How can you let go of every moment of family and friends? For you to choose five party must-have, suitable for multiplayer games recommended, whether it is puzzle games, or spy games, or competitive games pass-through, tonight before the party, first load these apps!

Weekends, even vacation slots, many people are indispensable, to have a good long-term with family and friends, must-have and routine party. You meet, and then talk about each other's recent situation, chat back to the childhood and students, southeast and northwest talk, endless chat, chat to the mouth acid before willing to stop.

But it is not easy to get together, how can let go of the rare every moment? Talk tired as well as to play the game, select five can be hot atmosphere at the party, suitable for multiplayer game app recommended, to see what you have not played! (Recommended reading:If you want to play table games!) Seven table games recommended for mining pits, cosmos and taipei air strikes )

Who eats the fatest and loses: You fat you eat first

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This is a two-person match game, the rules of the game and the name "you fat you eat first" as playful, two people to use bamboo stamp from the air drop food, feed each other to eat, the other side to feed to the spitting white foam can win. Seemingly simple and fun "you fat you eat first" is not simple, because it is to use drag way to control bamboo, so the play is very flexible and diverse. Play this game in addition to who than who's reacting faster, but also more than who's heart machine is heavier Oh!

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Classic Group Kang Games Tech Edition: The Ultimate Password

Classic group kang game, now can also play with mobile phone! The ultimate password rule, is from 0 to 100 numbers, choose a mine number, we take turns holding a mobile phone like an indefinite bomb, one after another guess the number, as long as guess the number of mines to indicate elimination, is a suitable for a family to play together in a classic fun game!

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A paradise for puzzle enthusiasts: Lines and Hexa

If you're a group of friends who like to play puzzle games, try the Lines and Hexa app! Up to four friends can participate at the same time, the rules of the game and "circle game" the same, two points can be connected into a line, six lines can get a piece of land, one person can only draw a line at a time, for the hexagonal painting the last line of the person, you can get the land. People who get the most hexagons can win the game! (Recommended reading: If you want to live atextured life, five apps that must be downloaded right away)

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Find out who is the most discerning friend: who is undercover

"Who's Undercover" is a spy guessing game with three characters: Undercover, Civilian, and Whiteboard. The game will need to draw cards first, the mystery of the undercover card and the mystery of the civilian card is different, the whiteboard card is empty, draw to the undercover card person, from other people's tips to determine whether they are undercover, and to guess the mystery of others, to cover their identity until the end of the game, the undercover win. And those who draw a civilian card can win if they get an undercover agent. Is a need to think, can find the most observational the most acute friends of the game!

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Mobile phones are a playground: Duel Otters

Duel Otters is a suitable for two-pair play competitive games, including many small games, from faster than who's reaction, to better than who's eye power have, although the rules of each game are different, but not too complex, and the overall painting style is cute, very suitable for playing with children. Also only need a mobile phone / tablet can let the pair play, is a friendly with friends, children, family to play all the suitable party universal game.

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Now, with a little time left for the holidays, download the above five party games app!