Do you know? From the pen grip position can also be seen a person's characteristics! These three different postures represent different personalities, which one do you belong to?

People who love to write write not just a record of life, but more often a sense of fulfillment. In the network to make life small and fine, there is a group of people willing to spend a lot of time, focus on their own writing between the lines, not the network and technology too much influence, adhere to do their own sense of achievement and fulfillment.

This group writes not only words, but also the value of faith.

Indian website Stress Buster has organized three different pen-holding positions, each representing different personality traits, like to write you, to see what your character is! (Recommended Reading: Handwriting Psychology: The Way You Write, Reflecting Your Unknowable Real Personality)

1. Clamped between the index finger and the middle finger

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You, who are used to holding your pen between your index and middle fingers, are a sociable, outgoing person, and most of the time you like to make new friends. At the same time, you actually need a private space to think, do things, in the face of crisis, situation is usually used to stay calm, do not like to hurt others.

In the feeling, your favorite mode of getting along is "comfort" is greater than "booming". You are also compassionate and it's easy to forgive your partner, because it's more important for you to maintain stability in your relationship than to your personal emotions.

What other people think of you is that it's creative and actionful. People like your smart, adventurous personality, and appreciate that you can always talk about it in social situations.

2. Clamp between the thumb and index finger

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You,' you, who is used to holding your pen between your thumb and index finger, is a gentle and honest person, and you are somewhat proud to have this trait. You're often curious about a lot of things, but you don't do things that make a negative impression, you're a gentle, stable person.

In the feelings, because of warm, so you are always more shy side, usually you will suppress their feelings, not easy to reveal the mood. Although shy, you are honest about your feelings, so you also want your partner to be kind in your relationship.

What other people think of you is that you are curious and sensitive, and people like your imaginative and humorous personality.

3. Wrap your index finger in your thumb

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When holding a pen, used to use your thumb to cover your index finger, is a longing to be loved. You have a lot of expectations for life, and you want the people around you to know you well enough to make you feel loved, safe and happy. But also because of such sensitivity, sometimes will think too much, fear of harm. (Recommended Reading: The Psychology of Meditation Writing: Why Can Changing Handwriting Change Change Life?) ) )

In the feeling, you will also be careless to think too much and trap yourself, and because you are afraid of injury, so you will disguise yourself, on the surface looks like a lot of do not care, but in fact, very mind, very much hope that someone to accompany.

Others think of you as smart and confident, and a natural leader. At first glance, it may not be directly related to these qualities, but this is your charm and characteristics. Because you want to be loved, but you want to hide this mood, so will make yourself look confident, cool.

Are the three pen-holding positions contrasting with the personality you think you are? Maybe the pen-holding pose has something to do with your personality, but wanting to live a wonderful life is more about what you're "writing down".

From now on, you can use the 2020 women's book to record your life, let write down to be the present, let the expected things really come true, make every day become important, live the wonderful life in your own mind.