Do you know what children are doing in early morning study every day? She was shocked when someone shared the contents of a rainbow mother's education class. "The loving mother sent a hamburger sugar after class, which made her look forward to it. In the classroom she also remembers a very clear sentence "your virginity, is a gift to her husband", the little six daughter felt very reasonable, go home specially relayed to me to listen. Is chastity education what we need? What can we do if the child meets?

Have you ever cared what your child is doing in the morning? A few days ago , parents of Hsinchu Xinglong State complained to members of the Council that they had received a notice from the school to take the " Rainbow Life Education " lesson , which was suspected to involve Bible teaching materials and chastity education , which caused a lot of discussion .

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What does the Rainbow Mom course include? In 2016, legislative member Lin Jingyi pointed out that in the "Youth Sailing Teacher Training Registration Form" for teacher training, trainees must fill out a "belief check form":

I agree with the educational strategy of "rejecting premarital sex" and I will convey that sex education, which is the sole focus of "rejection of premarital sex", will never be taught in conjunction with other "comprehensive education" or "safe education" programmes.
I agree that marriage is one man and one woman, monogamy, a lifetime.

The 2019 edition of the Youth Sailing Teacher Training also includes chastity education: "The educational strategy of identifying young people not having sex." 」

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The danger of chastity education: the girl's first gift to her husband?

Saffron (Wang Bizhu) also shared that her children had taken the Rainbow Mom stake, which shocked her quite:

Daughter was in the school when the six days of love mother's class. At that time, love mother after class will send a lovely, delicious "hamburger sugar" let her very much look forward to, in the classroom she also remembers a very clear sentence "your first time, your virginity, is your gift to her husband", the little six daughter heard very reasonable, went home specially relayed to me, but did not expect to see me inashock, dismayed face.

Wu Shaocho also shared on Facebook and pointed out that chastity should be a personal choice, not a part of campus education. (Extended Reading: Abstinence Sex Education: When Our First Imagination of Sex Is Fear)

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Perhaps that also reminds us that the previous stage drama "Common Girl" a scene written adults worried about the little girl's love first opened, so panic one by one and she to discuss the necessity of chastity. Ao take a Saga, pinch it on the spot, soft pulp, juice overflowing. She said that a woman's sex is like that of Saga: "If you sleep too early by a man, it will be like this Saga, rotten, worthless." 」

more like our experience in sex education. "The girl's first time is a gift to her husband", "Chastity is a precious saga, no more", wrong sex education, so that many girls grow up. So, in the sexual relationship fell injured, we can only touch the nose dare not ask for help. In the event of sexual harassment, we just feel that it's my fault and we shouldn't think too much about it. After all, adults always tell us, who would like to hear you do not cherish themselves, and finally become a rotten Saga story. (Extended reading: If schools and families avoid gender education, where should children learn? ) )

If there is only one education that preaches chastity, there are several dangers that can result:

  1. Women's sex, fall into the male profit logic: "As women, we can not hold sexual autonomy, even women will go on to feel that sex is a kind of men to women you take me." As women, our sex, can only be passively wrapped gifts, waiting for the price.
  2. Victims of sexual assault have difficulty speaking out: When "chastity" becomes a burden on a woman, we have to bear the "responsibility" to protect it. It can even hurt victims of involuntary sex, because people will only judge, are you trying to protect it? This, in turn, creates a situation of condemnation of the victims.

Chastity does not mean that it will not change heart;

But as we grow up, each girl, with a different situation, we found that adults do not necessarily say the right. Chastity does not mean that it will not change heart; You also know on your own that a girl's sex is never born to be a "gift to whom". Your sex does not exist for anyone, it exists only for yourself.

The so-called chastity, never can ensure that you get happiness. Only you, can make you happy.

Sex is a heart, plus a life. It is a part of everyone's heart, a part of life. It has its own personality, imagination and desire. What kind of person you want, experience joy, feel hurt, like how to be treated, like how to treat others, will help you slowly find out who you are. You'll grow up with it.

Understanding physical boundaries is not encouraging children to keep their virginity

If we want our children to understand physical boundaries, perhaps the best thing to do is not to encourage them to keep their virginity. The former respects different children with different language and physical boundaries, while the latter is more like a hard-nosed drawing of a wall, blocking all the possibilities of self-exploration.

We know that sex education is always difficult. It's much more complicated than some subjectthatthat that can be turned into a non-question -- not talking, not knowing how to talk, talking awkwardly -- and some parts with few standard answers.

What should I do if my child meets me? In addition to responding directly to the school, perhaps we can also take back space to discuss with our children. We sorted out a few things we could do when trying to talk to your child about sex and your body:

  • Start with recent current events and ask him what he thinks.
  • The process can say, "You have this idea is really great because you're growing up, " and encourage him to say it.
  • Share the troubles he had when he was young and ask him how he would choose it and why
  • Read the drawing book with your kids and share your feelings.

In addition to providing the most basic set of knowledge, about noun interpretation, about puberty, about sexuality, about contraception. After that, it is more necessary to supplement experience, story and discussion, causing children to think from their own point of view. (Same-field plus: menstruation, dream legacy how to teach? Teaching site: "It is important to actively talk to children about puberty"

In the face of physical changes, children are more curious than anyone else. As adults, after experiencing the wrong growth experience, we need to open the window of communication. Perhaps the more central idea of sex education, in addition to basic knowledge, is how we teach each other to be kind to others and to understand ourselves.