I know you love me, but I miss you more to kiss me

Han Xing Li Xiaoli on the reality show a little complained that said: "with her husband every day to sleep together, although often kiss, but for a long time did not seriously kiss." Kissing is good for your health, she said. Indeed, when kissing, humans produce three chemicals associated with happiness, which is why we tend to yearn for an engaged kiss more than sex.

Hey, how long have you been kissing your other half?

Not a light, habitual kiss, but a deep, deep, at the moment the world is the only kiss is the most important kind.

Han Xing Li Xiaoli and other members of the old Fin.K.L. women's group chatted about "kissing" on the reality show Camping Club. At the dinner table, she mentioned that her sense of taste was slowly losing, "as if it were because she didn't kiss." "Otherwise, what else would require careful lying of the tongue?" Caused a heated discussion among the girls on the scene.

Six years after marrying her husband, she says the two have entered the life of their old husband and wife: "Sleep together every day, wake up together, often kiss, but haven't been seriously kissing for a long time." or go directly to the "do business" process. 」

"But kissing helps health. Xiaoli said with some complaints.

Why do we care about "have there been a good kiss?" Come and talk today, what secrets are hidden behind the kiss, and why, deep kisses, can even make your partners feel yearning more than sex! (Editor's recommendation: Can I kiss me?) South Korea's "KISS House" feels more emotional than sex)

Photo : Screenshot of the "Camping Club" program

Photo : Screenshot of the "Camping Club" program

Release oxytocin: I'll know that I'm safe and happy right now

When lovers kiss, they trigger the release of the hormoneoxyand and serotonin, which makes you feel satisfied. Medically, a woman is happy to release oxytocin in her brain during childbirth and breastfeeding, and inspires her to be willing to raise her baby. At the same time, children will feel the love of their mothers, and also began to release oxytocin, strengthening the link between mother and child.

By the same token, a deep kiss can make you happy because of the release of chemicals, which in turn promotes intimacy between couples. The release of serotonin also helps boost mood and prevent depression or depression.

We know that in a home, there are often a variety of emotions. You'll have periods of heat, and there will be low tides. But through the habit of kissing, can help you think of him, can often be warm, attachment and happy. You know that even with the wind and waves, he is still the place of happiness and safety.

Release dopamine: I also understand that such love-loving people are addicted

You've probably also felt that kissing someone you like will easily make you want to go further. Good kissing skills are also seen as important steps in the foreplay of sex.

This is because when we kiss, we release dopamine, a brain neurotransmitter that causes human desire. Dopamine can prompt you to pursue desire and become addicted to such happy reactions;

Thus, the lips are covered with nerve endings, but also quietly laid out you to each other to seduce each other, teach each other the little secret. A good kiss, so that even if you are already cohabiting or married for many years, you can once again find each other's attraction, rekindle enthusiasm for each other, and enhance your self-confidence in this relationship.

Build trust: Close your eyes close to the face, because it's you so you can

Have you thought about it? Kissing is actually a very naked act. When will you be so close to another person's face? When would you look at others so carefully? When do you really feel that you are breathing with another person at the same time?

It's the moment of that kiss, you're showing your partner the most real and vulnerable side, you're exchanging each other's breath -- good or bad -- and in a very intimate atmosphere, you're fitting with a soft lip, one at a time, and you know that's a sign of trust. And it is built on love and has only deep kisses to those who love it.

Photo: "Why the Golden Secretary Is That Way"

So, you can more establish the person in front of you, is to give you peace of mind and belonging, is the place that makes you want to go back every day. Like the home you built together.

We may have intuitively measured the intimacy of a couple or a couple by "number of things", but perhaps kissing is the key to many intimate relationships. Kissing this thing, it seems ordinary, is every lover will do. But you may not know that there are so many secrets of happiness behind it. It not only teaches people to be happy, wants you to miss, but also keeps you safe.

When you're in a comfortable and stable relationship, you may have breakfast every day, care about newsletters, park walks, living everyday, everything is fine, but don't forget to have a good kiss before the end of the day. (Same-on-the-spot:"Anything can be given up, that is, sex first don't" cohabitation or marriage, you need a few reasons for orgasmmore)