"Don't look back, worry about the future, focus on the current crisis, now I want to eat bubble noodles." The Korean drama "Romantic Physique", three 30-year-old women live together, not romantic life at all, this play is very honest to remind us of ourselves, every day suttering slot TV unrealistic fantasy plot, but also hope that they can live a happy and handsome - five plays to 30-year-old woman's philosophy of life, life is a little disappointing, Then find a way to make happiness for yourself.

"No wonder the TV series has an ending, just stop here." But is it Happy Ending that Says I Love You? 」

Directed by "Chicken Can't Lose" director Li Weixian, the TV series "Romantic Physique" tells the story of three 30-year-old women living under the eaves. A TV playwright, a single mother, a famous documentary filmmaker who has lost a loved one, the life of the trio is really unromantic, sitting on the sofa at the weekend, taunting the actor in the TV series unrealistic "I love you", it is better to go back to reality, cook a bubble meal at night?

Photo : "Romantic Physique"

The stories of three women, with our shadows in it - perhaps 30-year-old life, not our imagination, seem to be able to face anything big. In fact, love and love there is a heart can not go through the threshold, in fact, with old friends still can not handle the knot, in fact, feel that the boss is very unreasonable, but also in order to have a meal to pull down the face to apologize.

At this age, we feel that we see through the nature of life, but stop to think, 30 years old or want to live a happy and handsome ah, like a heroine, do not wrong themselves to do nasty things.

From "Romantic Physique", look at five to 30-year-old woman's philosophy of life, life is a little disappointing, then find a way to create their own happiness, and believe that they deserve happiness.

(There are some micro-dramas in the inside, you can watch at your discretion)

1. Even at the age of 30, "Opportunity" doesn't have to be fully received

"At our age, don't you say "no" easily? Chances of this kind of thing, are stolen by wrinkles.

After the age of 30, is it not that all opportunities are to be denied? TV assistant writer Lin Pearl is not easy to get the appreciation, there are well-known directors willing to make her script into a TV series, but in the face of their own annoying director, she chose to say "no."

As if the opportunity of this kind of thing is not easy, whether like it or not, have to receive the whole, say "no" people, will also be rejected, criticism is not known. Have you had the same experience? The elders who knew him said to themselves, "This case you take it for me, maybe you will get a stable job opportunity", friends said to themselves: "You are so fat, do not lose weight?" 」

Holding the "I do not do, there will be people waiting to do" mentality, thinking of the older the opportunity is more rare, so reluctantly accept a heart rejection of the opportunity. But is it really for you? Perhaps it's more important to listen to your inner thoughts than to follow someone else's advice and take the time to deal with nasty things.

Photo : "Romantic Physique"

2. Even when you meet someone who is bad again, you should believe that you can still have happiness

"I'm going to pursue my happiness.
"What about me?" 」
"Why do you want to ask me for your happiness?" 」

In the play, a single mother Huang Hanzhu, in college with the enthusiastic pursuit of their own boys love, unexpectedly pregnant with children after choosing to marry. But one day my husband to "I'm going to pursue my happiness" to her divorce, anxiousto ask himself what to do, but only heard him return "Why do you want to be happy?"

At the same time, perhaps we can think, in their own lives, have ever encountered bad heart and people? Sometimes you are frustrated by this, feel that the day will not be better, but give their right to happiness to the pesky personnel, think about it is not more worthless? So even if you feel sad and angry, you have to believe that you can still have happiness.

3. Sometimes "the identity of my predecessors gives you advice" is an emotional blackmail

In the play, the hero is a well-known director, he refused to cooperate with the senior writer film, the veteran writer said to him: "my former generation's status to give you advice", the words are not finished, the hero immediately choked his ears, like a child said, "Ah ah ah ah ah ah , I can't hear I can't hear me can't hear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Such as the "comer advice" "elder experience", in the name of being good for you, sometimes just a kind of emotional blackmail, let us listen to a deeper sense of guilt, and even began to doubt their own decisions. The actor's actions may seem childish, but they are frank and truly express their own ideas. If you believe your decision is the right one, don't be afraid of the noise from the outside world, and occasionally rush forward with a child-like determination to be innocent.

4 Don't take all the opportunities as an accident, because you've been ready for this moment for a long time

Long endured the boss's impertinence, and finally was dismissed from the TV drama assistant writer Lin Pearl, after a period of unemployment, by another director Sun Fanxiu to find, hoping to shoot TV drama with themselves. By the age of 30, the script she had written was finally recognized, and she told herself:

"Don't take all opportunities as an accident, because you've been ready for this moment for a long time." 」

Sometimes feel like the opportunity fell down in the sky, can not be asked, so in the moment of the collision, doubt whether they are capable of facing, doubt whether they are qualified enough. But dear, to believe that every moment of your life, for this time and ready ah, you are very capable, you deserve all the good opportunities, and you can do.

5. Instead of worrying about the past and the future, focus on the present

Think of 20 years old have a lot of regret, worry about 40 years old will not be the current appearance, but those are not far from their own, or has become a past style, now there are some good and bad worthy of your care, as the heroine Lin Pearl said:

"Don't look back, don't worry about the future, let's focus on the current crisis, I want to eat bubble noodles now." 」

Photo : "Romantic Physique"

Sometimes life is messy, find some happiness for themselves, like things to do as hard as possible, full feeling of every moment of life. Feel that the day is not smooth you, look back to see, there is no one who has let you smile, eat a meal feel satisfied, a good weather makes you unconsciously think "ah, it is good to live" it?

If so, hold these precious pleasures and go on.

Five to 30-year-old girl's philosophy of life, want to get like the romantic TV drama "I love you", smooth and smooth life, as if a little difficult, as in reality, to the mirror of their own say "I love you", their own make happiness and romance is easier?