one of the reasons people can't sleep.

Picking green plants can be an option to improve the environment. In addition to providing good air quality to the room, the study confirmed that it can also reduce stress and boost mood. A little green plant can create a good quality of life.

If you want to bring a little green meaning into your life, you may want to look at Zhang Yi special article , planting and home: outside can not find belonging, let the room to you, some plants planted, choose tips to share to you!

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4. Sheets

The importance of pillows mentioned earlier, bed sheet material can not be ignored, you may think of buying a set of sheets can be used for a whole year, but every day the body to lie in the place, but also carefully selected - in different seasons, choose the appropriate bed linen material. IKEA in particular recommends that if your sheets make your body feel prickly, rough, or sleep too cold or too hot, it is recommended to replace them, AND IKEA also recommends that you try to see cotton for the first time.

You can also refer to the tone of the entire room for bed linen color, want to improve the quality of sleep, blue is a good choice. According to a 2013 survey by Travelodge, in more than 2,000 British homes, bedroom walls are blue, sleeping the most, reaching 7 hours and 52 minutes), and changing the wall color can be a big deal, but changing a sheet quickly. So consider changing to blue linen!

5. Fragrance

The scent is relaxing, whether you are using essential oils, candles, sprays, research also found that lavender essential oil can help you sleep, and lemon and mint can stimulate your mood. Choose a comfortable, unexciting fragrance that can make your room more warm and pleasant. Of course, to inhale the body must be good selection, avoid the use of cheap, unknown fragrance. (Recommended to read:If you want to have a Parisian scented house!) Six unique fragrance brand recommendations)

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In the room, these five utensils are worth your heart, take the time to choose, create a comfortable room, is a quality of life, but also let the heart have a sense of belonging, in every hard work, after learning night, you know there is a place, there is a lamp waiting for you, it makes your alone more warm, in this residence, You feel like you can give yourself a big hug.