Recently, Jennifer Annes was interviewed to promote the new play, this year she is just 50 years old, she said that there is a strange idea in society, especially certain age issues, the public's problems strange to make her can not help but think: to talk about these topics later, should establish basic etiquette? From Jennifer Annis's view of getting old, whether we're 30, 40, 50, age shouldn't be a curse, but a blessing from time.

Jennifer Aniston recently gave an exclusive interview to The New York Times to promote her latest album, "Morning Clouds," the first of her show to return to the show after 15 years on the show.

In February, Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 50th birthday, and amid a chorus of congratulations, there was no shortage of questions from the media about her age - what did she think had changed? Do you like yourself now? Does getting old limit you? In an exclusive interview with The New York Times, Jennifer Aniston specifically addressed the 50-year-old:

"My life is entering a period of extreme creativity, and really, I've been in this state for over 30 years, and I feel like life is about to blossom." 」

Jennifer Aniston talked to us about getting old, maybe you and I have been afraid, afraid of the body become strange, afraid of everything can not be controlled gradually happen, white hair and wrinkles appear, but she said, perhaps we have too many misconceptions about age, it is because of the accumulation of time, we can become such a beautiful self, right?

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Getting old is not a curse, but a blessing.

"When it comes to 50, I just think, well, isn't that number?" 」

There is a strange context and vision in society as a whole, and Jennifer Aniston, 50, has a deep sense, and everyone comes and asks her: How does the body feel? Is there anything difficult to adapt to? But she says it's no different, it's not that it's at this stage, and that everything in operation will suddenly stop.

"It's strange that all of a sudden everyone is saying, "You're so good at this age." I think we need to build basic awareness and etiquette for this type of conversation. 」

Perhaps this is where our fear of aging comes from, and the comfort sits in another form of restraint and intimidation, which also makes age a curse, let alone praise, as if to imply that we "must stay young at all times" and "only young can be recognized by society", a type of praise that is more oppression of women. From Jennifer Aniston's remarks, perhaps we can think, should we stop preaching such a concept?

Whether it is the pursuit of the original age to look younger than the original, or to the matter of aging to maintain a natural attitude, everyone has the pursuit, and there is no right or wrong, but when we talk about the matter of aging, perhaps as Jennifer Aniston said, it as a number, do not count down, not nervous, gently put down.

But if you really want to say how it makes a difference with age, she says that 50 makes her feel more empowered and self-controlled: "Power makes me feel sexy today, and i feel the intelligence, the ability and the creativity that belongs to women." (Recommended reading: Jennifer Aniston: "The value of being a woman is not just about having children!" ( ) ,

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We can be who we are now, it's all the accumulation of time

Ageing is actually a process of reacquainting yourself with the body and a process of examining your own changes.

When we talk about the growing age of this matter, there are always a lot of negative imagination, such as mental and operational changes, or the oppression of women's appearance, like the "beautiful witch" - older, maintenance also have to be done, so that women enter a certain age, there is a great pressure, must spend effort to prove that their appearance is still very young. As Jennifer Aniston said in an exclusive interview with The New York Times, "It's strange that there's so much devastating to it around that number (50)." 」

However, she does not want to be subject to both, choose to settle for their own age, grow, comfortable, so we see in her age can be such a thing - it represents your long-term accumulation of strength, shape your personality, accompany you through countless hardships, and finally, it is the reason why you can stand here, because of the accumulation of experience, Ability is seen, and every age is a time to pause, look back, take a closer look, take stock of what has been done in the past, and see what changes you have made.

"I've spent a lot of time getting myself standing here, and I've spent a lot of time sculpting my life. I've failed, I've succeeded, I've overcome it, and I'm standing here now, I'm still standing here. Jennifer Annis said. (Recommended reading: What's the matter with getting fat when you're pregnant?) Jennifer Aniston's open letter: "Women are complete with or without a partner or child"

From Jennifer Aniston's interview, we see the age change, is not a matter of need to be onlookers or comfort, it is important that we can choose to use what attitude to face, age can be as light as hair, is a number, it carries the meaning can also be greater than we imagine, not back, not useless, but store all the accumulation of life so that we can be such a beautiful self.