"Does he like me or not?" "What the other side is thinking?" Single love is sometimes and their own fight, seemingly remote, far away, whether to hold on or stop there? These 10 words are for you, and may you grow stronger for yourself in your love.

It doesn't matter if you're not brave enough in the face of love.

- Grapefruit Sweet

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Fate is hard to come by, but over-cautiousness is not necessarily a treasure. When you can regret doing something, it may be a good time to do your self.
- Sea Moss Bear

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I love you, it has nothing to do with you.
- Goethe

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I hope the people who love me are not lonely, I hope the people I love like me.
- Lin Xi

No life of their own, but want to integrate into the lives of others, such love, will eventually fail.
- Abe

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If someone has a Lotto jackpot, do you think you'll win it? Don't casually believe that the little things will happen to you, you need to know when the opportunity is slim.
- Deng Huiwen

The people who can't be together at the moment are the people who don't have a problem, don't wait!
- Yang Yaqing

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Make yourself happy, never wait for others.
- Amazing

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The time you spend on roses makes your roses so important.
- Little Prince

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It doesn't matter, I understand. Everything is my self-satisfaction, is my one-man sumo game. Forever single love, but this is also important to me.
- Tono Guiwu