Fitness network red meat mother Mid-Autumn Festival, the news of a sudden stroke of the meat father. The other half of the other health, but suddenly in front of themselves, but also we also see that a mature relationship, there is not enough love, the most important thing is to start to discuss each other's physical state, you will have a more practical future.

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"Good risk I didn't go out" You fell, only to know for the first time the fragile moment of marriage

"In a flash life is falling apart, it's hard to accept, my husband, last week accompanied me on vacation, this moment in bed with death struggle. 」

Fitness network red coach meat mother in the Mid-Autumn Festival (9/13) the day of the post on Facebook, wrote about the husband's beef father suddenly strokenews.

That, she mentioned, was on a very mundane morning; this year, the 37-year-old father of the ribs, usually has good exercise habits, perhaps no one thought that a healthy accident will suddenly come to him, in this home. As a wife, the mother of the meat for a moment flustered and helpless, after the thought is still worried: "good risk I have not gone out, good danger I have entered the room, good danger I found that he really wrong, so, timely to the hospital emergency." 」

Then she signed the first family member's critical notice of her life, watched her husband be sent to a dangerous treatment room, and lay in the intensive care unit to observe and monitor; seeing the love and death pass by, everything came too suddenly, and in that scene, she tried to support her never-before-thought-out fear and burden: "I even forgot how I got home." Crying while walking? 」

"To be able to the whole family, together ordinary life, it seems to be you and my day, but, almost, become my life's impossible dream." 」

She found that it may be only a moment, she will lose the ordinary happiness of the past.

Later, they went together to find out why, and found that Mr. Smith had problems with his blood clotting function because of his family's inheritance: "It took me almost a week to find out why his father had a stroke at the age of 37." His blood lipids, cholesterol, blood pressure, visceral fat are standard, after the family history test only to know that all this, all of which are related to our neglected family history. But in the past thought that there is exercise, physical strength, ignored this matter, including often stay up late to work, lack of normal sleep, the body weakness of the father: "husband so, overwork plus family disease, stroke." 」

And this is the most vulnerable moment in the marriage -- the other half of me, who is likely to suddenly fall in front of me;

"All ordinary will be better than passion" support marriage in addition to love, but also have a healthy body

What do we need to think about before we talk about getting married in the past? How can you maintain a long-term relationship when you get married? We are always talking about building a tough emotional foundation, the principle of mutual trust, the determination to live together, how to adjust ourselves without passion;

This time, it is believed that this is not a case, but many families have encountered a number of real emotions - because someone suddenly has a life-or-death serious illness, someone suddenly accidentally seriously injured, or was examined for what kind of physical distress problems, the whole family will be very directly hit. We all know that without health, no more than the future, there will be no way to be practiced.

Thus, the support of marriage, not only understand love, get along, nurture difficulties;

So, before you talk about that vast blueprint for happiness, do you all know where each other needs special attention or care in terms of health? Want to get married, want to maintain a relationship, in addition to love, determination, and most importantly, is to start to care about the issue of physical health.

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Refocus on this matter: Identify our future together through a "premarital health check"

In addition to the love and the tacit understanding of everyday relationships, it's also very important to focus on each other's physical health -- I can understand your physical condition in addition to understanding your personality, and in addition to knowing how to live with you, I can also know what you need to pay attention to.

This includes the "premarital health check" that has always been mentioned in the past, and should be included in a discussion item about intimacy. Through this sophisticated physical condition and medical history, you are understanding what the future will share and what needs to be prevented from now on. Or once you might think that the so-called "premarital check" is to prepare for childbirth, you can also take advantage of this point in time to focus on each other's most concerned about what is

If you want to have children, strengthen fertility tests; if your ideal life is to walk together, strengthen bone testing; and if what makes you most happy is the time to enjoy food together, do more for the gastrointestinal tract.

To do premarital health confirmation together is not to conditionally screen your love; it is giving you the opportunity to know what the direction of effort now is, how far from your ideal happiness, and how much way to go.

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The father has entered the rehabilitation stage, the speed of recovery is also optimistic. After experiencing this level, the mother of meat thought a lot, mentioned that after eight years of marriage, they have also complained, abandoned each other, no longer enthusiastic relationship is not interesting. But now she began to understand that the most precious thing was that we stayed with each other all the time.

People are indeed fragile. However, we can have strong strength because we know each other's physical condition in advance, and all the discussions after we understand it. Just like anything that must be discussed before or in a marriage -- take the initiative to learn about each other's health! It's not terrible, it's the foundation of all your happiness. A mature relationship should start from this point.