Following "Your Name", Japanese director Shin Haicheng's latest film, "Son of the Weather", has been released on stage. This is a love story, but also not just a love story, more human nature, is to grow, is to see through society. For you to select five classic quotes, dedicated to every one clearly know that love is dangerous, but still desperate for you. (Inside the text micro-drama, read carefully)

Xin Haicheng's film is always like this - bitter with a little love, love with a little pity, but a little in the heart of the transparent.

From the 2016 global sweep, with a record 25 billion yen, "Your Name" has been released recently, and "Son of the Weather", which has been the subject of a flurry of discussion, Xinhai has maintained its usual style and once again tells more than just a story of pure love. (Recommended reading:"Single Diary" "Your Name" the best love, will not lose time)

"Son of The Weather" describes the story of a 16-year-old who came to Tokyo because he was eager to start a new life, and unwittingly met and fell in love with a sunny girl who could manipulate the weather and let the sky shine. Five classic quotes from the film selected for you, dedicated to everyone who knows that love is dangerous, but still fights for yourself.

The following is a micro-drama, read carefully.

"Want to get out of here, want to get into that light and run hard, and you're at the end"

Maybe you don't know, but in my eyes, you're the light that makes me willing to let go of everything I follow. You make me want to get out of my boring life, want to live in the sun with you, want to hold your hand to see what is in the light, want to and you all the way to the end.

Photo Son of the Weather

"Young man, the world is crazy, even if you do what you think is right."

The rain in Tokyo is endless, as uncontrollable as crazy, just when we thought it was the craziest thing, perhaps the crazier thing was brewing in some corner. Because this world is crazy, rather than trying to stop crazy things from happening, it is better to let go and do what you think is right!

Photo Son of the Weather

"Even if there is no way to clear it does not matter, compared to the blue sky I prefer yang dishes, the weather chaos I also don't matter!" 」

In "Son of The Weather", we see the so-called growth, is to begin to understand the order of things. Instead of having a good fantasy about the crazy world and risking "not necessarily better", focus on the front and keep an eye on the only person who knows him. (Recommended reading:"Son of the Weather": Clearly, adults mess the world, why sacrifice the young people? ) )

Perhaps many people do not understand how the hero Fan Gao can make such a "selfish" choice, but we have to admit that love is a selfish thing. When the world seems to lose control, what can not be done can not be recovered, why not choose to look back, and the people who love the most to the end of the world?

Photo Son of the Weather

"God, please don't add anything to us, don't subtract anything from us."

As a parasitic in the vast world, small and ethereal us, in fact, anything want, also nothing to use. If we can, let us maintain the status quo, don't give us more hope, material, and don't take anything important from us, especially the person who has been concerned about it. Such a small request, please.

Photo Son of the Weather

"I seem to be a little envious of the people who want to see it in this way."

Have you ever had any experience of being desperate for a person? Even a second of thought is good. Have you ever had the experience of seeing that person with hope, no matter how bad things are? Even if only once.

That kind of out of control, sometimes even let people miss, and even let others envy.

Photo Son of the Weather

"Son of the Weather" tells us that sometimes love is not so pure, not so noble, not so "good-looking". Love is selfish, out of control, and crazy. It is this unpredictability that makes people so deeply trapped in it.

After all, since we can not see the world in the lifetime of the same, why not have a good grasp of the side of the most understanding of their own, the most together in the chaotic world loaded with floating people?