Last year's "The Birth of a Superstar" brought Lady Gaga to the top of her career. In recent days, however, she admits that behind every show, her mental state is almost broken, often supporting her with the power of make-up. From Lady Gaga, talk about makeup again - when society says makeup is an arm, that's it, sometimes it makes us stronger.

In 2018, "The Birth of a Superstar" received a huge response, with the theme song Shallow won lady Gaga, who made her first big screen appearance, the grammy for best original film and television song. Perhaps you'll also think of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper singing together at a concert, with countless fans looking up at the stage and singing and singing.

But you don't know, even with the support of tens of millions of fans, Lady Gaga admitted in a recent interview that her mental state is still nearly broken behind every show, every event, and that the pain of her teenage years still haunts her.

"I would go on stage, fly to different countries, hitcharide to restaurants, sleep, get up, and then prepare for another show, and I often felt dizzy. 」

At the time, it was make-up that saved Lady Gaga, stopping her vertigo symptoms and making it the limelight.

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When everyone laughs at the make-up people don't have confidence, you don't know it's make-up that makes me strong

Sexual assault at the age of 19 and experience of peer bullying at the age of 19 have left Lady Gaga chronically plagued by mental health problems. Whenever she stuns and sits backstage, the makeup artist pulls her up, takes her to a chair, wipes her tears, and says, "I'm going to make up for you now." It's okay, I caught you. 」

"Being Lady Gaga when I was young was because of makeup, it meant a lot to me. The power of makeup can change yourself at low tide. 」

Whenever Lady Gaga recalls the make-up process, she always sheds tears, as does an interview with Allure.

When it comes to makeup, there are always a lot of voices in society. Some people say that makeup is actually meant to please others; In recent years, women around the world have become more advocates of plain-faced, behind the hope that the hope is that women, whether physical or physical, should not be socially bound. So some people will think that make-up is a kind of submission to society, unwilling to accept the real behavior.

But in Lady Gaga's story, we see her redefining the power of makeup, flipping the public's imagination of make-up, and letting the decision go back to women - if we all say makeup is an arm, that's it, but sometimes it makes us stronger, like being a hero, being given wings to fly. (Extended reading:Lady Gaga pushes personal makeup brand: our makeup, rules you come to order)

"I really hope that if there is a day when I have my own children, when they see mom in makeup, they can have the same experience and feeling as I do. 」

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Maybe makeup can be a new force if you need

So we looked back at the relationship between makeup and ourselves from Lady Gaga's story.

Perhaps make-up, can not be to hide, can not be to please the whole society, but let us have another force, learn themselves occasionally can have some armed, to increase self-confidence and strength, and you also know whether makeup or not, they are there, not by any public opinion control, not by society to decide how you should be.

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