"We travel all over the world and also make sex films. A French couple filming a travel vlog, and differently, every movie has a bridge to have sex. Their "The Sex diaries" channel has racked up nearly 80 million views, and the reason they're so quick to be so popular is that netizens can't help but admire it - the original really good-looking erotic video, not just the intersection, not the quidling quian moans, but the real "love."

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In the video, James gets up to prepare breakfast and wakes his girlfriend Luna in the room. He will be lifted, fingers gently slipped through the breasts of naked girls, good morning, is a morning that belongs to us. The girl then ran out in the morning, sweating back to the shower, the water column of the lotus head non-stop, wet their gasps. She casually leaned on the sofa and slid her phone, and the boy approached, faded her underwear, lifted her buttocks, and went deep into her body.

They are a young couple from France, Luna and James. They started uploading selfie sex videos on Pornhub two years ago, and a year ago they tried to take the form of a video blog, from recording couples' daily routines to taking pictures of travels around the world, where there are always bridges of sex.

From Vietnam's Wells Fargo To Budapest, Barcelona, Poland, from the hotel's living room and window to the beaches and islands, the footprints have spread around the world, leaving behind a trail of love and desire. Their "The Sex diaries" channel has accumulated nearly 80 million views so far.

What makes the couple's file go red quickly? We see that having sex can no longer be an unnatural traditional A-list, but a comfortable and happy everyday picture. You can see in those videos how they treat sex as an important part of two people's daily or every trip.

I love you, but I never stop longing for you.

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"Do you want to do it there?" When we travel, we have food inspiration, we have love inspiration.

Like many travel vloggers, they love to travel and travel around the world. Every time they go, they turn on the camera and show you which country they're in today, which restaurant they're going to, and what's funny or bad going on. Then they'll go to the hotel where they're staying, for a couch or bathroom sex.

At the beginning of the "Sex diaries" series, they came to Vietnam. From airports and restaurants to mobile transportation, the actor, James, usually briefly describes his current itinerary and what happened, slowly taking the camera indoors as they stay in the hotel. You see a close-up of the original brief, which suddenly comes into the shower, where James slowly caresses Luna, and then they start having sex against the wall.

And to your point of no, the couple often walk out of the door and try to get a spectacular outdoor sex session. This time, for example, they took a boat to Vietnam's uninhabited islands, carrying the sea, and standing on the rocks for oral sex.

Since then, they have traveled to european towns, art cities, tasted restaurants of different cultures, or attended nude dinners, multi-person sex parties, and documented their footprints of sex and love in different countries.

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They're like telling you that there's food, beauty, but also the inspiration for desire. Go to a place where you want to go to the sights, you want to eat food, you will experience different cultures, you will feel amazing and exciting. For them, one of the elements of travel is the map that wants to be loved. While enjoying more spectacular scenery, they continue to explore the unknown mysterious areas of each other's bodies in the same sex experiences in these different locations. Their desires and inspirations complement the world.

And what the audience likes is that even though "Sex In the World" seems like a "hunting" subject, you feel that the picture is not just about sex, but more love.

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"There's sex there's love" into you every time, I exhaust my love

You can quickly see that the locations or sections of the food in these films will be taken faster than the bridge segments of the food, but as soon as you get into the picture of sex, it's always intact, the mid-section orgasm to the post-play kiss, all of which are preserved intact and sacredly.

And the most fascinating thing about "The Sex diaries" is their only American editing and soundtrack. From the beginning of the camera often brought to Luna's sexy close-up, including her masturbation, her back, walking posture, to the active opening of her legs, the expression of the quiver and the moaning, record edgtos of the girl's body's desire curves and beauty.

In addition, the way James looks when he has sex is a topic that netizens love to discuss. Including his mirrored appearance, glamorous eyes, good-looking penises, and the physical and loving way in and out of the girl's body during sex, you can't help but enter their pink bubble world at the other end of the lens.

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No traditional A film girls must be the male master to seek injustice of the picture, lithography-style sex process; It's the love behind it -- you can almost take it seriously once and then to see that because he loves her, you can have something about the happiness of sex. Not just sex, but because they like each other.

Yes, we can no longer look at sex strangely, but know that it can be like travel, like eating, is our usual love of a person's daily. Be equal to each other and enjoy the days of possession.

Travel seriously, and have sex seriously. The French couple's sex map is not over yet; as long as they are still yearning for the world and for each other.

Hey, next stop, where are we going to do hobbies? Be careful, they are constantly breaking your imagination of desire.

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