Everyone's youth, there is a song Jay Chou. That girl, how much want to be your cute woman, and you play the longest movie. After all, we grow up, will not wait for you after class, will not receive a white balloon, but will remember that year that their own, is so from the simple love to say good not to cry. What song is Jay Chou in your heart?

On September 16th, Zhou Jielun released a new song saying yes not to cry, and in just two days, he amassed more than 10 million views. IN THE MV, A SCENE POKING FACE, TO THE CLASSIC FILM 12 YEARS AGO, "THE SECRET CAN NOT BE SAID" SALUTE, LET PEOPLE RECALL THE YOUTH, FROM DARK LOVE, SINGLE LOVE, TO FIRST LOVE, LOVE, TO LOVE, PARTING, BY A SONG OF ZHOU JIELUN, ACCOMPANY US THROUGH.

"Once upon a time / Someone loved you for a long time / but the bias / the wind gradually / blow the distance far away"
- Sunny day, Jay Chou

Come from your most familiar melody, followed by a light hum at the same time, the Buddha also awakened the dusty memory. Perhaps everyone's youth, can sing a song Jay Chou.

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Perhaps it is a delicate lovely woman, let the girl think of themselves, or let the boy think of a certain of her; (Same-on-the-spot:"Single Diary" We've been together for a short time, but love is long.

"I like you yo" is stupid love, so cute

"Rain all night / My love overflows like rain / Window butterfly / Like a beautiful chapter in a poem"
"I went on to write/write forever love you into the end of the poem / You are the only thing I want to know"
- Seven Li Xiang, Zhou Jielun

In the year of the Chinese Country, he had just learned to write poetry. It was the blood-soaked age that I locked the passion in the text. A love poem, still left in the corner of those papers, now read to feel shy and lovely. In the eyes of adults, the strong saying sorrow, but I was young, the way to explore love.

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Is afraid to show the age of love, but also the most courageous adolescence. From a distance to see the object of secret love, the heart beats faster, throbbing and stupid.

"The agreement of growing up together / So sincere / Never talking to you"
"And I can't tell / You're a friendship / Or a lost love"
- The agreement of the dandelion, Zhou Jielun

The corridor rubs shoulders, deliberately creates the opportunity to touch, the mutual eye color between friends. I especially like that campus, perhaps because in the memory, I can see you, and like your self.

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"Our start/it's a long movie/show edmour for three years/ My ticket is still there"
"Give me two more minutes / Let me ice my memories"
- The longest movie, Jay Chou

Three years, the first love, taught me to go all out. A little silly, but so pure.

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"See you again" there is love, it is a pity

"You're far away / I'll walk away slowly / Why do I even move away from you"
"I really don't have talent / Quiet not so fast / I will learn to give up on you / Because I love you too much"
- Quiet, Jay Chou

Through the adolescent love, in the bump, meet more people. I began to understand that not every relationship can be perfect.

I know more love, how it makes people hurt, heartbroken intoxicated. Recall each relationship, have their own growth figure, let me from each other, see their own shortcomings.

"I'm dry ingainous / regretful / Even if it's wrong / Just afraid of missing"
"Call dreams together / Separate call pain / Is it not to say / Not finished dream the most pain"
- Give me the time for a song.

Turns out, the separation way also has a lot of appearance. Or the storm came down and said it would never contact again, or downplayed the end.

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Thank you for every you have loved, whether you have been together or not, whether or not together to come to the future.

"You didn't wait/say good happiness / I was wrong / Tears dried / Let go / Regret"
"Just the eight-tone box of memories is still spinning / how to stop"
- What about good happiness?

Youth love, say good don't cry

Love is beautiful, regret is also.

"No contact / Later life / I'm listening to people" - say yes don't cry, Jay Chou

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That girl, want to be your lovely woman, want to use a few lines to tell you who you are, more want to put you into a box full of memories.

Hum mingle Jay Chou's song and sing youth.

After all, we grow up, may not wait for who will be class, may not receive a confession balloon, but will remember the adolescent of their own, how love pain, on the release, say good not to cry.